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Tremors Recap

Supergirl and John fight, and John notes that she's off her game. She says that she needs to be ready as they continue sparring, noting that they don't know when Leviathan will strike or even what it is. John says that they've faced unknown dangers before and wonders if something else is bothering Supergirl. Supergirl says that she hates thinking about losing Lena as a friend, and watching Lena lose her friend came close to home. John collapses from a sudden psychic shriek echoing through his mind.

The Leviathan agent breaks into Lena's apartment and tells her to give the medallion. When Lena refuses, the agent shoots her and the bullet bounces off of Lena's force field. Lena turns up the lights but the agent is gone, and Hope tells Lena that she's heightened the penthouse security. The AI wonders why Lena is provoking Leviathan over something useless, and Lena says that it's valuable to her. She figures that the perfect dispersal device is in Superman' fortress, and Leviathan is going to help her find it. Hope advises Lena to cancel the L-Corp event in the park because Leviathan will come after her, and Lena figures that Supergirl will protect her.

Alex and Supergirl check John, who insists that he's fine. He explains that he had another vision of Malefic and can sense him all around him, and figures that the flashes are symptoms of his guilt. John worries that he's wronged his brother again, and says that he'll deal with it the Martian way.

The agent, Margot, goes to a manor and enters a secret elevator. She meets with Rama Khan and tells him that she couldn't retrieve the medallion. Rama Khan says that he's been safeguarding Earth since their ship arrived and wiped out the dinosaurs and they have kept humanity's destruct behavior at bay. He's angry that Margot failed. Another woman, Gamemnae, asks if it was Margot's failure or Rama's. She dismisses Margot, and tells Rama that they both want to stop people who disrespect the planet. Gamemnae explains that the old ways aren't working and says that they should try her technology instead of his brute force. Rama tells her that he'll do it himself.

At the park, Lena thanks everyone for coming. The ground shakes and Rama emerges from the ground and unleashes a wave of force disrupting the ground. Lena runs to the edge of a cliff, signals Supergirl, and leaps. Supergirl arrives and catches Lena, and then uses her heat vision on Rama. He shrugs off the blast and telekinetically throws rocks at them, and Supergirl flies off.

Later at the DEO, Querl tells the team that they have a clear image of Rama and has recognized him. He explains that Rama was the cause of an earthquake at Antioch in 526 AD, and at other disasters through the millennia. Querl figures that Rama is a long-lived alien who has kept his existence a secret. Lena mentions Lex's weapons, and Supergirl says that some of them are stored at the Fortress of Solitude. When Lena suggests that she'll give Supergirl a list, Supergirl invites her to come with them while Querl and Alex go over the files. As they leave, Lena wonders if it's a good idea for a Luthor to be at the Fortress.

John meditates and calls to M'yrnn's spirit. M'yrnn appears and they hug, and John apologizes for what he did. M'yrnn says that he's the one who failed, and John eased his suffering by wiping his memories of Malefic. John explains that he sent Malefic back to the Phantom Zone, and M'yrnn tells him that Malefic is still on Earth, across town.

Querl tells Alex that he's signing for Rama's seismic wave signature. He locates Rip Roar, and they take a team to the docks. There's a bomb on a bench next to Rip Roar's armor, and they retreat as it explodes. When they recover, Querl picks up scraps of Rip Roar's armor and reverts to his natural form to heal the cut on his forehead. Alex stares at him and then collapses.

At the Fortress, an alarm goes off when it detects Luthor DNA. Supergirl manages to shut down the security system before it engages the L-Protocol, and assures Lena that she's not Lex.

M'yrnn tells John that Malefic needs his help because he's a prisoner. John asks how he can find Malefic, and M'yrnn tells him that he must choose to either banish Malefic once and for all, or reach his soul. The only way to reach Malefic is for John to risk death at his brother's hand.

Alex wakes up and finds Kelly at her bedside at the DEO. She says that Alex should have called, and Alex promises that she will the next time. Kelly notes that Alex has a mild concussion and can't go back to work until she's 100%.

Supergirl takes Lena to the central database, and Lena notes that it used to be her saving Kara before she knew she was Supergirl. She says that it was impressive how many times Supergirl saved her without giving away her secret, and they agree that it's best that it's all behind them.

Gamemnae asks Rama if he's happy now, and he says that he can't find them. He insists that he'll fix it, and Gamemnae tells him that they're on the same side and she can help him. Gamemnae explains that things have changed and humans are connected by information. The way to reach humanity is beyond Rama, and Rama realizes that Supergirl and Lena are on the one place on Earth that is not of Earth.

At the central database, Supergirl confirms that earthbenders come from Krypton's sister planet, Jarhanpur. There are weapons in the Fortress armory that can weaken him as well as Kryptons, including some created by Lex. Lena says that she can use a quantum processor to tell Querl and Supergirl agrees. Once she puts a crystal chip in the processor, she goes with Supergirl.

M'yrnn tells John to open his mind to Malefic, giving him complete access so he can see the truth. John notes that Malefic will most likely kill him and everyone he loves, and M'yrnn tells him his other choice is to send Malefic to the Phantom Zone. M'yrnn explains that he faced the same test, risking the decimation of his people and his family, and made his impossible choice. He tells John that the sins of the father are visited on the son, and John must make his own choice. M'yrnn assures John that he will love him no matter what he chooses. He disappears, and John considers his choice.

Supergirl and Lena check the armory for weapons that can hurt Kryptonians. Lena finds Myriad, which Astra used to turn humanity into mindless zombies. Seemingly ignoring it, Lena finds a sonic cannon that they can use to weaken Rama long enough to put power-dampening cuffs on him.

Querl is at the DEO examining the armor shard when his inhibitor shuts down. He pieces together the symbols on Rip Roar's helmet and realizes that Leviathan headquarters are in National City.

Alex and Kelly play cards, and Alex appreciates Kelly taking care of her. She says that it feels like home, and Kelly says that she assumed the worst when she heard Alex was injured. Kelly explains that she thought she had lost Kelly a week ago, and explains that she can't. Querl comes in and says that he has Leviathan's location and they must go, and Kelly tells Alex to go. Alex looks at Kelly for a moment and then goes.

Querl and Alex approach the unobtrusive manor and says that since the explosion, the peripheral vision of his mind has expanded, letting him identity the symbol and its location. Alex tells him to be cool, but Querl rambles about how there is an ancient tar pit nearby and Leviathan chose the location for a reason. He opens the elevator, and he and Alex take it down. He uses Veridian radiation to reveal the cloaked symbol, and the elevator descends.

Gamemnae hears the elevator coming down.

Alex figures that they'll need Supergirl to fight Rama and notifies her. Rama breaks into the Fortress and Supergirl goes to fight him, leaving Lena alone in the armory. The earthbender launches a rock attack at Supergirl, who deflects it and speeds at him.

Alex and Querl reach the bottom and find nothing but a cavern. Gamemnae watches them from her cloaked room.

Supergirl and Rama fight, and Rama throws her around the chamber. She realizes that the Fortress isn't made of Earth, and Rama explains that he tracked her to the one place where she couldn't hide. Supergirl says that they're in her house and freezes the ground around Rama. He's unable to access his earth powers, and Supergirl attacks him. Lena arrives and fires the sonic cannon at Rama, and Supergirl adds her ice breath. Rama hits the ground and escapes through the resulting hole, and Supergirl discovers that Lena is gone. She goes into the armory and finds Lena, who is holding Myriad. Lena admits that she's using Supergirl like Supergirl used her.

Lena tells Supergirl that she wept real tears weeks before Supergirl admitted her secret. She says that she found out Supergirl's secret identity the day she killed Lex, after Lex teleported away from Supergirl. Lena was there waiting for Lex when he arrived, and shot him dead to keep the world safe. As Lex died, he called Lena a fool because her friends were lying to her. When Lena came to National City, she promised that she would never trust anyone again but Kara convinced her otherwise. She reminds Supergirl that she promised to never lie to her, and she killed Lex out of friendship.

Supergirl asks why Lena didn't come to her so she could explain. She wonders why Lena still pretended, and Lena explains that she wanted Supergirl to feel what she felt. Supergirl admits that she made a mistake, but begs Lena not let her mistake push her to do something terrible. Lena insists that Supergirl doesn't get to tell her who she is. The Fortress defenses activate, capturing Supergirl, and Lena says that she's not going to kill her. She insists that she's not a villain and Supergirl shouldn't have treated her like one, and teleports away.

John appears in Malefic's cell with the Phantom Zone projector, and says that he's come to finish what he's started. After a moment, John shuts down the projector, puts it aside, and says that he won't send Malefic back to the Zone. Malefic describes being in the Zone with no sensory input but his heart, suspended midbeat. John tells him to send him to the Zone if he wishes, and he insists that he's come there to make amends. Malefic doesn't believe him, and John wishes that he could have found some way to show Malefic that he's his brother and he loves him. His brother insists that John was ashamed of him and banished him like a monster, and John admits that he was afraid of him and was wrong. John insists that what he did was out of love, but he cannot live with the pain. He kneels and begs Malefic's forgiveness by submitting himself to the bond. John invites Malefic to look into his mind, and Malefic tells him that he will look with pleasure before he kills him.

Malefic bonds with John and sees his memories, and then lets him drop to the ground. After a moment, he extends his hand to John, and John takes it. The two brothers hug.

Kelly is in her office when Alex comes to see her. Alex says that she can't imagine losing someone that she loves the way that Kelly lost her fiancé, and she didn't realize that Kelly was suffering. She tells Kelly that she wants to help Kelly heal, and Kelly wonders if it's possible. Alex insists that it is because Kelly healed her, and they kiss.

Supergirl stands in the containment field at the Fortress, crying.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 18, 2019

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