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If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own Recap

Katy Clark sits outside of her farmhouse and waits for someone to stop and buy the fresh eggs she has on display. No one does, and Katy takes the eggs inside but trips and drops them on the porch. Her husband Jon catches one before it rolls on the ground, and smiles at his wife. Later, they eat dinner, put together a jigsaw puzzle, brush their teeth, and go to bed. The doorbell rings and when the Clarks answer it, they find Lady Trieu there. She asks to come in, and Kate says that she's the billionaire building a giant clock down the road, but no one ever sees Trieu because she doesn't come out. Trieu says that it's more than a lock and she comes out when it's important, and the Clarks are the most important people in the world for the next three minutes. She asks for their house immediately, along with the land it sits on.

The doorbell rings, and Trieu calls out in Vietnamese to wait. She then says that when the Clarks die, their legacy dies with them and they'll be extinct. Trieu opens her case and offers them legacy by providing them with a child. Katy tells her to get out, and Trieu tells her that she's already made them a baby. She opens the front door and takes a baby from her assistant, brings it in, and says that she has created their biological son. Trieu has placed $5 million in an account to cover their relocation costs and the baby costs, and gives them 30 seconds to decide. Jon takes their son, and he and Katy look at him. Trieu says that they have ten seconds left and then she'll destroy the baby, then says that she's joking and will just take him away. Katy quickly signs the papers, and the lights flicker as the house shakes. They go outside and see an object fall from the sky and crash to the ground just over the horizon on the property, and Trieu says that it's hers.

Angela goes to her bakery, cleans up the place removing any DNA evidence, cuts up Will's wheelchair, and starts to burn the note that he left. Gates' automated voice calls talking about Will's DNA that he submitted to the cultural heritage center, identifying Angela as her ancestor. Angela blows out the flames on the note.

Later, Sister Night calls her squad to see if they got a silent alarm from the center. She goes there and claims that someone broke in, then breaks in herself and brings up the Gates DNA analyzer. Sister Night asks to see her family tree, and the computer gives her an acorn and directs her to the Greenhouse to "plant" it. She puts the "acorn" in a glass tube, and it displays her family tree. It shows a new branch of her father Marcus' lineage, and Sister Night opens it up to reveal an unidentified grandparent: Will. The center computer presents images of Angela's great grandparents, O.B. and Ruth. They had one son but his records were lost in the fires. The family was killed in the 1921 massacre, and Sister Night figures that Will disappeared but isn't dead. She says that now she knows where she came from, and tells him to leave her alone.

There's a crash outside and a car alarm goes off. Sister Night runs out and finds Laurie laughing over the wreckage of Sister Night's car. The FBI agent draws a gun, turns, and aims it at Sister Night, who puts up her hands. After a moment Laurie lowers her gun, and Sister Night turns off the car alarm, then identifies the car as hers. She calls in to ask for a tow for the missing car, and Angela unmasks and says that nothing is gone. Laurie tells her that it fell out of the sky and goes to her car.

Angela returns home and finds Cal asleep in their bed with their daughters. She goes to the girls' room and asks Topher if she can crash there. Topher agrees and asks where she was, and Angela claims that the police questioned her about the funeral. The boy says that he thinks his sisters are okay, and they didn't see the bomber get shot in the head but he did. He asks if Angela was scared, and she says that she was and still is a little. Topher offers her his stuffed animal to comfort her.

The next morning, Angela and Cal make breakfast and Angela tells her husband what Laurie saw happen. She explains that she broke into the cultural center, and the children argue about whether Judd went to Heaven when he blew up. Cal says that there isn't a Heaven and Judd is nowhere.

Later, Angela goes to a bomb shelter in the back of Wade's house, knocks on the door, and says who she is. Wade lets her in and shows her photos of the squids that he took during the last downpour. Angela notes that he's weird and Wade points out that she is as well, and asks why she's there. She shows him a pill bottle that she found in the car and asks Wade to have his ex identify the pills inside. Angela makes it clear she doesn't want them examined at the precinct lab, and Wade asks if it's related to Judd's murder. She points out that he was a racist and shows Wade the KKK outfit she found, and he says that they're old school. Wade suggests that it's a keepsake, and Angela asks him to hold on to it for her. Wade agrees and warns Angela that Laurie is weird.

Later, Angela dons her costume, drives to an overpass, and tosses a duffle bag into the garbage container of a passing train. She turns to see a masked and costumed man watching her, and he runs off after a moment. Sister Night goes after him and he sprays lube on himself, removes his accessories as he rims, and slides into a sidewalk sewer outlet.

Returning to the station, Sister Night runs into Keene. He thanks her for saving his life and mentions that he knows her real name, and apologizes for not knowing he was a target. Sister Night then gives Lube Man's belt to Pirate Jenny and Red Scare, but they don't recognize the vigilante from his description. Red Scare says that the new boss won't care about Lube Man if he's not part of the 7K. Silent Night goes to see their new boss: Laurie. Laurie says that she has a lead on her stolen car, and found prints on it that Quantico got a hit on. They belong to Will Reeves, a cop in NYC in the 40s and 50s. Will retired young and disappeared. Laurie says that he'd be a hundred now, and old men tend to get around in wheelchairs.

Petey comes in and whispers something in Laurie's ear. Laurie tells Angela that they have another lead on her car. They drive off and Laurie says that Sister Night's car was stolen the night of Judd's murder and returned the night of his funeral. She figures that it's a thermos-dynamic miracle, and she talked to Cal earlier. Angela says that her parents died when she was young, and Laurie notes that people in masks suffered from trauma when they were kids. When Sister Night asks what Laurie's trauma was that she dressed up in a costume, Laurie has Petey tell Angela that Laurie's parents were the Comedian and Silk Spectre. Laurie found out that the Comedian tried to rape Silk Spectre, and Angela puts her mask back on.

The trio arrive at Trieu's complex around the Millennium Clock. They go inside and they watch as a flight wing arrives. Laurie speculates that one could have been used to pick up a car, and asks for a list of pilots. The crew chief warns that she isn't authorized, and Bian comes over and greets them. She passes on Trieu's invitation for Laurie and Sister Night to have tea with them, and they accept.

As they go, Bian says that they're building the first wonder of the new world. All she says is that the Millennium Clock tells time. They enter the arboretum and Trieu greets them. Laurie notes that Sister Night is from Vietnam like Trieu, and Sister Night sarcastically says that it's a thermos-dynamic miracle. Trieu asks if they think their equipment was used to steal a car and drop it, and Sister Night says that it was hers. The detective asks for a list of all of the pilots, and Trieu has Bian bring it forward. Trieu offers her condolences on Judd's death, and says in Vietnamese that Will wants to know if Sister Night got the pills. Sister Night tells Trieu to have Will ask her himself.

Laurie finds a statue of Adrian, and points out that Trieu bought Adrian's company after he disappeared. She wonders why Trieu had the sculptor make Adrian so old, and Trieu points out that he is old and Vietnamese elders are revered. Laurie says that he looks like shit.

Adrian goes out on a lake at night and pulls infants out of crab traps. He throws back the ones that are unsuitable, finds two that he wants, and takes them back to his workshop. Adrian puts them in an aging chamber and as they start to grow into Phillips and Crookshanks, puts on a record and sits down to eat cake. The babies cry as they age to adults, and Adrian opens the chamber door and wishes them a happy birthday. They go out together and Adrian says that he's their master. He knows that they can understand him and know what they are: flaws in a faultless design. Adrian insists that he's their master but not their maker, because he wouldn’t have given such pathetic creatures the gift of life. He dresses them and says that their purpose is to serve, leads them into the manor, and they stare at the dining room filled with corpses of Phillips and Crookshanks. Adrian apologizes for the mess, saying he had a rough night, has his new servants load the corpses into a trebuchet, and launches them into the sky. Each corpse disappears, and Adrian says that it's been four years since he was sent there. At first he thought it was a paradise, but now he realizes that it's a prison. One way or another, Adrian promises that he will escape.

That night, Angela drives home and finds Cal sitting in the living room. He's reading Things Fall Apart, and Angela admits that she's trying to pick a fight when she spoils the ending for him. Angela asks when Cal was going to tell her that Laurie came by, and Cal tells her that Laurie came by and asked about who called the night that Judd was murdered. He describes how Angela came back and said that her grandfather killed Judd, and he didn't know she had a grandfather. Cal then says that he lied and didn't tell Laurie that, and Angela explains that Laurie knew they met in Vietnam. She asks if Laurie asks Cal about his accident, and he says that it didn’t come up. Cal suggests that Laurie wants to help Angela, and suggests that Laurie knows how to find Will. Angela says that she can find Will by himself, and invites him to the closet to have sex.

Bian jerks awake and goes to the arboretum. Trieu is there, and Bian tells her mother that she had a nightmare and describes how she was in a village and men came to burn it. The men made the villagers walk, and Bian's feet still hurt. Trieu says "Good", and refuses to walk her daughter back to bed. Bian says goodnight to Will and goes back to her bed.

Trieu offers Will tea, and says that she's concerned rather than worried. She suggests that Will tell Angela who he is, and he figures she has to learn by herself. Trieu says that it's too cute, and Will notes that Trieu is doing the same thing with Bian. She says that it's something different, and warns that when family is involved, things get cloudy, feet get cold, and deals get broken. Trieu figures that Will isn't in, and he stands up out of his wheelchair and says that his feet are fine. He asks how much longer, and Trieu says that it will be three days. Will admits that he betrayed Angela, and in three days she'll know what he's done... and hate him for her. He insists that he's in all the way, and mutters "tick tock" repeatedly.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2019

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