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Bad Wolf Down Recap

During World War II, a company of American soldiers retreat and Nazi troops fire at them. Captain Lawrence Talby kills the lead soldier from behind, and he and the three surviving soldiers--Doc Kessler, Private Rivers, and Sgt. Quist--head for a nearby abandoned police station... unaware of the poster their passing with a warning against werewolves.

Inside, the soldiers prepare for a second wave of Nazis. They figure they lost the Nazis, and Talby tells Rivers that the others are dead and they're all that's left of B Company. Quist wonders how Talby is going to get them out of their predicament, unimpressed with Talby's rank. The inside of the station is torn up and Quist finds two gutted corpses on the floor. Rivers throws up on Quist's boots, and Quist grabs him. Talby tells Quist to leave the young private alone, and a surviving local officer reaches over his desk. His throat is slashed and he can't talk, and the officer dies seconds later.

When Obersturmfuhrer Reinhard Schmelzgerat learns that his son is dead, he travels to the front lines and looks at his son's corpse. It's the soldier that Talby killed, and Reinhard says that his son has dishonored the family name. Reinhard vows to find the American dogs responsible and make them suffer.

The Americans find a map of the area and find their rally point. A woman grabs Rivers through the bars of her cell and he instinctively shoots her in the stomach. Talby tells Doc to find the keys to open the cell door before the woman bleeds out, and Quist warns that the Nazis would have heard the shot. Rivers finds the keys in the cell, and Doc finds a wire so Rivers can snag them. Meanwhile, Quist tells Talby that they're as good as dead if they don't go, and Rivers snags the keys... unaware of a bloody wolfprint on the cell floor nearby.

The soldiers enter the cell and drag the resisting woman out. The woman yells in French, and Doc hesitantly translates her as saying for them to go away or she'll kill them. Quist prepares to shoot her to silence her, and Talby knocks him down. The sergeant backs out of the cell, locking the door behind him, takes the key, and goes out into the forest.

Talby tells River that he'll get them out, and Doc shows them the woman's stomach wound... healing by itself in a matter of seconds. The woman mutters in French, and Doc translate that she locked herself in the cage and cannot die, and the curse makes her do bad things. The woman explains that she kills many people, including children, and begs them to let her die. She says "loup garou", and Doc translates it as "wolfman". Rivers figures the woman wanted his silver cross hanging around his neck.

Reinhard calls out that his men have the building surrounded. He says that he wants the man who killed his son and that if they surrender, their deaths will be quick and painless. If the Americans force him to risk the lives of his men, they will die in agony. Rivers gives the woman his cross, figuring it will do her more good then it did them. As she swallows it, Talby asks her to do something for them before she dies.

Talby goes to the window and tells Reinhard that they're not going to surrender. Reinhard says that it's good and orders his men to attack at sundown. Meanwhile, each of the Americans let the woman bit their arms.

The sun goes down and the Nazis toss in smoke grenades. The woman thanks the soldiers and dies. Talby is the first one to transform into a werewolf, and Doc and Rivers soon transform as well. Reinhold charges in with his men, and the three transformed soldiers break down the cell door. The werewolves shrug off the bullets and tear apart the Nazis. One of them advances on Reinhold, who fires until his pistol runs out of bullets. The werewolf pulls Reinhard's jaw off.

Quist heads for the rally point and hits a mine crossing no man's land. As he lies with his left leg blown off, Quist looks up and finds Talby there in human form. He says that Doc and Rivers are grabbing a bite to eat with some Germans, and it's just the two of them. Quist says that he's sorry for abandoning them, and Talby transforms into a werewolf.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2019

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