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Atomic Monsters Recap

In the bunker, gunshots and shouting ring through the hallways. Dean takes out the demons in the hallway, calmly gunning them down. He joins another Hunter and the two of them pass, shooting at their enemies. In the main room, Dean finds Benny sitting on the floor, wounded, and tells him that he's going to be okay. Benny says that he'll see Dean on the other side and dies. Dean grabs one demon and asks where "he" is, and the demon only says that "he" is closer than he thinks.

Sam steps out and tells Dean that the demon was right and he is closer than Dean thinks. Dean says that he had to come after "Sam" after what he did to Bobby and Jody, and "Sam" says that they tried to stop him and he can't be stopped. When Dean tells Sam to fight the demon blade, Sam asks why he would. He telekinetically kills a Hunter sneaking up at him, and then breaks Dean's neck as well.

Waking up from his nightmare, Sam sits up on his bed. He goes to the kitchen where Dean is eating veggie bacon. Sam says that he had weird dreams, and Dean says that he understands what Sam is going through with Jack and Rowena. He tells his brother that Rowena knew what needed to be done, and agrees with Sam when he says that it doesn't make it any easier. Dean then tells Sam that Beaverdale, Iowa, has seen more than a half-dozen cattle mutilations. Three days ago, a girl's ripped-up body showed up. Dean figures that it's their things and suggests they go check it out. Sam says that he can handle it on his own, but Dean tells him that they need it and walks out.

At Beaverdale High School, Vice Principal Bailey is directing student traffic. Sam asks her about the victim, Susie Martin, and notes that Susie was last seen at the high school. Bailey confirms that Susie was there after cheer practice, and there was nothing on the security cameras. Susie was in all of the student activities, and her best friends were Veronica and her gang, and they're planning a prayer vigil. Janet Whitman and her husband Henry come over and ask if the football rally is going to be cancelled. They say that a scout was coming to the lacrosse game from Yale to see their son Billy. Bailey refuses to reschedule the game or call off the vigil, and the Whitman's walk off.

When Sam returns to the Impala, Dean says that he checked the body and found a vampire fang. There was no signs of a struggle, so they figure that Susie knew her killer.

That night, Tori Taylor is leaving cheer practice by herself and going to her car. Something lunges at her from the nearby bushes.

The next day, the brothers drive to the crime scene where Susie was killed. There's no sign of blood, and Sam figures that someone killed Susie elsewhere and dumped her there. Sam complains about how they have to deal with monsters while normal people get their normal lives and have no idea what's out there. Bailey calls Sam and tells him about the new murder. Sam tells Dean and says that they have another one.

Rod is getting his two kids into the SUV, and Becky comes out with motion-sickness pills. She says that she can't wait to have the house to herself, and her family drives off. Chuck is across the street, and Becky runs for the house. When Chuck comes after her, she says that she doesn't want to see him. Becky starts to go in, and Chuck tells her that he doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Bailey tells the Winchesters that Tori is just gone but her vehicle is still in the parking lot. The vice principal says that both girls were cheerleaders, and Dean promises that they'll look into it.

Chuck looks at Becky's maquettes from the Supernatural book series. She tells Chuck that what he was writing was real, only knowing that he's a prophet. Becky explains that she was obsessed and it took her to a dark place. After counseling, Becky realized that she loved Sam's character but not Sam. She wrote her own Supernatural stories, and now she has an online following and makes the maquettes to pay the bills.

Becky tells Chuck to talk because she has things to do, and Chuck explains that he had a falling-out with the Winchesters. His sister rejected him, and now he's stuck and came to see his number-one fan hoping she could make him feel big again. Becky says that she's not an obsessed fan anymore, and has a family and kids so she doesn't need Chuck. Chuck tells her that no one needs him, including Becky, and says that he hates himself. When he says that writing makes him happy, Becky tells him that he has to write.

Dean talks to the school's Beaver mascot, Toby, and then tells Sam that Susie was in charge. With her gone, Tori was going to take over and now she's gone. Third in line is Victoria.

At the vigil in the gym, Veronica and Billy talk about Susie being gone. She says that she knows Billy was close, and says that if there's anything he needs she's there. Janet comes in, interrupting them, and Billy quickly excuses himself to go with his mother. Veronica rehearses her speech for the vigil, saying that Susie was pure gold. Sam and Dean come in and Dean sarcastically applauds. They say that they're there about Susie, and Dean points out that Veronica is in charge of the cheer squad with Susie and Tori gone. Dean starts to pull out a knife, and Sam notices that Susie has braces.

Outside, Sam points out that Susie can't be a vampire if she has braces. He notices a security camera nearby.

At home, Janet tells Billy that they don't say Susie's name. Henry vaguely tells Billy to listen to Janet, and Billy walks off. Janet isn't thrilled with her husband's lack of support, and walks off to get some wine. Henry washes the blood off of his hands, and in the garage Tori lies tied up, blindfolded, and gagged.

Chuck tells Becky that things are different now that he can't see Sam and Dean in his head. Becky tells him that he's procrastinating to avoid making himself better by writing. She explains that she writes as well and learned all about procrastinating from that, and Chuck sits down at a laptop, shushes Becky, and starts writing.

Bailey brings up the security footage of the attack on Tori, but her attacker is wearing a mask. A car drives by and Sam writes down the license plate.

Billy tells his parents that he never asked them to sacrifice so he could be happy. Janet breaks into tears and walks away, and Billy tells Henry that he never wanted any of it. The doorbell ring and Billy answers the door to find Sam and Dean asking about Henry. Billy takes them to Henry, and Henry tells his son to get upstairs. Once Billy leaves, the Winchesters tell Henry that they know he was responsible for the two girls.

They hear Tori moving in the garage, and Sam goes to investigate while Henry begs Dean to leave his family out of it. Dean draws his machete and says that they know what Henry is.

Sam finds a blood bag inserted into Tori's arm. He unties her and helps her up, and Janet comes in, aims a gun at Sam, and tells him that he shouldn't be there. She leads Sam out with Tori in his arms, and Janet comes out training the gun on the Winchesters. Janet says that she's saving the family, and Henry tells her that it's over. Henry says that Janet should get Billy and leave.

Becky reads Chuck's story and says that it's good and Chuck did it. She finally says that the jeopardy is feeling low-stakes, and the story needs a dangerous villain. Becky suggests that a little originality would help, and Chuck glares at her. He then says that he's going to give her danger and jeopardy, sits down, and starts writing again.

Billy comes down and sees the gun, and Dean says that Henry is a vampire. He figures that Henry ran into a vampire and was turned, but the cow's blood he fed on was enough. Sam says that Billy is the vampire, and Billy says that he didn't mean to feed on Susie when they were out necking. He lost control and killed her, and he told his parents. Henry grabbed Tori to use her as a personal "blood bag". Henry insists that Billy was the victim, not a killer, and tells Dean that if he had children then he'd know that a parent would do anything.

Janet wants to kill the Winchesters, insisting everything will be fine, and Billy tells her to stop. He pushes down her hand holding the gun, and says that he can't have a normal life because he can't control his vampirism. Billy figures that he's a monster, and tells the Winchesters to take Tori to the hospital and say that he kidnapped her and ran away. Henry begs Billy not to do it, but Billy tells Sam that they're going to go for a ride and he'll kill him because that's how it works. After a moment, Billy tells Janet that it's the only way. Sobbing, Janet hugs him.

Sam and Dean drive Billy to a secluded spot and kill him.

The medics take Tori away as Janet and Henry watch. They then tell the sheriff that their son has run away.

Becky reads Chuck's new story in shock, and tells him that he can't, even though it's just an ending. Chuck says that he knows how he'll get there but isn't sure yet, and figures the fans will love it. Becky tells him that it's hopeless and he can't do it to the fans. Chuck points out that it's making her feel something. Rod and the kids arrive, and Becky tells him to leave. Her husband comes in and Chuck makes Rod disappear with a snap of his fingers. When her kids call from the next room, Chuck sends them away as well. He tells Becky that he's God, and Becky tells him to bring his family back. Chuck says that he can do anything because he's a writer, and makes her disappear.

Dean and Sam drive back to the bunker, and Sam says that they'd have done the same thing for Jack if they had a chance. Dean agrees, and tells Sam that he understands that they have lost way too much. However, he insists that they can't just cash out. Sam brought Dean back by saying that what they do still matters. Dean dragged them out there to work a case and save people, and points out that they do the job for anybody who has ever cared about them. He figures that now Chuck is gone, they're finally free to move on. Sam doesn't know if he can move on, and says that he still doesn't feel free. He suggests that maybe he'll feel better in the morning. Dean asks what happens if he doesn't, and Sam admits that he doesn't know.

Chuck works on his story and tells himself that it's going to be good.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2019

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