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The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem for Tavon Recap

Tavon records a video log from a camp outside of Freeland, talking about Blackbird rescued him from an ASA concentration camp. The former student says that humans and metas live together, and he figures the only way to save humans is if humans and metas work together to stop the AS.

Odell goes over the files on Blackbird, and finally identifies her as Anissa.

Khalil is in a training room cell exercising, and two of the ASA fighters come in. They attack him and Khalil defeats them a combination of martial arts and acupuncture technique. He kills one man with his venom touch and threatens the other one. The man wisely stays back, and Khalil tells the first victim that it's fascinating to him imagining what his opponents think as they die. Odell comes in and sends the man to the infirmary, and then tells Khalil that Blackbird is a problem that requires his attention.

Linn tests a meta, Erica, who can absorb kinetic energy. She has Erica absorb the kinetic energy from an automatic gun and then release the energy on her command. Erica disintegrates from the energy... and Lynn wakes up from her nightmare. She starts to take Green Light out of her purse, and Jeff wakes up and asks what she's doing. Lynn says that she's going to the lab, and Jeff says that he recognizes the look of epiphany and asks when he can expect to see her. She says that the occupation won't end until she stabilizes the metagene, and Jeff says that he loves her. Surprised, Lynn says that she loves him, takes some Green Light, and leaves.

At her apartment, Anissa is watching one of Truthteller Johnson's newscast about how Blackbird rescuing people from the ASA.

The next morning, Jeff makes breakfast and calls Jennifer down. As she takes her breakfast plate, she shocks him and Jeff warns her about dragging her feet and storing excess energy. Jennifer tells Jeff that she feels funny and Jeff says that it should never feel normal living through an occupation. As Jeff complains about the difference between protection and oppression, Jennifer tells him that it's too early for a history lesson and she's going to take a sick day. Her father checks her temperature and then says that she's going to school.

At her lab, Lynn tells Odell that she knows how to stabilize the metagene. She figures that Jace used a gene-editing tool to send her a specific amino acid chain. Lynn explains that Jace sent her the protein she needs to stabilize the metagene, but it needs to be extracted from a human host. Only one meta, Patient 49, survived the serum administration.

The people watch as Bill announces that Blackbird is now wanted by the ASA, offering a $50,000 reward on any information on her. The crowd, including Two-Bit, boos him and one person throws tomatoes, and Holt tells him that he should be assured of him.

Tavon's parents tell Jeff that the ASA took Tavon away. Jeff says that the ASA didn't murder Tavon, and the parents explain that they have the paperwork to prove Tavon wasn't a meta. Mr. Singley explains that a student accused Tavon and the ASA didn't care, and Mrs. Singley says that the metas brought misery to Freeland. They ask Jeff to find them any information about Tavon, and Jeff gives his word that he will.

Anissa gives Grace the vaccine to make her immune to the meta disease, and says that Gambi will watch over Grace while she's out. Gambi arrives with food and tells Anissa that they'll be fine, and warns her that Blackbird has a price on her. Grace says that she has a bad feeling about Anissa going out, but Anissa assures her that she'll be fine and leaves.

In computer class, Jennifer's arm glows with energy. She calls to Brandon and asks for his jacket, and when he hands it over she puts it on to cover up her flowing arm. The energy spreads up her arm to her hand, shorting out the keyboard and the power. The teacher goes to check things out, and Lisa asks Jennifer if she's okay. Jennifer explains that she was flying on pure energy and is crashing down, and gives Jennifer some electrolytes.

Odell brings Patient 49--Tobias--to Lynn.

Bill goes to a bar to talk to Two-Bits, and tells the other patrons that the ASA will come in and check their registration cards. The customers quickly leave, and Bill figures that Two-Bits is stealing supplies from the ASA and selling it on the black market. He arrests Two-Bits for throwing the tomato at him,

Blackbird meets with Holt at his church and gives him vaccine to inoculate everyone before they take them outside the perimeter. Holt thanks Blackbird for her help, and leaves. Jeff calls Blackbird and says that he needs her to bring Tavon back to Freeland so his parents can see him. Blackbird warns that the ASA will kill him, and Jeff says that the boy needs to be with his parents. When Blackbird says that it's too dangerous, Jeff asks if Blackbird would do anything to get Grace back if she was captured. His daughter says that she'll do what she can but warns that it's a bad idea.

Later, Blackbird takes more refugees to the Perdi. She gives Anaya a case of the vaccine and warns that she's been exposed. Anaya reluctantly takes it and sarcastically says that she's going to save the Perdi from the plague Anissa brought. Tavon tells Blackbird that Anaya is scared, and Blackbird says that he's there to take him home now that his parents have proof that he's a meta. She warns that it'll be dangerous.

Khalil figures that Blackbird is slipping through the fluctuations in the perimeter grid and is at the next fluctuation.

In the lab, Tobias taunts Lynn as she works on him. He asks how many pod kills did she kill, and says that he admires how she handled herself with Jace. Lynn insists that she's nothing like him, and has the MB4 serum that made him the meta that he is. She injects him with it and Tobias laughs as the power spreads through his veins.

Gambi is working on his computers and Grace notices that the spots on her arm are moving. A report comes in that Blackbird has been spotted on the perimeter, and the ASA repeat their orders not to engage.

Blackbird leads Tavon back into Freeland, and Khalil spots them. He steps out and Blackbird attacks him as Tavon runs. They fight and Khalil easily defeats Blackbird. Tavon comes back and tries to hit Khalil with a branch, and Khalil touches Tavon's arm. Blackbird recovers and knocks out Khalil, and she tells Jeff that she's coming in and it's bad. As she leads Tavon off, Khalil recovers and sees them go.

Odell goes to Anissa's apartment and says that he's relieved he found her at home. He asks her if she knows Blackbird, and says that the data on Blackbird shows Anissa has the same physiological metrics as her. Gambi is in a hidden room and draws a gun, and briefs Anissa on what to say over the earbud. Odell tells "Anissa" that Blackbird is on the perimeter and can't be in two places at once. Once Odell leaves, Grace reverts to her base form. Gambi comes out and Grace tells him to go help Anissa.

Bill visits Holt at his church and says that he's following leads tracking down Blackbird. He says that all of his leads indicate the church, and warns Holt that he's smuggling metas out of Freeland. Bill handcuffs Holt, who insists that he is protecting metas.

The rejuvenated Tobias thanks Lynn for the treatment, and she extracts a sample of her bone marrow. He asks why she's experimenting on him, and Lynn explains that his body produces a byproduct protein she can use for her stabilization serum. Tobias says that Black Ligh5tning and Lightning took him down, and asks Lynn what her super suit looks like. Lynn says that he's delusional, and Tobias promises that once he kills Jeff, Lynn and her daughters will have nothing to fear from him. Unimpressed, Lynn jabs a needle into Tobias's pelvic bone after neglecting to administer the anesthetic.

Blackbird brings Tavon to the sanctum, and Gambi and Black Lightning meet them. Blackbird explains that she and Tavon were both poisoned. Tavon looks up at Black Lightning and then dies of Khalil's poison.

Later, Jeff shows the Singleys Tavon's body. Mrs. Singley screams in grief and her husband leads her away.

Lynn tells Odell that she's preparing the formula for meta stabilization. She says that Tobias knows her family secrets and plans to kill Jeff. Lynn tells Odell to make Tobias disappear when she's done with him, and Odell merely tells her to keep him apprised before leaving.

At Garfield, word spreads that Tavon is dead. The ASA soldiers are on guard, and one of the students yells at them for killing Tavon. They tell the students to stand down, and the students start chanting Tavon's name. When one student protests, a soldier hits him with a rifle butt and Jeff comes out and warns them that they're on school property.

Jennifer and Brandon hear the commotion.

Jeff says that he won't have another student die on his watch. The soldiers move in and the students panic as Jeff fights back. A soldier throws him to the ground, and Jennifer comes out and sees Jeff's eyes glowing. He restrains himself, stands up, and faces the soldier. Another soldier hits him, and Brandon pulls Jennifer in and says that it'll be a massacre. When he grabs her wrists, Jennifer shocks him and he absorbs the energy. Shocked, Jennifer wonders how he did it.

The soldiers beat Jeff as the students look on, sobbing.

Jennifer meets with Odell, who says that he never likes seeing a black man beaten in the streets. He promises to reprimand the soldiers, and asks Jennifer to take a ride with him.

The soldiers are playing cards, and Thunder bursts in, her eyes glowing.

Bill takes Two-Bits and Holt to the river and shows them video of the soldiers beating Jeff. He says that the people of Freeland are ready to fight, and it's time to run the ASA out of Freeland. More insurgents join Bill, and when Holt warns that they can't fight the ASA by themselves, Blackbird steps out. Holt offers his hand to Bill and they shake.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2019

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