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Present Tense Recap

William steps forward and hugs Oliver, and Oliver realizes that William is his son and Mia is his daughter. Connor calls Diggle "Dad", and Oliver says that William and Mia are his kid. He explains that Felicity gave birth a few months after they left Star City, and they kept Mia off the grid to protect her. Connor tells Diggle that he adopted him, and William realizes that they're in the past. Oliver confirms that it's 2019, and William tells him that it's supposed to be 2040.

Diggle, Oliver, Rene, and Dinah take in what has happened, and Oliver says that he and Felicity wanted to tell them about Mia. Rene wonders when they can ask the younger team what happens, and Oliver suggests that they give them space. Laurel texts that she's on her way to Star City, and they wonder what the Monitor is up to. Oliver figures that they have to stop him, and Diggle wonders how they stop a god. His friend tells him that he's working on it.

Connor tells William and Mia that he had JJ and was going to kill him, but then he was teleported to 2019 with the others. He wonders what will happen if Diggle finds out what he almost did, and Mia tells them not to tell anyone anything. William isn't convinced, and Mia asks him if he wants to tell Rene that his daughter is dead and Diggle's son killed her.

Oliver takes Mia and William to his former opponent, and William says that Oliver just disappeared. When Oliver notes that William and Mia grew up together, William explains that they just recently met. He never saw Oliver after he left, and Mia grew up with Felicity at the cabin. Oliver suggests that they catch him up to speed, and Mia says that she's tired and has to catch some sleep. Once she goes to a bedroom, Oliver prepares to call Felicity. William says that Oliver can't, and maybe they should bring Felicity into it until they understand what is going on. Oliver asks William to tell him something good about the future, and William says that he turned his computer expertise into a billion-dollar tech empire. He then tells Oliver that he's gay, and Oliver says that he and Felicity knew and we hoped that William would come out to them when he was comfortable. William assures Oliver that eventually Mia will eventually come around.

At the hospital, a woman brings her husband Macmillan Fairfield to Dr. Schwartz and says that he needs help. She checks his chest and finds a bomb planted inside. She yells at the nearby people to run, and the bomb goes off. Across town, Deathstroke watches the explosion.

The next day at the bunker, the two teams watch a newscast about the explosion. Authorities believe Deathstroke engineered the attack. Oliver figures that it's someone new using the Deathstroke mask to terrorize Starling City. William mentions that he's a billionaire and Rene asks how Zoe is. William says that Rene would be proud. Curtis arrives holding a Rene candidate poster, and William says that Rene wins the election. Once he leaves, Oliver asks Mia to stay but she says that she'd rather see the city and leaves with William. Once they leave, Oliver asks Curtis to analyze some of the energy that destroyed Earth-2, figuring the energy is powerful enough to kill a god.

At the station house, Diggle tells Connor that Lyla is off the grid. He asks if Connor is close to JJ, and Connor says that they are. Dinah comes over and Connor mentions the Canaries, and then tells them to forget it. She has a piece of paper on the vic. Connor realizes that it has invisible ink on it that has to be wet to be detected under a black light. The note says "Star City's Cancer is the Rich", and Connor recognizes the message but claims that he doesn't. He gets a text from Mia and quickly leaves.

William, Connor, and Mia get together and Connor says that the phrase is JJ's catchphrase. Mia figures that it's their mess to cleanup, and Connor warns that JJ will kill Diggle if he gets in JJ's way. She asks Connor where the Deathstrokes would go, and he figures where it all begin.

The trio go to the place where the Deathstrokes started. Mia has William stay behind while she and Connor go ahead, unaware that they've set off a detector. They find a corpse and Mia steps on a bomb trigger. Deathstroke steps out on to the balcony above.

Two Deathstrokes advance on William.

Connor asks who he assumes is JJ why he killed Zoe. Deathstroke removes his mask, revealing that he's Grant Wilson. A proximity alarm goes off, and Arrow and the two Black Canaries blast their way in.

Wild Dog and Spartan take out William's opponent.

Arrow shoots the bomb, delaying the bomb long enough for everyone to get out.

Back at the bunker, Laurel explains that they were tracking the victim. Oliver wonders why the younger team were there without backup, and Connor explains that in the future the building is the Deathstrokes' home base. William says that Deathstroke is Grant, and Dinah notes that Connor called Deathstroke "JJ". Diggle demands answers, and JJ finally explains that they thought JJ came back with them. In the future, Grant trains a new Deathstroke leader: JJ. William says future Star City is run by gangs, and the cops and politicians are corrupt... including Rene. He says that they tried to save the city, and JJ killed Zoe.

Rene storms out and Diggle goes after him. Diggle says that he hopes they can do something to change the future, but Rene wonders if anything they do will change the future. After he walks out, Connor comes out and apologizes to Diggle. Diggle demands the full truth, and Connor says that he was angry and rebellious but Diggle refused to give up on him. JJ resented it, and Connor blames himself for not being a better son. Connor calls Diggle "Dad", and Diggle points out that all Connor has done since he got there was lied before walking off.

William tells the others about how the future but the city was too big. Mia says that they should accept who JJ really is and stop Grant before he screws up everyone's future. Grant made a name for himself targeting the rich and appealing to the poor, seducing JJ. The headquarters didn't blow up in the original timeline, and it will take William time to recover the data on the drive they found. Mia figures that they should do something, and Oliver says that they will once they work out what Grant's plan is.

Rene and Zoe are out walking, and find Dinah waiting for them. Zoe goes to get some ice cream, and Dinah says that Rene should spend every day trying to change the future.

Oliver tells Mia that they should talk, but she says that she's going to the hospital bomb site rather than stand around. he says that he's there to help, and Mia tells him that she doesn't need him to play father. She says that Oliver abandoned her and put his mission above his family, Mia says that she won't let Oliver stand in her way, and Laurel offers to go with her. William shows Oliver a live transmission of Grain announcing that the Deathstrokes' siege of Star City begins that night.

Connor, Diggle, and Dinah arrive, and Connor figures that the video is a mislead. He suggests that Grant is planning something bigger. William extracts the data from the drive but it's encrypted, so he's called in Curtis to help him. Oliver has William use Felicity's search algorithm. Dinah talks to Diggle and says that she talked to Rene, and Connor wants to talk to Diggle. Diggle admits that he's avoiding Connor and doesn't know who to blame. Dinah notes that they all failed to save the city, and figures that Diggle is blaming himself. She tells Diggle that knowing what has happened will either destroy them or save them. Now that they've seen the worst, they should be their best.

Laurel and Mia go to the hospital and Laurel realizes that Mia is going to try and kill Laurel. She says that she's not a big fan of Oliver and if Mia wants to kill Grant, she should go ahead. Laurel asks why, and Mia says that Grant always escapes, making himself a cult hero. Her new partner explains that she talked Felicity out of killing Ricardo, and Felicity never regretted changing her approach so maybe Mia should try doing things differently as well.

Later, William tells Oliver that Mia is back. William figures that Oliver is brooding over Mia leaving. He says that Mia makes mistakes, and Oliver admits that he abandoned Mia to go with the Monitor. William says that he hated Oliver for abandoning him and wanted him to push a bit more, and figures Mia wants the same. Oliver apologizes and William says that he's glad Oliver is and was in his life... and Mia will be.

Curtis comes in and says that he's decrypted the drive information. Grant is going to use coordinated comb attacks, and has them all connected to a phone. He's set up a relay device underneath downtown, and Grant is holed up underground. Diggle suggests that they run the same play as last time, and Rene suggests that they change the future by doing things differently. He assures Diggle and Connor that he's not mad at them for something he won't let happen. Oliver suggests that they split up to after Grant and destroy the relay device. Rene and Dinah go to keep the citizens calm, and Oliver wants Mia and Connor to come with them.

While Curtis and William coordinate from the bunker, Arrow and Mia enter the service tunnels beneath the city. Spartan, Black Canary, and Connor go after the relay device. Grant is recording a video to take Star City, and Deathstrokes attack Arrow and Mia.

At the station, Dinah coordinates the police efforts while Rene calls a press conference. Dinah spots a prisoner planting a bomb beneath a table, and then he puts on a Deathstroke mask. Running over to the chair, Dinah yells that it's a bomb.

Connor's team find the relay device, and it activates off as Deathstrokes attack them. Connor describes it to Connor and William, who realize how it works.

Mia fights her way to Grant and takes him down.

Curtis tells Connor how to defuse the relay device.

Arrow shoots a line arrow, entangling Grant and knocking him away from Mia. Grant activates the bomb trigger from his phone.

Connor defuses the relay device just as the signal comes in from Grant's phone.

Grant vows that it isn't over. Mia prepares to shoot him, and Arrow steps in the way and tells Mia that he's not letting her do it. After a moment she lowers her bow.

Back at the bunker, Dinah reports that Grant is being transferred to Blackgate in Gotham. William hopes that it changes things, and Diggle says that they make their own hope. Oliver tells Mia and William that they held their own, and William quickly excuses himself to help Curtis. Mia tells Oliver that she would have killed Grant, and Oliver says that he knows she didn't want to. His daughter thanks him and they go off together.

Diggle approaches Connor and asks if he's ready to go home. Connor says that he doesn't want to be a reminder of what happen to Diggle's family, and Diggle calls him "son" and says that he's his family. Diggle assures Connor that they'll figure it out.

Rene wonders if they changed things in the future, and tells Dinah that he doesn't want her to stop training Zoe. Laurel suggests that they just do the good stuff, and Dinah says that the Canary Network is a good idea.

Oliver takes Mia to Robert's grave and says that he didn't know the real Robert until after he died. He doesn't want that to be him and Mia. Oliver says that he's lost too many people, and tells Mia that the guilt never learn. He offers to help her live with the guilt if she likes, and Mia agrees.

That night, Rene gives his press conference saying that he's tired of waiting for the Glades to get a chance. Everyone applauds including Zoe.

Diggle and Connor spar.

Laurel and Dinah confer at the police station and eat takeout.

Oliver, William, and Mia meet at the apartment to have grilled cheese sandwiches. Mia agrees to have one. Curtis calls and tells Oliver that he can replicate the energy. However, he doesn't have the tools and it requires illegal plutonium. There's a military general in Russia who can procure the platinum.

As Laurel leaves the station, the Monitor appears before her. He offers to bring back Earth-2, but it will require a simple task: she must betray Oliver.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2019

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