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Dangerous Liaisons Recap

Andrea appears in an advertisement for Obsidian Tech VR lenses. William and the other staffers congratulate Andrea on her add, and Andrea tells everyone to write about the launch until it happens on the coming Friday. Kara and Nia are in the crowd, and they're both grossed out. William says that he'll give continual updates on the growing sales. Nia and Kara watch William talk to Andrea, and Kara claims that there were no connections William and the murders. As they talk, Kara texts William that they need to meet at Noonan's.

As Kara goes to Noonan's, Kelly comes over and says that she wants to get Kate a dinner for their date-aversary. Kara recommends a motorcycle helmet, and Kelly says that having Kate is around has been a bonus to her relationship with Kate. William comes in and says that he can't be too cautious. Kara suggests that she help by saying that her sister works for a government agency and arrested one of the assassins in Mexico City. In return for her help, Kara wants William to sign a NDA saying he won't talk about the NDA, and she is in it for the justice. William warns that he could get hurt, and Kara says that she can take care of herself and she's part of the offer.

Lena and Hope induce Malefic the unconscious with a human image and prepare to probe his occipital node for Q-waves. There's blast of telepathic energy and Malefic speaks through Hope, saying that they can't touch him.

At the DEO, Alex takes Kara and William to their prisoner, Breathtaker. When the two sisters are alone, Kara says that Kelly asked her what to get Alex for their date-aversary, and Kara told her to get the helmet. In the interrogation room, Alex hooks Breathtaker up to a Truth Seeker and asks Breathtaker if Andrea hired her. Andrea says that she was hired anonymously and has never met the Rojas family. She identifies three of the assassins, including one with four arms named Rip Roar. William has a photo of Rip Roar and shows it to Breathtaker, and she confirms he's Rip Roar. The journalist demands more answers, and Alex orders him out.

In the hallway, William tells Kara that Rip Roar murdered his best friend, Russell Rogers. Russell grew suspicious of the Rojases and then disappeared. William worries that Kara could be next, warning that it's an emotional abyss.

At Fort Summit, Rip Roar is taking a case when a guard finds him. The guard orders him to surrender, and Rip Roar uses his mechanical arms to pin the man to the wall. Once he breaks the guard's neck, Rip Roar walks away with the case.

Kara meets with John, who says that he'll look into John's disappearance. John says that his encounter with Malefic gave him deeper knowledge of himself and his people, and Kara says that she's reeling from the knowledge that Andrea is a criminal. She wants some certainty in her life, and John says that when the world is uncertain, the people who love you are rock solid.


Alex calls Kara to the DEO, and Alex and Querl tell her that Rip Roar was the thief. They've confirmed that Rip Roar stole a Marathon Laser that can fire a long-range laser beam. Supergirl figures that the theft of the Laser is connected to the release of the lenses, and Querl suggests that he take on O'Conner's tattoos.

Lena approaches Malefic and says that she wants to study his brain to duplicate his ability. Malefic wonders what's in it for him, and says that if Lena removes the barrier from his brain so he can kill John, he'll give her access to her mind. Lena refuses to kill, but Malefic says that she's at a precipice and is desperate. She tells him that his terms are acceptable.

Querl explains that when they utter the phrase, he'll augment the executive section of his brain to let the Aurafacian speak through him. Once they utter the phrase, the tattoos take over Querl and he yells at them to release him. Alex asks him how to find Rip Roar, and the Aurafacian says that someone is spending a great deal of capital to do a great deal of damage. Supergirl snaps at Querl until Alex calls her off and she leaves. Alex gives the phrase to revert Querl, and then goes after Supergirl. Supergirl is ready to go after Andrea, but Alex notes that they have no evidence against Andrea. She assures Supergirl that they'll figure out if Andrea is involved, and says that she trust her gut.

That night, Rip Roar tells the lead Leviathan agent that he has the laser. She tells him to change the world and leaves.

At CatCo, Andrea finds William going over his computer. They briefly discuss the launch of the lenses and Andrea leaves, and William glances over at Andrea's locked office.

Lena tells Malefic that she wants to isolate his unique ability to controls others. She has him incept three alien specimens.

Kelly brings Alex food and assures her lover that she's there for him. Alex asks who she is, and Kelly says that she had her first patient success story thanks to VR therapy. She has made a reservation at the waterfront for their date-aversary, and will bring the lenses with her.

Kara breaks into Andrea's office, and William comes in and warns Kara that Andrea will kill her if she finds Kara there. As William goes in, Kara says that the DEO has learned that Rip Roar stole the laser and has something big planned. While William checks Andrea's laptop, Kara scans the room with her x-ray vision and finds a hidden compartment. Inside are foreign currency, some sort of chain, and a photo of Russell with Andrea. William explains that Russell and Andrea were lovers.

Russell tells William that Andrea is the one for him, but her family has secrets. He insists that he can handle it, and says that Andrea is nothing like her family. Russell assures William that he hasn't told her about William yet.

The next day, William goes to Russell's flat and discovers signs of a struggle. Rip Roar steps out and says that Russell is dead. William attacks him and escapes over the back fence.

Once Kara reset the cameras, she joins William on the balcony. William figures that Andrea was involved, and the police assumed that Russell left town. He figures that it's time to ask Andrea point-blank, and points out that Kara is more rash than he is. Kara suggests that he hang on a little longer, and admits that she held onto the Lex Luthor story because she didn't want to ruin things before she got the full story. Alex calls Kara and tells her that Querl tracked the Laser's signature to the Socorro Satellite Station in New Mexico, and they need Supergirl there now. Kara excuses herself to William and makes him promise not to do anything rash.

At Socorro, Rip Roar is installing the laser when Supergirl shows up. He attacks her and Supergirl easily knocks him back. Rip Roar fires the laser at her, knocking her back, and a stunned Supergirl calls to Alex saying that she needs J'onn before passing out.

The next day at the DEO, Querl explains that the Laser can create an energy beam a hundred times hotter than the center of the Sun. It's difficult to track, and Supergirl figures that it's all connected.

Kelly calls Alex and texts her the address for the restaurant.

Andrea tells her people that the launch is in less than an hour. William starts to approach her, and then says that they'll have nine million people involved with the launch.

Malefic telepathically calms a violent alien beast, and Lena returns it to its cage. They identify the Q-wave frequency necessary.

Querl learns that each assassin targeted a worker at Lake Vostok, Antarctica. He figures that now whoever is responsible can override the security codes, and Lake Vostok is the largest subglacial lake in the world. If Rip Roar melted the ice cap, it would unleash a major flood

Supergirl and John fly to Vostok and find an unconscious guard. Rip Roar fires the laser at the lake and runs off as the geyser spews into the air. At the DEO, Querl reports that the biggest seaswell caused by the melting ice mass will hit the entire Pacific coast in less than an hour.

Supergirl blocks Rip Roar's escape and disarms him, and John up the laser and handcuffs Rip Roar to a railing. Querl and Alex call Supergirl and say that she and John have to seal off the geyser while they deal with the wave. Querl goes to reach out to Dreamer, while Supergirl says that she can stop the geyser.

Kelly goes to the restaurant, and puts in the VR lenses. She finds herself in a virtual reality with millions of other users, with Andrea there to greet them.

Supergirl and John fly around the base of the geyser in perfect formation.

Andrea asks William why he isn't at the launch. He asks Andrea about Russell, saying that he knows all about the two of them. William asks what Andrea did with her, saying that he knows all about her family. He promises that he's going to destroy her... and William snaps out of his VR reality. He assures Andrea that the launch is going great.

Dreamer arrives on the waterfront and everyone runs as a huge wave sweeps toward shore. Using her psychokinetic abilities, Dreamer stops the wave.

Supergirl and John fly around the base of the geyser.

As the DEO evacuate the waterfront, many of the VR users stare off into space, unaware of their danger. Kelly shuts down her VR lenses, and sees Alex block a falling girder to protect herself and others.

Dreamer stops the wave.

Supergirl freezes the geyser once it has subsided, refreezing the lake.

Later at the DEO, Supergirl and Alex watch Rip Roar. He refuses to speak, even with the Truth Seeker, and Alex says that Rip Roar is wearing biologically adhered, functioning as mental armor. Alex has confirmed that the Rojases weren't responsible: flooding the Pacific coast would have cost the Rojases billions. Supergirl wonders who was calling the shots, and Alex promises that they'll find them. Querl joins them and says that there's something they should both see.

After seeing a news report about the tidal wave, Kelly goes into the restroom and breaks down. Nia finds her there and Kelly says that what happened at the waterfront was a lot. She almost saw Alex die, and says that she never got over her fiancée fighting on the front lines. Kelly can't shake a feeling of dread, and Nia invites her to lunch to talk.

That night, Malefic tells Lena that it is finished. He says that he knows how to dispose of J'onn know that Lena has removed his mental block. Lena says that she didn't remove it, and uses his duplicated inception power to convince him to remain in his cell.

Kelly returns home and finds Alex waiting with wine. She apologizes for missing their date-aversary, and Kelly assures her that she was incredibly brave. Alex gives Kelly a motorcycle helmet so she can be Alex's reading partner. They hug and Kelly thanks Alex for the gift.

Kara visits William at his apartment and he tells her that he didn't confront Andrea. He wonders who is responsible, and Kara says that the DEO ID's Russell as Rip Roar. William wonders what they did to turn his friend into a monster, and Kara says that now they can finally get William some answers. He thanks Kara and admits that he doesn't know he could have done it without her.

Andrea gets into her limo and the Leviathan head agent congratulates her. She says that now they have a problem--Rip Roar--and they need Andrea to fix it.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2019

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