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The House of the Head Recap

Evie shows her mother Martha a dollhouse and the dolls of a father and mother inside laying on their bed, and their son Ethan and pet dog Dane. Evie's father Randy puts in a repaired fireplace, and Martha notes that Ethan's bedroom is in the den. As Martha takes Evie to school, she says goodbye to the Smith-Smiths.

Later, Randy is working on the car when Martha brings Evie home from school. Evie goes in to her dollhouse and sees the severed head of a doll sitting on a table. She has no idea how the doll got there since she didn't put it there. Martha calls Evie down for their movie date, and Evie notices that the mother and father dolls are now sitting on the bed. Ethan is cowering under the sheets of his bed, and the dog is looking toward the severed head. The head is now lying on the floor, and Evie touches the stump and finds blood on it. Evie tells none of them to move and goes to her mother.

Later that night, Martha and Evie return home. Evie goes up to her room and looks in the dollhouse, and finds the parent dolls on the stairs and the severed head on a couch. The dog is outside, and Ethan is hiding behind a door. The head moves to atop a bed and Evie tells it that it doesn't belong in the dollhouse. She figures the dollhouse is haunted and sits on her bed, and stares nervously at the dollhouse.

The next day, Martha takes Evie to the shop of Mr. Ogman, the man who made the dollhouse. Evie picks out a policeman doll and once she's at home, puts it in the dollhouse. The head has disappeared, and the dolls are sitting around the kitchen table saying grace. Evie puts the policeman in the room with them and promises that he'll get to the bottom of it. The girl tells the dolls to be careful and goes down to dinner, and Evie puts her hands together to do grace. Surprised, Martha and Randy do so as well after a moment.

After dinner, Evie goes upstairs and finds the doll family looking up the stairs to the attic. The policeman is upstairs looking for the head, and Randy comes in and asks Evie what's going on. Evie says that the policeman is searching for the rats, and Randy tells Evie to go to bed. She hugs him and says that she loves him. Once Randy leaves, Evie looks in the attic and discovers the policeman is laying at the base of the attic stairs, his head gone and the family staring at him in frozen horror. The father has the gun and is facing up the stairs. Evie finds the severed head in the bathroom and tells it to stay away from the Smith-Smiths and her, and climbs into bed.

The next day, Evie asks Ogman for a doll of a priest or a rabbi. He doesn't have such a doll, and Evie explains that she needs something spiritual. Ogman offers her an Indian doll, saying that Indians are more spiritual than priests or rabbis. Evie takes the Indian doll home and puts it in the dollhouse. Martha calls her down to watch a movie with them, and Evie wishes the Indian good luck protecting the others before going downstairs.

Later, Martha and Randy laugh at the movie. Evie sits nervously and dozes off. She wakes up to find her parents asleep on the couch. She quietly goes upstairs to her bedroom and finds the family in the kitchen looking up at the attic. The Indian is searching the house for the head and standing on a bed. Evie's flashlight flickers, and when she steadies the beam, she finds the Indian leaning out the window, its head missing, and screams in shock. The head is near the family, and Evie gets into her bed when she hears Martha coming. The girl pretends to be asleep, and Martha says that she heard her scream and asks if she wants to sleep with them. Evie refuses, and Martha tells her that it's okay to be scared.

Once Martha leaves, Evie goes back to the dollhouse and finds the father and mother dolls decapitated. She finds Ethan... decapitated, with the head on the stump. Evie yanks it out and throws it across the room, gets into her bed, and realizes that she can't leave the head in her room. She gets up and searches for it, and finds a life-size severed head under her bed. She puts it in the dollhouse and tells it that it belongs there.

The next day, Evie asks her parents to get rid of the dollhouse. They figure that she's growing up and put the dollhouse out on the lawn to sell. A woman comes by and looks at it as Martha and Randy drive away with Evie. In the dollhouse, the Ethan doll with the severed head looks out.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 30, 2019

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