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Faux Hawk Recap

Five Years Ago

Deathstroke looks in horror at his dying son after he's stabbed him in the chest. Removing his mask, Slade tells Jericho to hang on. As his body dies, Jericho's mind enters his father's body.


In a white mind chamber, Jericho tries to break through a swirling black door but fails yet again. "Slade" is there with him, and asks how many more times he's going to try to escape. Jericho insists that he'll do it until he gets out of Slade's head, and then he'll stop him. His father says that the Titans are apart again and it's on Dick. He reminds Jericho that the Titans took advantage of him, and Jericho says that they admitted it and moved on. Jericho points out that he jumped into hell, and Slade reminds him that he chose to jump into him. Slade says that hunting down the Titans is his gift to Jericho, father to son, but his son says that they exposed Slade for what he really is: a monster that needs to be stopped. Slade tells him that he's too late and douses the "lights".

In the real world, Jericho forces Slade to step off the curb into busy traffic. Slade manages to pull himself back at the last moment, and tells his son it was a nice try.

Gar goes to a coffee shop and the barista gets him his typical drink. Looking around the room, Gar hears music in his head. He turns to another barista, then after a moment slams his head into the counter. Another customer grabs Gar, and Gar viciously beats him. Growling, Gar turns into a tiger and rips him apart then kills the other occupants. He then jumps out the window and runs to a nearby van where Mercy is waiting. Gar transforms back to his human form, wipes the blood from Gar's face, and tells the driver that Gar did great.

In his office, Walter watches a newscast of Gar's attack. The mayor announces that he's hired Cadmus to protect San Francisco, and Dawn and Donna arrive at his door with a delivery order of sushi. Donna expresses interest in Walter's kiteboarding, and Walter invites her in to see his hydrofoil. Soon, Donna is using her lasso of truth to question Walter, explaining that the surveillance cameras showed him at the Tower when the soldiers abducted Gar. He explains that the Cadmus scientists did brain surgery on Gar and Conner as part of Phase 1. Donna asks what Phase 2 is, and Walter tells them that he doesn't know.

Donna wipes Walter's memory, drops him to the floor, and leaves with Dawn. She figures that they need backup and suggests they get Hank. Dawn refuses, saying Hank walked out on her, and figures they can take Cadmus out by themselves. Donna finally agrees and they drive off together.

At a fight ring, Hawk fights to the applause of the spectators. He plays to the crowd and his opponent enters the ring. The fighter shrugs off Hawk's first blow, and Hawk avoids his blows and takes down the man with two more blows. Next, Hawk takes on two fighters and defeats them both.

After the fights, Hank steps aside and takes some blow. He enters the ring and takes on three armed opponents, and soon defeats them. Afterward, Hank leaves the ring and a woman, Jan, approaches him. She figures that he's Hawk and they soon end up in bed at Hank's motel room. When it hurts him to be on top, they switch positions and Hank soon dozes off. Exasperated, Jan figures that he couldn't be Hawk.

The next day, Kory is trying to use her powers but discovers that they're failing her. Rachel comes out from the convenience store, and reminds her that Dick is in trouble. As they get in the car, Rachel insists that Dick is around there somewhere... she thinks. Kory checks her phone, sees she has a text from Donna, and curses, and she explains that they're heading back to San Francisco and she's done running off after Dick when Rachel has no idea where he is. They argue and Kory finally pulls over. Rachel apologizes and Kory says that she used to be so in control and now all of her best qualities are gone. They apologize to each other and high-five, and Rachel agrees they should go back to San Francisco to help Gar. As they drive off, Rachel says that Dick will find his way back.

Jason makes hot dogs for Rose, and gets to one knee to ask her to try them. She accepts and says that it's good, and Rachel texts asking Jason to help them with Gar. Jason figures the Titans can deal with the problem without them, and suggests it's one of Dick's tests. Rose says that Slade will kill them all, and tells Jason that they need to talk immediately.

Three Years Earlier

Rose is hit by a SUV while bicycling, and comes back to life. She insists that she's okay and snaps her legs back to normal, gets on her bike, and rides off as the pedestrians look on in shock. At home, Rose tells Adeline what happened and insists that she's not hurt and never is. She asks Adeline why, and Adeline claims that she's lucky. Rose figures that she's a freak and asks about her real father. Adeline finally says that Rose's real father is a man from another life and she hardly knew him.

Three Weeks Later

Slade returns to his apartment and finds Rose and Wintergreen waiting for him. She introduces herself, and Slade tells Wintergreen to leave them. Once he goes, Rose picks up Slade's gun and says that she can't be hurt. She shoots a bullet through her palm, and the wound heals in seconds. Rose tells Slade that she's a freak, and Slade admits that he is as well. He explains that he was married to Adeline but it wasn't love, and tells Rose to go home and don't come back or he'll hurt her. Rose tells him that she can hurt him and leaves.

Later at home, Rose prepares to go to prom with Todd. Rose wishes that Slade was there, and Adeline tells her daughter to forget him. Todd arrives in a limo and Rose gets in. There's no sign of Todd, and Slade is driving. Slade says that it's a peace offering and apologizes for treating her like shit earlier. He thought it was the best for her, and explains that he makes enemies that want to kill him. If Rose goes with him then they'll want to kill her as well. Slade says her family isn't like him or her, and they're both hard to kill. He offers to show her more about herself if she comes with him, and she'll feel normal. Slade assures Rose that he pays all of her bills and will make sure Adeline doesn't call the police. He admits that he wasn't ready to be a father but is now, and if she wants to have a normal life and stay there, he'll never bother her again. Todd arrives, and Rose tells Slade to drive.

Later at Slade's apartment, Slade gives Rose a present: her own Ravager costume. Rose says that it isn't her but puts it on. Later, she and Deathstroke spar and Deathstroke soon disarms her and kicks her down. Ravager cries and Slade mocks her for doing so. She attacks him and he parries the blow, and finally puts a gun to her head. Ravager knocks it aside and Deathstroke stabs her in the arm with the knife concealed in the gun butt. She grabs her swords and goes at him again.

Later in the apartment, Rose asks why she's training to fight. Slade shows her a photo of Jericho and says that he was murdered by a gang of highly-trained psychopaths calling themselves the Titans. Rose figures that Slade is training her to kill them, and tells Slade that she needs some new clothes. Slade gives her a bank account and tells her to rest up because she has a big day ahead.


Rose finishes her story to Jason, and wishes she could take it back because she hurt people, including Jason. She insists that the two of them are true, but Jason doesn't believe her. Jason angrily wonders what he was thinking and starts to walk away, and Rose takes his arm. He knocks it off and Rose instinctively punches him. Rose tells him to fight her and he wants to, and Jason first asks and then tells her that they're done. She says that the Titans need them, and Jason says to fuck all of them before leaving. Jason's phone rings, and when Rose answers it, Slade says that he knows Jason has left and the Titan are getting back together, and she should go immediately to San Francisco.

Slade meets with Wintergreen, who tells him that the Titans are slowly arriving back in San Francisco. There's no sign of Dick, and Slade figures the authorities won't find him but he'll find his friends. Wintergreen reveals the arsenal of weapons he brought for Slade.

Dick escapes prison and goes to Adeline's house, and finds Adeline waiting for him. She tells him that Wintergreen told Slade the Titans are in San Francisco and Slade is going there to kill them. Adeline overheard Slade and Rose talking and figures they're working together, and Dick realizes that Slade played him and he missed it all. Dick says that Jericho tried to talk to him using sign, and Adeline tells him that she missed the signs at first but knows Jericho is in Slade's mind. She explains that Jericho told him that Dick could do the impossible, and tells him to bring Jericho back to her. Dick says that he'll try and leaves.

Hawk dreams of fighting Dawn in the ring and beats him. He insists that he loves her, and Dawn says that he loves being Hawk more and one of them has to go. As Dawn drives a knife into his face, Hank wakes up.

Dick drives to Stu's Handmade Shoes and goes in. He tells Stu that he needs a new pair of "shoes", and Stu tells him that he doesn't make them anymore. Stu explains that he's in the fruitcake sign now, and invites Dick to have a slice of fruitcake. He asks if Dick wants to take a match to it, and takes a blowtorch to his fruitcake. Dick apologizes for burning Stu's suit and asks for his help to make another one. Stu says that Bruce said Dick would be coming and takes him in a hidden room where his assistants are working on superhero suits. Lily greets them and Stu tells her that the suit burning is behind them. She shows Dick the new suit, and he says that they've outdone themselves.

Hank is cleaning up and hears a report about a man in a Hawk suit robbing a laundromat. He makes sure that his own suit is gone and swears. Hank goes to the laundromat and finds a man in his underwear cleaning his clothes. He talks to the man, who says that Hawk was his favorite Titan. The man says that it's no wonder Dove left Hawk, and Hank insists that he left her. He shows Hank a video that "Hawk" made on Instagram boasting about his exploits, and Hank leaves.

Faux Hawk is recording a new video in his cheap apartment, saying the laundromat was a front for a meth-making lab. There's a knock at the door, and Faux Hawk signs off and finds Hank at the door. Hank punches him and comes in, and forces Faux Hawk to undress. The teenager in it says that he's 17, and insists that he was laying Titans law. He reminds Hank that he sold his costume to him in return for money for blow. Hank doesn't remember it, and says that he'll pay Faux Hawk in a week. The teenager says that it was a privilege to wear the Hawk, and for the first time he felt like he know what he was supposed to do. He figures Hank feels the same way every day, and Hank ruefully says that he does before leaving.

Back at his motel room, Hank lies on his bed and looks at the blow on his nightstand. He talks to himself, saying not to take it.

Mercy finds Walter tied up in his home and asks him what happened. She has photos of Dawn and Donna and Walter confirms they attacked him, and she tells her assistant that they're moving up their operation's timetable.

Gar lays in a van near a street carnival. As the carnies set up, Gar dreams of attacking the coffee shop and his eyes turn green.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 23, 2019

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