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The Finger Recap

Three Days Ago

Clark Wilson dozes off in his house, and wakes up when he hears someone banging around. He grabs a flashlight and a gun, and whispers "I can hear you". Clark yells that he has a gun and goes to the garage, and looks at what's in the freezer in shock.


Starting over, Clark describes how he was out walking one night. He finds lost and abandoned objects and takes them home, and admits that the objects are forsaken kind of like him. Clark finds a yellowed clawed finger by the side of the road, wraps it in a comic book page, and takes it to the home he got when his wife Samantha divorced him. He tries to identify the finger without success, and spills beer on it. The finger sucks up the beer and Clark figures that it's noteworthy. Clark puts the finger in a butter case and stores it in the refrigerator

An automated debt collector calls and Clark yells into the receiver, telling the voice to die. He sits on the couch and remembers that Samantha wanted more, and her son Ricky stole Clark's car and tried to sell it, while his sister Shannon offered Clark a blow job to keep quiet about her meth habit.

The next day, Clark discovers that the finger is missing from the refrigerator. He finds it on the floor and realizes that it's grown part of a palm and another finger. When Clark touches it, it grabs his finger. Twenty-four hours later, Clark has a whole arm. He stores it in the garage freezer and locks it, and wonders what he should do. Clark figures that he should wait a little while longer, and hears something break in the garage. He checks it out and finds the freezer door broken open. The arm is gone and a window is broken from the inside.


Clark dozes off in his house, and wakes up when he hears someone banging around. He grabs a flashlight and a gun, and goes to the garage, and looks at what's in the freezer: a small lizardlike creature curled up. Its hands are covered in blood, and there's a trail of blood leading up to the refrigerator from a human heart on the workbench.

The doorbell rings, and Clark answers it. Detectives Walsh and Moseley are there, and they say that they have a situation. They tell Clark that there was a disturbance at Samantha's condo and she was killed. Clark feigns grief and confirms that their children have disappeared. The detectives leave but Clark figures that they'll be back. As he checks the Internet, the door to the garage opens and the creature walks out. It drinks from the kitchen sink spigot and hisses at Clark. Clark falls out of his chair onto the floor, and the creature comes over and looks at him curiously. He takes a picture of it and it hisses at him in agreement when he offers to call it "Bob".

Later, Clark dumps the heart in the garbage and cleans up the blood, then tosses everything in the dumpster. He cleans the blood off of Bob's fangs and it walks off to its home in the freezer. Clark confirms that it's sleeping and gently closes the lid. Later, Bob watches long dramas and eats popcorn. The phone rings: it's a call from a debt collector. Clark screams at her to leave her alone and hangs up, and Bob looks inquisitively at Clark. He assures Bob he wasn't yelling at it and takes its hand to sooth it.

Later, Clark finds the heart in his refrigerator and figures Bob brought it back as an offering. Clark dumps it into the garbage disposal and goes out to look for things. A truck driver almost hits him, and they give the finger to each other before the driver leaves. That night, Bob brings back the driver's balls and Clark gets rid of them in the disposal.

One night, Bob disappears and Clark searches desperately for it. He eventually finds a bloody organ on the counter and runs to the garage to confirm Bob is napping in the freezer. Clark eventually realizes the organ is a tongue and belongs to the debt collector. Somehow Bob tracked her to a call center thousands of miles away and killed her.

Moseley and Walsh come back for photos of Shannon and Ricky, and report that Ricky has disappeared. Clark figures that Bob found and killed his son, and the detectives notice the blood on his shirt. He dismisses it as red sauce and once the detectives leave, Bob finds him in the bathroom. Bob shows Clark the severed heads of Shannon and Ricky, and Clark figures that if he gets rid of them Bob will bring them back. He breaks them up with a hammer and crams them into the garbage disposal, and the police pull up outside.

Later, Clark sits in a sanitarium and says that Bob loved him, and figures that no one will believe him. He wonders how many people annoy the viewer, and eventually Bob will come for him. Clark insists that Bob loves him, and Bob chitters at the window.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2019

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