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The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Door Recap

Anissa, suffering from Painkiller's toxin, leaves a video log saying that if she doesn't make it then her sacrifice means something. She apologizes to Jen for leaving her alone, and tells her parents and Gambi that what she was doing was worth the risk. Anissa tells them that because of them she was strong enough to do what had to be done. She says that they all taught her to stand up for what's right no matter how difficult, because evil triumphs when good people did nothing. Anissa insists that she wasn't going to do nothing.

30 Hours Earlier

At Tavon's funeral, Lynn and Anissa ask Jeff if there's anything they can do for Tavon's parents. Lynn says that she's proud of Jeff for not suiting up to avenge Jeff's death. Jeff tells her that innocent people are dying and it's not just about them, and storms off. Jamilah approaches Jeff and records her asking him how he's feeling and if he's going to press charges against the ASA. She asks if he thinks his actions will inspire Freeland's residents, and Lynn tells Jamilah that it's not the time. Undeterred, Jamilah asks Jeff if there's anything he would say to Tavon, and Jeff tells her he would tell Tavon how proud he was of him. Jeff says that Tavon inspired the other students and him to be the best versions of themselves, and his death will not be in vain.

The next day, Lynn tells Jeff that the whole town heard that he was out of Black Lightning. Jeff figures that Odell won't do anything to them despite Lynn's misgivings, but Lynn doesn't believe him. He says that he won't sit around and do nothing, and Lynn tells him to treat her as a partner and not put their family in jeopardy. Jeff insists that it isn't about him, but Lynn says that she knows the truth that it's always about Jeff. Lynn goes to the lab to work, hoping Odell won't arrest her when she gets there.

Gambi examines Anissa and asks how she's doing about Tavon. Anissa figures that no amount of talking will bring Tavon back so there's no point. Gambi warns that it will eat at her, and the results come in. He checks them and says that if it wasn't for Anissa's metahuman healing ability, she'd be already dead. Gambi explains that whatever is in her is repressing her metagene and she's getting weaker by the second. He warns that he's encountered a similar version of the poison but Painkiller's is ten times stronger and she only has a week or two at best. Anissa gets up and tells Gambi not to tell her parents. When he says that he can't, Anissa persuades him to give her twenty-four hours. Gambi tells her to go home and get some rest, and Anissa leaves.

Bill meets with the other resistance members and warns that the ASA's propaganda is making them looking bad. Truthteller Johnson is dead, and Bill says that they have to get their truth to all of Freeland. He asks Gina to have her get her nephew and his tech nerds to build a radio system strong enough to reach all of Freeland. Holt wonders who will be the voice of the resistance, and Bill tells him to leave it to him.

Lynn visits Tobias in his cell and says that she's there to check his healing ability before she harvests more bone marrow. Tobias tells her that she can't trust Odell, and he'll stab her in the front while Odell stabs her in the back. Lynn dismisses him as a lab rat, and Tobias says that friends keep other friends' secrets. He says that he heard Black Lightning was active, and demands a list of every meta in the Pit and their powers in return for his secrecy.

Anissa lies in the sofa at her apartment, and Jeff arrives at her door. He pounds on it until Anissa answers it, and lets him in. Jeff apologizes to her for pressuring her to bring Tavon back to Freeland, and says that Tavon's death is on him. Anissa tells him that she knew it was a bad idea and she'll have to live with that, and tells Jeff to go. After a moment, he leaves and Anissa collapses on the floor.

Later, Anissa wakes up to find Grace tending to her. Anissa tries to dismiss it as fatigue from her battle with Painkiller, but Grace doesn't believe her. She talks about how when she morphs into a leopard, she smells death. Anissa insists that no one is dying there and Gambi is working on something to fix her up. Grace goes to take a shower and invites Anissa to join her, and after she leaves Anissa checks her shoulder and sees the poison spreading through her veins.

Jennifer uses her powers to break into Brandon's house and finds bags of coal rock and vials of liquid. As she checks her computer and finds photos of Lynn, Brandon comes in and she blasts him. Brandon summons dirt from the nearby plant pots and repels Jennifer's blast, and both their hands glow with energy.

Jeff finds Odell in his house, and Odell tells him that the ASA has a team of neurologists ready to give Jeff a thorough examination. He says that Jeff must have brain damage to think there'd be no consequences for breaking their deal, and Jeff points out that their deal got him beat and kept him from saving Tavon. Jeff tells Odell that the deal is over, and Jeff says that the deal kept Jeff's family from taking his place in the Pit. Odell chuckles and tells Jeff that he doesn't want to make an enemy out of him. Unimpressed, Jeff says that he was going to tell him the same thing.

ASA soldiers drive across the city, and Instant teleports in and attacks them. He teleports away and then teleports back, taking one of their guns and shooting some of them dead. He teleports away before the last soldier can shoot him, teleports behind the man, and breaks his neck. Taking a helmet, Instant travels into the cab and joins the driver: Mosin. The ASA soldiers let them through the checkpoint, and Mosin tells Instant that it's time to go to work.

The next day, Bill has Jamilah brought to his office. He tells her that it's an interrogation, closes the door and the shades, and says that he knows she's been reporting on the occupation. Bill loudly tells her to stop what she's doing or she'll be arrested. Jamilah says that she can't because she needs to let people know what's going on is wrong. Bill tells her that's what he hoped she'd say, and has a job for her particular set of skills. He informs her that it's her chance to be the voice of the people.

Lynn secretly puts together a list of the metas and prints it out, and takes more Green Light. Ashe shreds the files on her daughters and leaves with the rest.

Once Jennifer calms down, Brandon says that he's looking for Jace and Lynn is the last link to her. he explains that Jace killed his mother and he came to Freeland to kill the doctor. Jennifer tells him to keep her family out of it, and Brandon immediately agrees. She asks about the coal, and Brandon explains that he can manipulate earth. He transforms a piece of goal into a diamond and gives it to Jennifer.

Gambi continues working with the poison and realizes that it came from Painkiller.

Lynn disables the list of recording devices in Tobias' cell and gives the list to him. She says that he's a monster, and Tobias tells her that he's nothing compared to Odell. Tobias figures that she doesn't know who Odell really is, and reminds her that Issa is dead. He suggests that Lynn knows about Issa's death, and Lynn waits for Tobias to read the file and memorize it. As he reads, Tobias figures Lynn hasn't told Jeff about them and wonders if Jeff will be comfortable with their arrangement.

Grace finishes her shower and finds Anissa convulsing on the floor. She calls Gambi over, and Gambi tells Grace to back off while he gives Anissa an injection. The antidote works and Anissa wakes up. Gambi tells her to rest and says that there's something he has to take care of and is leaving.

Grey visits Odell and gives him information on the neutrino anomaly that Instant leaves. It's appearing around high-level targets, and there are three left: the command center, the perimeter generator, and the Pit. The Pit's location is unknown, and Grey tells Odell that she's put the protocols in effect.

Mosin and his men, along with Instant enter the former Club 100 turned command center disguised as ASA soldiers. Going into the data room, Mosin tries to download what he needs but fails. As they leave, Odell comes in and greets Mosin. He's used neutrino generators to negate Instant's power, and the Markovians open fire on the ASA soldiers, who shoot back.

Black Lightning is on a nearby rooftop and hears the gunshots as the Markovians finish off the ASA soldiers. The wounded Odell tries to get to his gun, and Mosin kicks it away. As Mosin prepares to kill Odell, the lights flare, taking out the neutrino generators. Instant teleports away with Mosin, and Odell tells Black Lightning that he's pathetic for not finishing off Mosin when he had the chance.

Bill takes Jamilah to the resistance HQ and introduces her to Holt, Kyrie, and Gina. Gina's nephew Jamal prepares to plug in the radio generator, and Bill warns Jamilah that there's no turning back. Jamal powers up the generator, and Jamilah goes on the air telling Freeland to wake up and realize the Insurgents are fighting against the ASA.

Mosin tells Instant that he should have let him finish Odell and Black Lightning. Instant says that he wasn't hired to fight Black Lightning, and tells Mosin to hold up his end of their bargain. Jace is there along with Mosin's men, and Mosin has a tech transfer the funds to Instant's bank account. He teleports away, and Jace comes out. Mosin tells him that the metas are showing no sign of illness, and Jace figures that Lynn has figured out a way to stabilize the metas. The colonel says that once Lynn has the stabilizer, they'll take it to stabilize their own metas.

Grace holds an unconscious Anissa in her lap, and her leopard spots shift from stress.

Gambi goes to Khalil's grave at the cemetery and scans the ground, confirming the coffin is empty.

Jeff comes home and finds Lynn packing. She says that she's leaving and complains that he doesn't consider her. When Jeff points out that she took a job with the ASA, Lynn insists that she had no choice. Jeff asks why she's spending more time with the ASA and her family, and Lynn tells him that he never listens. Lynn walks out over Jeff's protests.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 19, 2019

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