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All Hallow's Eve Recap

On Halloween night in Smithville, Jill finds Pete and asks where Skeeter is. Pete says that he hasn't seen him yet, and Jill figures that it's the last time they'll meet all together. He tells her that they have to stick to the rules, pointing out that they're members of the Golden Dragon Club. Binky arrives and casually insults Jill, who goes at him until Pete stops her. The newcomer wonders where Bobby and Skeeter are, and they take off without their two friends. As they go past a house, the woman inside shuts the blinds.

The trio spot Bobby and call to him, and he reminds them that the club rules say not to go off without each other. Bobby says that Skeeter is down by the old iron gate and says that he's too old for Halloween. He tells Pete to tell Skeeter that it's the last time. They go to the iron gate and find the sheet-covered ghost Skeeter, and Pete tells him that he can't just quit. Pete reminds Skeeter that they made a pledge and then they can get rid of the costumes and be whatever they want to be. Binky says that Skeeter wants to rest and Bobby notes that Skeeter isn't the only one. Skeeter takes Pete's hand and goes with them.

The five club members go to a house and knock on the door. Mr. Boatner opens the door and stares at them in horror, and he says that he doesn't know anything about them. Binky tells him to hand over the candy and Boatner tells them to take it over. They're unimpressed with the suckers, and when Boatner says that his wife made cake yesterday, Binky says that Boatner would know about yesterdays. Jill tells Binky and Bobby to leave Boatner alone, and Pete agrees with her. The five trick-or-treaters leave and Binky laughs at how they frightened Boatner.

The group goes to another house and when Mrs. Collins answers the door, the trick-or-treaters casually walk past her into the house. She serves muffins fresh from the oven, and offers to make Binky a ham sandwich when he complains about the muffins. Mrs. Collins' husband Ralph comes in and calls them monsters, and says that they can't get away with it every year. Bobby taunts Ralph and Pete tells him to knock it off and leads them out. Ralph says that they come back every year and destroy their lives, and he was their only boy. He asks when they'll stop, and Pete tells him that they'll stop when they're through. As they leave, Ralph breaks into tears and his wife hugs him.

The trick-or-treaters go to the stump of a tree where their treehouse once was. Pete asks Skeeter if he's thinking about their parents and admits that he misses them as well. They walk off past the abandoned house nearby and arrive at the last house on their trip. Even though the lights are off, Pete figures that the people they came for are inside. They walk up to the door and Pete knocks on the door. Mrs. Hathaway doesn't respond, and the trick-or-treaters break into the house and find Mrs. Hathaway holding a shotgun. They ask if Eddie is home, and Mrs. Hathaway says that her son won't be back for a month. She yells at them to get out or she'll shoot, and Pete tells her that they need Eddie to break the cycle. Pete grabs the barrel and points it at her head, and invites her to shoot him and the others if she thinks that will square things. Jill tells Mrs. Hathaway that they don’t want to be there, and Mrs. Hathaway lowers the shotgun and says she can't do it year after year. She tells her visitors that she watched as they took the others, one by one.

Eddie comes in, grabs the shotgun, and says that he'll shoot them if his mother won't. Pete tells him to pull the trigger and points out that Eddie has been hiding behind his mother for years. The shotgun doesn't fire when Eddie pulls the trigger, and Pete yanks it out of Eddie's grasp and clubs him. The others grab Eddie, and Mrs. Hathaway tells him that it's no good to fight because the club keeps coming back.

The club members drag Eddie out, drag him to the stump, tie him to it, and pile sticks around his feet. Jill pours gasoline on the sticks and Eddie insists that it was just a Halloween prank and no one was supposed to get hurt. He says that the other guys started the whole thing, and tells Skeeter to say it wasn't him. Skeeter briefly lifts his sheet, revealing his bloody skull.

In the past, the Golden Dragons are in their treehouse playing a game. They get ready for trick-or-treat, and Jill discovers that the door is stuck. Eddie and the others are on the ground outside and set the tree on fire. The club members bang on the door, begging Eddie and the others to let them out, as the treehouse goes up in flames.

Pete tells Eddie that they can get away with it because Eddie did. He lights the sticks and Eddie burns to death while the club members' faces turn to their real burnt images.

Later, the trick-or-treaters figure that they're done and walk to the cemetery. Jill tells Pete that she'll see him in her dreams and she kisses him on the cheek. Pete tells Skeeter to get some rest and removes his sheet, revealing a young boy. He wishes they had known each other longer and hugs his brother. After a moment, the five ghosts disappear.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2019

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