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The Rat King Recap

Rats! They fought the dogs, and killed the cats...

Nick brings the injured Trubel into the fortress garage while Adalind watches on the security monitors. As he puts her into the truck, Adalind comes out and Nick says that he’s taking Trubel to the hospital and will call when he knows anything.

Three Klaustreich Wesen leave a house and a girl, Selina Golias, comes out and tells her boyfriend Robbie Kyle that he should stay in. He isn’t interested and they drive out to collect some rat’s tails.

Nick takes Trubel to the ER and claims that she’s an undercover agent. The doctors remove her body armor and work on her.

Drinking heavily, the three Wesen drive to a dump and call for the rats to come out. They spot two other Wesen, Reinigen, digging in the trash and run one of them—Rizzo-- down. He begs them to let him go, but they run him down and yank off his pants. He hits one of them in the head with a beer bottle, and the young men beat him. A giant rat-like creature appears on the hill and growls at them, and one of them, Johnny Rodwick, runs off. The other two scream at him to come back as the creature tears them apart, but Johnny runs off into the night.

At the hospital, Nick settles in to wait for word of Trubel. He finds a bullet hole in her discarded jacket and several fake IDs, including a passport. There’s a wad of cash and a cell phone with a fingerprint scanner.

At the fortress, Adalind paces nervously until someone calls on Chavez’s phone. It’s Meisner, who asks if Trubel got there. He recognizes Adalind’s voice and Adalind recognizes his, and Meisner quickly hangs up.

Nick goes through the passport and confirms that Trubel has been all over the globe in recent months. Adalind calls and tells Nick that someone was asking after Trubel. Before she can tell him it was Meisner, Dr. Nicholson comes in and Nick says that he’ll discuss it with Adalind later in person. Nicholson says that Trubel is stable and let’s Nick talk to her briefly. Trubel apologizes for getting hurt, and confirms that Nick has her jacket. She starts to explain what she’s been doing, but a nurse, Christy Kane, comes in and Nick says that they’ll talk later. Trubel tries to leave but Christy insists that she stay for 24 hours. She gives one of her fake IDs to the nurse for her name. Outside, Nick tells Christy nurse to call him if anything changes.

Back at the fortress, Nick takes Trubel’s motorcycle into the fortress garage. He takes a photo of the plates and sends them to Hank at the station, and Hank has Wu do it. Meanwhile, Adalind asks Nick how Trubel is doing, and he explains what he’s found. He figures that it’s connected to Chavez and doesn’t know how Trubel knew where the fortress is. She tells Nick that Meisner called on Chavez’s phone, and Nick apologizes for someone tracking them down. Wu calls back and says that the plates are registered to one of Trubel’s fake IDs, Lauren Cole. Nick tells Wu and Hank what little he knows, and tells them to check out “Cole’s” apartment out of uniform.

Nick examines the bike for clues and discovers that it’s armed with bolt throwers. He quickly shuts it down.

Christy nurse slaps Trubel and angrily tells her to open her eyes. Once Trubel wakes up, Christy woges into a Wendigo and looks into her eyes. She turns up her sedative drip and then calls her superiors and says that they’ve got Trubel.

The next day, Nick and Hank visit Trubel and find her sleeping despite the fact she should be awake. Christy watches them go. Hank gets a call about the murders at the dump. When they arrive there, Wu tells them that he got into Trubel’s fake apartment in a secure building. There’s no sign that anyone ever lived there, and he figures someone has gone to a lot of trouble to back up Trubel’s ID. Wu shows them the two dead men, Robbie and Chester Avery. They’ve been bitten and ripped, then dumped in the back of a truck in the middle of a cornfield. A phone rings on Robbie’s corpse, and Nick answers it. It’s Selina, who demands to know where Robbie is. Nick explains that he’s a cop.

The detectives visit Selina and she explains that she and Robbie lived together for three years. She thought that something was going to happen to them at the dump, and the detectives explain that they found the corpses in a cornfield. Selina asks about Johnny and woges briefly into her Klaustreich form. She recognizes Nick as a Grimm, and he assures her that he didn’t kill the others. Selina admits that they’re all Klaustreich, and the men went to the dump to hunt Reinigen and chase them. Johnny hasn’t answered his phone and the detectives send Wu to check out Johnny’s trailer while they go to the dump.

At the dump, a number of Reinigen meet in the underground tunnels and check on the Reinigen who was attacked. A man, Charlie Mane, is with him and says that his son Rizzo is dead. The other Reinigen report that they’ve found Johnny’s trailer but no sign of Johnny, and Charlie tells them to find Johnny and make him pay for the death of his son.

At the hospital, Trubel relives a nightmare of fighting. She wakes up and Christy checks on her, and says that she’ll tell Nick that Trubel is awake. Nicholson comes in and tells Trubel that they want to do another CAT scan before they release him.

Andrew Dixon and his PR man Jeremiah Rogers meet with Renard. They explain their plan to advertise Andrew’s endorsements, and insist that they want Renard on their team as Chief of Police.

Nick and Hank go to the dump, and Wu calls Hank to tell them that someone tore up Johnny’s place. They consult a mechanic, Mel, and make it clear they know that Reinigen and Klaustreich are involved, and Nick tells the man that he’s under arrest for murder. Mel woges and tells Nick that he’s not scared of Grimm, and tells them that he has nothing to say. Nick says that they just wanted to know who they’re dealing with, and walks away. Mel tells Charlie what happened, and Charlie says that they’ll kill Nick if he comes back.

Selina is on the phone when Johnny runs in and says that she needs to hide him. He says that something huge and unearthly attacked them.

At the spice shop, Nick and Hank tell Monroe and Rosalee what happened. The Wesen confirm that it’s usually the Reinigen that end up dead, and Rosalee mentions the legend of the “Rat King.” The creature is a 20’ tall giant humanoid rat that can’t be stopped, and Monroe points out that no one has ever seen it. Nick explains that Trubel came back and is in the hospital, and calls in. Christy takes the call and claims that Trubel hasn’t awakened.

Nicholson wakes up Trubel and says that they’re moving her to the ICU to operate on a swelling in the brain.

At the spice shop, Monroe gets some of the Grimm journals and finds a reference to the Rat King. It only forms when the Reinigen are under attack. They join together when afraid and merge into the greater whole of the Rat King. Selina calls Nick and says that the Reinigen are there. The mechanic barges in and knocks out Selina, while the other Reinigen take Johnny away. Rosalee insists on going with them and Monroe has no choice but to accompany his wife.

The group arrives at the dump and Nick hears something with his enhanced senses. They find the entrance to the tunnels and go inside, and find what appears to be a throne room. Johnny’s corpse is on the floor, and there’s no phone service. Selina is tied up nearby and Rosalee frees her. She says that the Reinigen killed Johnny and made her watch, and the group takes her outside.

As Nick and the others head back to the car, Reinigen surround them. Charlie says that they shouldn’t have come, and tells them to hand Selina over to them. Nick says that he’s under arrest, but the Reinigen shout that the Klaustreich came to kill them. Charlie runs off and the other Reinigen join him... literally. The towering Rat King advances on them, and Hank shoots it without effect.

Everyone runs, and Nick spots the power lines overhead. Nick says that they need to get the Rat King under the wires, and tells Selina to woge. She tries but can’t, and Rosalee snaps at her to do it. After a moment, Selina woges and Nick calls to the Rat King. When it comes over, Hank shoots the power line and it falls, shocking the Rat King. It collapses and falls apart into its individual components.

Later at the fortress, Adalind is putting Kelly in his crib when the motion detector goes off. Adalind checks the monitor and sees Meisner, and he mouths her name. She lets him in Meisner says that he has to see Trubel.

As the group heads back to the cars, Meisner calls Nick and says that Trubel’s life is in danger. He puts Adalind on to vouch for him, and Meisner says that “they” will find Trubel. Nick tells him where Trubel is and drives there to meet Meisner.

Christy and Nicholson take an unconscious Trubel out of her room. Meanwhile, Nick discovers that Trubel is gone and the nurse on duty says that she’s been moved to ICU. The Grimm goes there and sees them taking an elevator to the basement before he can stop them. Meisner comes in and finds them, and Christy runs off while Nicholson and the orderly woge. Nicholson becomes a Murcielago and fights Meisner, just as Nick arrives. They knock out the Wesen and Meisner goes after Christy while Nick gets Trubel out.

Christy is taking the elevator when Meisner finds her. She declares “Occultatum Libera” and woges, and Meisner calmly closes in on her.

Nick takes Trubel to the fortress and Adalind helps him get her into a bed. The Grimm assures Trubel that she’s safe and to rest, and Nick explains that Meisner helped him.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2015

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