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The Man in the Suitcase Recap

At the airport, college student Justin walks through baggage claim and complains to his roommate via text that his girlfriend Carla left him and his dad is pissed at Justin for dropping out of school. The baggage carousel stops and as the lights in the office go off, one piece of baggage slides onto the carousel. Justin takes it and leaves... unaware that his clothes and his ruined baggage are behind on the carousel.

As Justin drives home, Carla texts to say that she's coming by the apartment the next day to get her stuff. He drops the phone when his cigarette burns down, setting off the Facetime and calling Carla. Carla wonders why Justin is Facetiming her, and wonders if he's drunk-dialing her. She says that the break-up is Justin's fault, not hers, because he doesn't feel motivated. She hangs up and Justin turns up the radio.

After arriving home, Justin gets takeout from his refrigerator and goes to his room. He watches porn, eats takeout, and gets high. The suitcase moves on its own and a voice from inside asks Justin to help him. Justin figures that his roommate Alex is playing a prank, and the voice says that there is no Alex. When Justin opens the case, he finds an Arabic man inside, well-dressed and twisted up to fit inside the case. The Man says that he offended someone he shouldn't have offended, and asks Justin to help him. He refuses to let Justin take him to the hospital because "they" will find him. Justin worries that they'll come there, and the Man says that if Justin removes him from the case then he can walk away under his own power.

Justin points out that the suitcase appears to be holding the Man together, but the Man insists. When Justin tries to pull out a foot, the Man screams in pain and a gold coin shoots out of his mouth. The Man says that it's real and an unfortunate condition causes him to produce coins when he is in pain. He tells Justin that they can try together to get him out and Justin can keep any coins as payment for his assistance. Justin closes the case and takes it to his room, and dozes off. He dreams of men in black coming to look for the case and shooting it with Justin inside.

The next morning, Justin wakes up and looks at the coin. He takes it to a pawnshop and the owner says that it's from the time of Abdul Amin the 2nd. Abdul died after World War II, and asks where Justin got it. Justin says that he found it in some luggage, and the owner offers him $275.

Later, Justin calls Alex and shows him the receipt. Alex tells Justin that he lets people walk all over him, and asks if there are more coins. Justin tells him about the Man in the case, and when they return to the apartment Carla comes out. She's in tears and says that she never thought Justin was a murderer. Alex goes up to Justin's bedroom and sees a hand sticking out of the case. Justin and Carla join Alex, and Alex opens the case to reveal the Man inside. The Man greets them, and Justin says that he found him like that.

Justin and Carla try to get the Man out, and he spits out another coin each time they try to pry him out. Alex talks to Justin and Carla privately and says that they'll be rich. Justin figure that something bad will happen if they keep hurting the Man, and Alex closes the case and drags it out. He kicks it down the stairs and the Man screams in pain. Hundreds of gold coins spill out of the case, and Justin agrees to keep the Man for 48 hours and then let him go.

Alex, Carla, and Justin continue inflicting pain on the Man, anyway they can. Carla and Alex end up in bed together, and Alex leaves before Justin can see them together. Justin ends up going to bed with Carla.

Justin hesitates while electrocuting the Man with a car battery. He thinks they should stop, but Alex and Carla both say they should continue. The Man agrees with them, saying that he doesn't deserve any better. Alex tells Justin not to be a dick, and Justin reminds him that they agreed to 48 hours. His roommate says that he wants to be rich, but Justin tells Alex and Carla that they're evil. Justin starts to call the cops, and Carla smashes his phone with a monkey wrench and then hits Justin over the head. Blood flows from the wound and he staggers out, and falls down the stairs.

Alex tells Carla that they should run and get one last "jackpot" from the Man. As they prepare to electrocute him, the Man tells them to stop and calls them "naughty children". His eyes turn yellow and his skin turns purple, and he laughs as Alex electrocutes him. The Man--now the Djinn--emerges from the case in a burst of purple smoke and materializes two cases out of nowhere.

Justin wakes up in a hospital room and finds a note on the dresser saying for him to just think of the Djinn and he'll be there for him.

At the airport, the Djinn collects his first-class tickets back to Istanbul. The greeter assures him that for a customer as loyal as the Djinn, they can accommodate his bags. Alex and Carla scream from inside the cases, and the Djinn smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2019

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