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Confidence Women Recap

Andrea comes to see Lena at her office and says that she needs her help. She explains that she needs to break into the DEO, and knows that Lena has dealt with them. Andrea explains that she works for the people who engineered the tidal wave that almost took out National City. If she tells Lena who they are, they'll kill both of them. The DEO captured the agent working for the organization, and they want Andrea to kill them before he can talk. Lena admits that she knows the director and wonders why she shouldn't report Andrea, and Andrea says that she wants to save the agent because he's important to her. Andrea can't get past Supergirl, who is watching the agent. Lena refuses to help, saying that they're not friend, and Andrea tells her that they used to be.

Mount Helena Boarding School: 15 Years Ago

A young Lena is drawing a symbol in her notebook when Andrea sits down next to her and says that her parents didn't come for visiting days, either. Lena says that her mother is dead, and Andrea suggests that they go to a real party. That night, they go to a bar and Andrea tells Lena that the key to getting what they want is confidence. They drink and talk about favorite movies, and Andrea talks about her dream of doing everything and taking her father's company to the next level. Lena says that she has an impossible dream, and talks about a legend a mother told her about the Medallion of Acrata and was bestowed great gifts. Her mother said that they would go on a quest to find it when Lena was older, and Andrea tells her that she'll help Lena find it.

Metropolis: Five Years Ago

Lex tells Lena about Superman and how he's going to dedicate LuthorCorp to killing Superman. Lena reminds him that they're supposed to help people, and promises she won't let him kill Superman.

Rojas Estate, Argentina

Andrea tells her father Bernardo that they have a new phone launch in an hour. He says that they're not, and Lord Industry upstaged them with a faster chip. Mr. Rojas says that they're going to lose billions and have to let go of 70% of the company. He figures that his life is worthless if his company is, and Andrea asks why his life insurance policy is out. She reminds him that he promised not to do it again, and he tells her that he won't ruin her and she should go do something better. Her father fires her and walks out, and Andrea calls Lena.

The two women get together and explains what happened. She's worried that her father is going to kill herself, and Lena tells her that Lex is unhinged and is afraid that people will get hurt. Lena explains that Lex is going to seed the atmosphere with Kryptonite, and she needs to find the element first. Andrea realizes that Lena already found it, and Lena explains that the alien element is in an Aztec village Andrea wrote her paper about. Lena says that they have a week to find it before the Rojas board makes a decision, and begs Andrea to help her because of her familiarity with the area and the language.

Costa Rican Jungle

Lena and Andrea travel on foot to the village and Lena finds a carved stone from the legends guiding them on. A cavern opens up dropping Andrea in, and Lena goes to get a rope to get her out. Andrea explores the cavern and finds a carved symbol like the one from Lena's legends with a medallion at the center. A man appears to Andrea and says that he is a messenger. Andrea figures that she's hallucinating, and the Messenger says that it is real as are the people who sent him: Leviathan. The Messenger says that Bernardo isn't well, and warns that he isn't as strong as Andrea believes. He offers Andrea Bernardo's life as long as Andrea takes the medallion in the symbol. Andrea refuses, saying that Lena wants it, but eventually gives in. The Messenger tells her not to reveal it to anyone, and to be prepared for when Leviathan calls on her.

Lena climbs down into the cavern and sees the symbol, but realizes that the medallion is gone. Andrea suggests that the satellite imagery was wrong, and Lena realizes that she's failed.

Back at home, Andrea gets a call from Bernardo. He has her turn on the TV, and the news reports that Lord Industries had a faulty chip and Rojas Industries is recovering. Andrea tells Bernardo that things are getting better for them.

Metropolis: Four Years Ago

As Lex is taken away, Lena tells a government agent that Lex wanted to kill Superman. Her boyfriend Jack Spheer comes in and says that she believed in the good in Lex, and that's what matters. Jack suggests that she leave with him to his conference in London. Lena goes with him, and as they attend the conference Lena admits that she needed it. Jack goes to get drinks, and Lena sees Andrea there. Andrea is wearing the medallion, and Lena realizes that her friend betrayed her. She tells Andrea that they're done and walks off.

Metropolis: Two Months Later

Lena prepares to leave Metropolis, and Jack reminds her that they were going to do something. She says that if she goes to National City, she can be the person who helps a Kryptonian put the world together instead of tearing it apart. Jack tells her that he can't leave, and Lena says that she's not asking him to. He begs her to talk to him, and Lena says that she can't trust anyone before going.

Andrea is at a bar watching a newscast about Lena's trial, and Russell sits down next to her and flirts with her. He says that he's been stood up but was going to reject them anyway, and asks Lena what drove her to a day of heavy non-drinking. Andrea says that she forgot about a big meeting and Russell figures that her "friend thing" got in the way. They introduce themselves and Andrea realizes that her meeting was with Russell. Russell says that he's starting his own company focusing on cyber-bionics, and asks Andrea to dinner.

National City: Three Years Ago

The news plays a report about Superman and Supergirl rescuing Lena. Kara visits Lena and thanks her for helping her find the alien fight club. She gives Lena a flash drive with hacked email from L-Corp, and says that she wanted to give Lena to ruin her chance for redemption. Lena thanks her, and Kara invites her to their game night. When Lena tells her that she didn't come to National City to make friends, Kara tells her that the offer stands regardless and leaves.

Andrea and Russell kiss and she says that she'll see him later. Once Russell leaves, the Leviathan Agent arrives and reminds Andrea of her promise to service. The agent gives Andrea an address and tells her to find a man on a business card and kill him. Andrea says that she's not a killer, and the agent says that in a door Bernardo will be accused of insider training and he'll kill himself and blame Andrea for failing himself as he does. The agent tells her to tap the medallion three times.

Later, Andrea taps the medallion as instructed and transforms into Midnight. She kills the man, Governor Harper and slips away as a shadow.

Kara runs into Lena at a bar and joins her. She explains that she's meeting Alex there, and says that she was miserable when she put her guards up. Kara talks about how she let her sister in. Alex texts to say that she has to work and starts to leave, and Lena invites her to join her.


Russell arrives home early and asks Andrea what's going on, worried that she's into something dangerous. Andrea says that it's a private family thing and goes to take a shower. As she does, Russell goes through her purse and finds the medallion. The agent and her men come in and they beat her. When Andrea comes in, the agent says that Andrea was careless and their secrets are more important. Andrea says that Russell can help them with his prototype, and the agent considers.

Later, Andrea watches as Russell undergoes surgery. He tells her that it's okay, and the doctors implant the cybernetic arms in him.

Twelve Weeks Ago

Lex tells Lena that her friends have been lying to her.

Ten Weeks Ago

Lena watches newscasts about Andrea opening a branch of Obsidian in National City. She takes out her mother's journal and figures that she never needed any of her "friends". However, she figures that some of them can be useful.

Eight Weeks Ago

Lena calls Andrea to her office and suggests a potential partnership. She explains that Lex has left her with a financial mess to clean up, so she's selling CatCo and wants Andrea to buy it. Lena says that CatCo is the perfect place to launch a media campaign to sell Obsidian, and suggests that they discuss the details over drinks.


Andrea takes a drink and says that Lena reminds her of all of the horrible things she's done. She insists that everything she did was to save her father, and Lena tells her that a lot of innocent people are dead because of Andrea. Andrea admits that Lena was right all along and shows her the medallion, and says that it was magical. She demonstrates her ability to move through shadows, and tells Lena that it's curse. Bernardo was going to die so she did what she had to. However, it cost her Russell and Lena, and taking the medallion from Lena was the biggest mistake of her life. Lena tells her that she believes her and agrees to help her.

Alex goes to get an old piece of Cadmus tech to force the biotech out of Russell and get answers. Once Alex leaves, Supergirl tells Russell that William dedicated himself to finding his friend. Russell says that the person William knew is gone, and Supergirl says that it's never too late to make things better. Russell tells her that he works for Leviathan.

Lena tells Andrea that she'll handle Supergirl and activates her signal watch. When Supergirl gets there, she finds Lena on the floor. Lena secretly scrambles the DEO security. Midnight teleports into the DEO and plants Lena's inception device, immobilizing everyone there.

John is outside and detects the mass mental attack, and calls Alex to warn her. Alex puts in the psychic inhibitor buds, finds everyone mentally paralyzed, and calls Supergirl but gets no response. She goes after Midnight, but Querl approaches and attacks her. Midnight starts to free Russell, and John phases in and stops her. Alex knocks Querl out, and two spider-agents attack Alex.

Midnight knocks John into a cell and closes it, and Alex calls for Supergirl. Supergirl speeds there, knocks out the two spider-agents, and Midnight teleports away. Russell comes out of his cell and knocks out the lights, and Midnight teleports him away.

The next day at her lab, Lena tells Andrea to give her the medallion. When Andrea refuses, Lena incepts Russell to kill himself with a scalpel. Andrea insists that she did everything for love, and Lena says that she cared about Andrea more than anyone but never would have betrayed her. When Andrea hands over the medallion, Lena has Russell put the scalpel down and tells both of them to go.

John figures that Malefic was working with the assassin, but Querl insists that Malefic wasn't involved. Supergirl gives them the name "Leviathan", and Alex starts researching it. Kara then goes to tell William that Russell got away, but Russell was working against his will.

Andrea takes Russell to a helicopter, and he assures her that she saved his life and made it worth living. The Messenger shoots Russell in the chest and says that Andrea can't escape them. He says that the medallion wasn't the source of her powers, which came from the darkness within her and she can never escape it.

In virtual reality, Lena conjures an image of her mother playing with her and looks at the medallion. She tells her mother that she found it, ends the simulation, and Andrea reports that the medallion properties are gone. Lena has her analyze the markings on it, and discovers that they translate to "Leviathan"... and then has Hope access Eve's memories.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2019

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