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License to Elongate Recap

Nash takes the others to the sewer tunnels and says that he busts myths wide open. He tells them that they're dealing with the Monitor and he's a false god. Nash plans to take him down, saving Barry, and explains that there's an inter-dimensional portal behind the rocks that will take them to the Monitor. Barry runs at the wall and is repelled, and Nash says that the rocks are infused with Eternium, creating an anti-vibrational field. All Nash needs is an artifact that will eliminate the Eternium so he knows where to dig... and he knows where the artifact is.

At STAR Labs, Chester's body stabilizes and he staggers out of the cell. He dances around and looks at all of the equipment, and learns that he's been proclaimed dead. Frost comes in and Chester asks her what the obituary means, and she tells him that technically he's dead.

At the station, Barry shows Joe his official Elongated Man emblem and explains that he's going to surprise Ralph by calling him to CCPD the next day for a deposition and throw him a press conference to declare him Central City's new hero. Ralph comes in and Joe quickly hides the emblem, then tells Ralph that he got the address in Midway City for Ralph's case. Realizing that Ralph might not be back in time, Barry offers to help him so Ralph solves the case in time.

That night in Midway City, Barry and Ralph sit in a car across from a gala event at an expensive hotel. Ralph says that Sue was wearing an expensive dress and someone took a photo there of the woman wearing the same dress. Ralph puts on a tux and gets one for Barry, saying that it's how they're going to suit up.

Barry and Ralph go inside and Ralph figures that the party host will know Sue. Ralph explains that they need to get into the VIP lounge, and says that he has a camera tie. A woman comes, January Galore, comes in and Ralph goes over to flirt with her. Ralph claims that he spent the last year on a private island with his partner after selling their corporation. Barry chokes on a canape and comes over, and asks if she knows their host, Remington Meister. January quickly realizes that they crushed the party and advises them to leave before walking away. Ralph reveals to Barry that he took January's VIP ticket.

Allegra arrives at the Citizen and finds Nash searching the place. He tells her that he's there looking for a UV emitter, and he explains that he's Nash rather than Harrison. Nash realizes that Allegra is the UV emitter and says that he needs UV rays to complete his dig. Allegra refuses to help him, and Nash offers to give her the scoop of the century about the Multiverse and the end of all life in return for her help. Intrigued, Allegra agrees.

Cecile meets with Chester and tells him that she got him legally reestablished as a living person. She asks if he could use some hope with, and he admits that he was going to ask out the barista Natalie. Cecile agrees to use her meta-empath powers to help him ask out Natalie.

Ralph and Barry enter the VIP lounge and sit down at a mahjong table. Remington finds them and challenges them, and Ralph accepts. He asks what brought them there as they play, and Barry mentions Sue. Remington notes that she's a fiercely intelligent young woman, and Ralph says that he's an admirer of her. Remington says that he hasn't seen Sue in six months, and Ralph and Ralph stumble over their cover stories. Barry suggests that Remington check his guest list, and Remington calls over his assistant Idna wearing Sue's dress. She says that there are two of the dresses, and Remington confirms that Sue isn't on the list... and neither are they. Ralph bluffs him and Remington says that he likes him but doesn't like Barry. Remington wins the game and leaves, and Barry tells Ralph that they should go back. Meanwhile, Remington tells Idna to put their friend on high alert. On the balcony above, Ultraviolet monitors the crowd.

Later, Ralph tracks down the woman who designed Sue's dress and confirmed that Idna commissioned her to make another one. Barry thinks they should head back to Central City because they've been blown, and isn't convinced there's a mystery there. Ralph points out various criminals, and says that it's not a place for masks and cowls. He wants to find out what Remington is up to, and tells Barry that it's a time for finesse. After Ralph leaves, Barry puts on his Flash ring and slips away.

Cecile calls in Natalie from the to-go coffee shop where she works, and Frost is with her in the room next to where Natalie is. Natalie arrives and Cecile feeds Chester advice through an earbud. Despite Cecile's advice, Natalie isn't impressed by Chester. Chester finally asks to help Natalie and trips over her crate, spilling coffee everywhere. Irritated, Natalie leaves. Frost suggests that Chester should be himself, and Cecile says that he doesn't know who he is... and realizes that she's talking about herself.

Nash takes Allegra into the sewer and explains about the multiverse, and he blurts out that Barry is Flash. He talks about the Monitor and how he's going to take him down permanently. Allegra is shocked that he plans to kill the Monitor, and Nash tells her to blast the barrier. She finally says that she can't, insisting that she won't be a weapon to hurt others, and runs off.

Ralph knocks out a guard at the security monitors and locates a file about "Ring of Fire".

Flash speeds through the building and confirms that Sue isn't there. Someone shoots an electrical stunner at him, taking him down.

Ralph checks the file and discovers that "Ring of Fire" is a multi-missile launcher. He realizes that the criminals are there to bid on it, loads the file onto a flash drive, and Remington knocks him out from behind using knuckle-mounted electrostunners.

Ultraviolet kicks Flash unconscious and radios to Remington that she's taken out the meta target.

Flash and Barry are fastened to a chair with meta dampeners. Remington and Ultraviolet come in and Remington explains that he managed to break Ultraviolet out of Iron Heights. He says that Flash triggered the security protocols that got Ralph caught, and asks why they are really there. Ultraviolet unveils the Ring laser cannon, and Remington says that he plans to destroy Central City as a demonstration.

Allegra comes back and admits that she got lost. Nash figures that she's afraid to use her powers because then she'll become like her cousin Ultraviolet. Allegra explains that Ultraviolet murders people with the same powers, and Nash tells her that they choose who they are. If she chooses to use her powers, that doesn't make her anything like Ultraviolet unless she chooses that. Allegra says to herself that she's Allegra and blasts the wall. A dimensional map appears briefly on the door, and Nash records it and tells Allegra that she did it.

Cecile approaches Chester and says that she was using his problems as a distraction from her own feelings. It made her sense the opposite of what Natalie was feeling, and Cecile admits that she's still figuring out her powers. Chester asks how she's feeling, and Cecile says that they replaced her as a DA and she can't go back. He assures her that she didn't fail him, and suggests that they trust their real selves will always shine through. Chester figures he should seize the moment and invite Natalie out, and tells Cecile to seize the moment as well.

Flash tells Ralph that he should have listened to him, and admits that he was going to hold a press conference to present Elongated Man as Central City's official protector. Ralph says that he's honored, and says that Barry is just as important as Flash. He then tells Flash to grab his cufflink and flick it at the laser cannon. When Flash does so, it shuts down... and then starts shooting on its own. Flash realizes that there's a pattern, and tells them to fling themselves aside so that the laser cuts them free. Ralph smashes the laser, and Flash suggests that they use some finesse to take out Remington and Ultraviolet.

Remington steps out into the auditorium with Ultraviolet, and the gathered criminals applaud him. They begin the auction on the satellite system, showing them the console to enter the targeted coordinates. Remington prepares to fire it at Central City, and Barry staggers out pretending to be drunk. Ralph tells Barry via earbud to keep them distracted while he gets to the console. Barry bids against the attendants, and Ralph gets to the console and shuts down the ring.

Barry hits Ultraviolet with a champagne bottle, and Remington punches Ralph with his electrostunners. Ralph fights back, while Ultraviolet kicks Barry to the floor. He Barry grabs a shield and swings at her, while Remington knocks out Ralph and activates the Ring. Ralph staggers up and Remington goes after him, and this time Ralph manages to punch him back. Barry grabs a sword and cuts a light support, dropping it on Ultraviolet and knocking her out.

Ralph adjusts the flash on his camera tie, blinding Remington. Barry knocks Remington out from behind, and Ralph activates the Ring's self-destruct just in time. Laughing, Remington congratulates Barry on his performance.

The next day, Joe tells Barry and Ralph that Remington is behind bars. Ralph confirms that the ceremony is still on and says that he'll see Joe there.

Cecile asks Chester how the date went, and he says that she turned him down but he said yes to himself. Cecile is marketing her new firm as a meta-attorney, and thanks Chester for his encouragement. She suggests that he'd fit in at STAR Labs, and Chester says that it would be epic.

At the Citizen, Allegra asks Nash why he's being nice to her. He says that she reminds him of someone, tells her that she did a good job, and starts to go. He looks at her for a moment and then goes.

At the press conference, Flash says that the city will need more than him so he's recognizing Elongated Man. Elongated Man stretches over and Flash pins the symbol on his chest. Flash speeds off and Elongated Man says that he's wanted to protect Central City before he got his powers, and he loves it as his home. He promises that he will defend Central City with his dying breath, and everyone applauds. Elongated Man then calls Barry up and Joe says that there are unsung heroes like Barry. Joe and Elongated Man present Barry with the Medal of Honor and thank him for his service.

Later, Elongated Man shows off his emblem to Iris at his office. He tells her that Ultraviolet showed up in Midway City. Once Iris leaves to investigate, Ramsey appears and attacks him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2019

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