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A High Bar Recap

At the Legion of Doom, Scarecrow and Bane discuss Joker and Harley's recent break-up. Joker joins them to get his coffee and the two villains explain that they heard Harley dumped Joker. Joker laughs hysterically and says that he wishes Harley well, but his hand shakes as he drinks his coffee.

At Ivy's apartment, Harley and Ivy watch Howie Mandel's morning show Good Morning Gotham. He welcomes his surprise cohost, Joker, who reveals that he's wires Howie with explosives. Howie reads Joker's prepared statement about how he's sorry for implying that the Joker/Harley couple are no more. Joker interrupts him to say that he doesn't care and his name was first, and sets off the 60-second countdown on the explosives. Harley smashes the TV screen and vows that she won't fade into obscurity, and Ivy tries to talk her down. She logs into Joker's calendar to find out the Legion of Doom are having a party the next day at the Gotham Mind. Harley and Frank try to convince Ivy to go with Harley, and she finally gives in. News comes in that Howie exploded.

The next night, Harley puts on a costume and arrives at the mint with a tiger on a leash. It turns out the "party" is the Penguin's nephew's bar mitzvah, and Penguin comes over and notes that Joker dumped Harley. Ivy insists that Harley dumped Joker and tells Harley that they should leave, but Harley figures she has to show the Legion she's doing good since breaking up with Joker. Once Harley walks away, Kite Man hits on Ivy.

Joker is supervising the rebuilding of his lair when Bane calls and tells him that Harley is at the bar mitzvah. The clown prince quickly heads there.

Harley goes over to the Legion table where Bane, Two Face, and Scarecrow are sitting. As she talks about her plan to get rid of Batman, Joker comes up and upstages her. Harley tries to get the villains to come tear up Gotham with her, but they laugh at her with Joker and Harley goes over to the Joshua's Best Friends table.

Kite Man continues trying to hit on Ivy. She isn't interested, and he suggests that they try a heist together. Harley comes over and tells Kite Man that he's stupid, and Ivy goes with her to a table. Mrs. Cobblepot comes over and asks Harley to keep the foul language down, and once she leaves Harley tells Ivy that she'll show the Legion up by robbing the mint when they never have.

At the buffet, Ivy warns Harley that the mint is impenetrable. Harley figures they'll respect her even if they don't like her and leaves. The boys hit on Ivy and Kite Man boasts that he stole Ivy's pheromones and gave it to the kids. She explains that the potion eventually kills the victims.

Harley finds the mint's vault blocks the security camera lens, and takes out the guards.

The boys start transforming into plants, and Ivy tells Kite Man that they have to get an antidote before the kids die. Kite Man offers to glide Ivy there.

Joker takes Bane's beef dinner, and Penguin presents Joshua with a top hat.

Harley uses a guard's finger to open the vault. She discovers that the guards are a comedy troupe and the money is fake, and Penguin set up the whole thing as a dummy heist for Joshua's bar mitzvah. Penguin opens the curtain revealing the injured guards and Harley, The crime lord complains that Harley ruined the bar mitzvah, and everyone boos. Penguin shoots her with a tranq dart as she tries to escape, and Joker jokes at Bane's expense.

Kite Man flies Ivy to her apartment and after getting it, she discovers that Kite Man has stripped and is in her bed. He figures they were going to have sex after a great date, and Ivy tells him that it wasn't a date.

Harley wakes up to find herself chained to a chair. Penguin gives Joshua an umbrella so the boy can shoot Harley and become a man. Harley tells him not to miss in front of his friends and family, and notes that his hand is trembling. She taunts him about becoming a man and Joshua panics.

Kite Man flies Ivy back to the mint and apologizes for misreading the signals. He says that he's never been alone with a woman of Ivy's "caliber" and describes her assets at some length. Kite Man finally decides to be quiet for a while. Ivy admits that when they're soaring majestically, he's not so bad. She sees something going on through the skylight.

Joshua breaks down and Harley asks if he's ready to kill someone if he's never finger-banged a girl. He finally admits that he's not ready and breaks into tears, and Penguin prepares to shoot Harley. Ivy throws Kite Man through the skylight and Ivy breaks free. Joker tells her that she's a sidekick and if she admits she's nothing without him, she'll walk away alive.

Harley refuses to admit anything, and Joker has the Legion attack the group. Bane takes on Kite Man, and it's not much of a fight. Ivy shields Harley from the bullets with her plants, and Harley attacks Scarecrow. She breaks his backpack canisters filled with fear gas, rocketing him across the room and spreading fear gas everywhere.

The Legion regroups and prepares to kill Harley, but Harley refuses to go because Joker is videoing the whole thing. Joker tells Bane to do what he tells him, calling him a "dumb freakish monster", and Harley wonders why the Legion lets Joker insult them. The Legion agrees with her, and Bane points out that Joker said he didn't even want to come to the "stupid thing". Joker prepares to kill Harley herself, and Ivy steps in the way with her plants. The villain quickly takes a cell call from his contractors and he excuses himself to deal with it. Harley and Ivy leave with their party favors.

Later that night at Ivy's apartment, the women eat cake and Harley insists that she has to get into the Legion. Being in the Legion shows that a villain has made it, and Frank suggests Ivy get the transformed boys out the apartment. Ivy administers the antidote by drinking it and then interacting her saliva with them. She says that they'll still be sexless nerds and "kisses" them.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 7, 2019

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