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The Evil Queen Recap

Hood’s off! Tamara and Greg Mendell have brought a kidnapped Captain Hook to the Storybrooke clock tower to show him that his revenge isn’t quite as complete as he thought—Rumplestiltskin is still alive. So the two outsiders offer Hook a deal—he helps them find Greg’s father and they’ll get rid of magic so he can kill Rumplestiltskin for real this time. Meanwhile, Regina has found the magic bean field and knows that everyone plans to go back to The Enchanted Forest and they weren’t telling her. She overhears David and Mary Margaret’s plan to offer her a choice—stay behind or come back and live out her days in Rumplestiltskin’s cell. She resolves to come up with a plan of her own.

In Fairy Tale Land, The Evil Queen is on the hunt for Snow White. She and her soldiers storm a village, but find no sign of the runaway princess, but The Queen knows she was there. She has the whole town assembled and demands their cooperation, but no one steps forward. In response, Regina has her men kill everyone in the village. She’s not called The Evil Queen for nothing.


She returns to her castle to find Rumplestiltskin waiting for her. He tells her that the people will never love her, she’ll have to settle for fear. The Queen doesn’t believe that. She thinks if she can walk amongst the people, she can find out where Snow is hiding. She doesn’t know her mother’s transformation spell, though, so she has to have Rumple cast it on her. The downside is that, while she’s in disguise she won’t have magic. If she finds herself in trouble, she’ll have to call out for Rumplestiltskin and her change her back. The Queen agrees and is transformed to look like a commoner.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina meets with Henry. She shows him one of the magic beans and tells him that everyone was keeping the plan to return to Fairy Tale Land from him. She says she wants the two of them to be together and be a family again, which Henry says he’d like. But to do that, she needs to find a failsafe she created when she made The Dark Curse. If she triggers that, Storybrooke will be gone and they can use the beans to go back to Fairy Tale Land. Henry asks what will happen to everyone else and Regina responds that they will be destroyed along with Storybrooke. Of course Henry isn’t all right with that and vows to stop Regina’s plan. She erases Henry’s memory of the conversation, realizing she’ll have to do this without Henry’s knowledge. Later, Captain Hook arrives in Regina’s office. He tells her about Greg and Tamara’s plan and says he’d rather be working with her. Regina’s convinced and tells him about her own plan to destroy Storybrooke—including Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin—and he agrees to help.

In Fairy Tale Land, The Queen, now in disguise as a commoner, visits a town to find a crowd gathering around a game where the player has to hurl an arrow through the heart of an effigy of The Evil Queen. She’s outraged and bewildered—why does everyone hate her and love Snow White? The disguised Queen demands the people stop, but as she does, two of her soldiers arrive. They accuse her of setting up the game. When she denies it and insists she’s actually the Queen, they take her away and decide to cut off her head. Suddenly, a hooded figure attacks, taking down the guards in spectacular fashion. It’s Snow White!

In Storybrooke, Emma runs into Tamara at Granny’s Diner. Tamara tells Emma that she can trust her, but clearly Emma’s “super power” of telling when someone is lying is setting off warning bells. Emma becomes convinced that Tamara is the “she” that August warned her about. She decides to look into Tamara and Henry is in on it as well. Operation Cobra is back in business!

Regina and Hook head to the Storybrooke library and take the secret elevator down to the caverns below the town. In the caverns, Regina notices the cuff Hook wears, the one her mother Cora gave to him to help him climb the beanstalk. She insists that he give it back to her. Hook reluctantly agrees and Regina immediately puts the memento of her mother on. Next they enter a large cavern where Regina explains why this is a two-man job. She will get the trigger while Hook provides the distraction. Then she shoves Hook down a pit where he comes face-to-face with a re-formed Maleficent! While Hook dodges the ghastly creature, Regina finds Snow White’s old coffin. Inside she finds a black diamond that must be her failsafe. The future of Storybrooke is in grave danger.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Snow White has brought the wounded Queen back to her hovel in the woods. Snow attends to her wounds and it gives the two women time to actually talk. Snow, not knowing the Queen is in disguise, tells the story of how she first met Regina—how Regina saving her from a runaway horse inspired her to be good. A few days later The Queen is healed and the two women set off into the forest. They talk about The Queen and Snow White admits that, if she really wanted to change and be a family, that she would forgive her and want that too. But she also doesn’t think The Queen will ever do that.

Suddenly they stumble upon a mass grave—the remains of the village The Queen had slaughtered just a few days before. Seeing the bodies, Snow changes her mind about The Queen, saying she could never love her. Seeing the reaction of her travelling companion, Snow realizes she’s been with The Queen in disguise the entire time. She draws her bow and The Queen tries to summon magic, but suddenly remembers she has none. She calls out for Rumplestiltskin, but he doesn’t appear. Instead, she has to run and Snow White, despite what she just said, can’t bring herself to kill her.

The Queen storms into Rumplestiltskin’s house and he finally changes her back. The Queen decides that Rumplestiltskin was right all along. The people will never love her, she must rule through fear.

In Storybrooke, Henry and Emma are on a stakeout, keeping an eye on Tamara. While they’re waiting, Henry figures out that there’s a plan to go back to The Enchanted Forest, and he’s into it. When they see Neal and Tamara leave Granny’s, they break into her room, but Neal catches them in the act. He lets Emma snoop to prove Tamara’s not hiding anything and sure enough, Emma can’t find anything. It looks like her “super power” isn’t what it used to be.

Meanwhile, David, Leroy and Mary Margaret arrive at the bean field to find it burned and ravaged and the beans gone. They realize Regina’s found the field and taken the beans for herself.

Speaking of Regina, she arrives in the library. She steps through the elevator doors to find Hook waiting for her. She’s surprised to see him, and he explains that Greg and Tamara rescued him. He’s also been working for them the whole time. Regina tries to summon some magic to kill them, but finds her magic no longer working. Greg and Tamara have used science to rig the cuff into counteracting all of her magic. Greg explains that she’s powerless now and won’t stand in the way of his mission. But he doesn’t explain what that mission is before Tamara shoves a bag over her head. The Evil Queen is now a captive! Hood’s back on.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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