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Times Is Tough in Musky Holler Recap

In an underground cell, Mayor Lester M. Barclay calls out to his jailer, saying that he never steered them wrong. One of the other prisoners, Don Pomade, tells Lester that he did everything he said and it's up to Lester to get them out of their cell. Lester says that he'll get them out, and yells that once it all blows over they'll fix it together. He insists that he was always there for them, even when nobody else was, and Sheriff Deke wishes that someone would shut Lester up. People cheer up above, and Lester says that if their jailers don't do what's right for Musky Holler and for America, there will be hell to pay.

Lottie and her men come down the hallway and tell the prisoners that they can get them out if they want out. She draws a gun on Lester and tells him to back away from the door, and Lester says that she's a devil woman. He wonders if she has what it takes to keep things from boiling over, and says that she's in over her head. Lottie tells him that Lester isn't the mayor anymore and says that the other prisoners come first.

The armed men march the prisoners out of the cell while Lottie reads sentence on each of them. The minister and his family encouraged Lester's reign of terror by claiming it was God's will. Don was the news director who broadcast Lester's lies, and Deke and his men enforced Lester's laws while raping and murdering countless citizens. One woman, Leslianne Dowd, spread gossip that resulted in the deaths of countless innocent lives. They reach a spot and Lester says that they must be kidding. The armed men strap the prisoners into chairs, and Deke tells one of their captors, Ezra, to shoot him and get it over with. Ezra tells him that he can but Deke is going up one way or another just like Deke did it to Ezra's father. Ezra rifle-butts Deke and says that he raped his baby sister and beat in his father's skull. The boy figures that his father is still Musky Holler's real sheriff and he's up there waiting for Deke. The preacher, Ryan, tells Deke that it would be a good time for a prayer.

Lottie forces Lester to sit in a chair. When he begs for mercy, Lottie tells him that he should have thought of that before he started the game and forced the townspeople to watch. Lester insists that they have magic between them, and Lottie tells him to begone and walks away.

One man cranks a winch, raising the chairs up on chains. As they go up, Lottie says that she loves country pie.

People panicked when the dead rose. Musky Holler was overrun, and Lester took over the town council and announced he was taking over.

Each of the prisoners emerges head-only onto a high school football field, each of their necks surrounded by a pie tin. The announcer says that the contest is finally at an end, and says that when the change came they made shameful decisions. He says that the prisoners' evil ways plunged the community back into the Dark Ages, and they're taking it back in the name of Musky Holler and the people they murdered. Lester yells that it ain't right, and they picked him to protect them in their darkest hour. He says that they wouldn't be sitting there if he didn't do what he did, and they begged him to do it. Lester addresses the cameras focused on them and says that without him, they're nothing but animals. He insists that he did what needed doing because he's the only man in Musky Holler, and yells that he's the King of Musky Holler.

Lester and his men gathered up anyone who could challenge Lester and locked them up beneath the football field. The mayor said that they halted the advance of the Change, and those that don't share his vision of the future will die. Anyone who challenged Lester was taken to the "arena" and they suffered Lester's ultimate spectacle.

The announcer pronounces sentence on Lester and his people, and says that it's the last time for Live Pie. The guards release zombies with their arms and legs hacked off. The zombies kill each of the prisoners, eating their heads, while the results are announced on a scoreboard. Lester is last, and faces a zombie inching toward him. It reaches him and tears his face off, and the announcer says that they have pie.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2019

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