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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One Recap

In the beginning there was only one. A single black infinitude. Then the infinitude found release, and finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life.. With the multi-verse. Every existence multiplied by possibility. And spread out before space and time in infinite measure. Civilizations rose and fell. And rose again across reality's expanse. Life. A precious gift persevering in the face of every obstacle, until finally, the age of heroes was born. Chaos. The constant enemy of life, kept at by champions across the multiverse. Joining forces to fight on behalf of all creation. They found each other just in time because now, the entire multi—verse is about to come under attack. There is a malevolent force at work, one driven by a singular goal. The destruction of all there is. I have planned, there are those who say I have schemed, but the time for preparation has passed.

On Earth-89 in Gotham City, the Bat Signal goes out as the skies turn red.

On Earth-52, the skies turn red over San Francisco.

On Earth-X, the Ray flies over the city as the skies turn red.

On Earth-66 in Gotham City, a bystander looks up at the sky as it turns red.

On Earth-38, a man predicts the end of the world. A dragon monster, Spike, falls from the sky and crashes nearby, and the people take cover. Supergirl flies down and blocks the monster's next attack, then tells the people to run. She tries to calm Spike down, saying Ilena wants it to come home. It calms down and reverts to its miniature form, and Supergirl wonders what has it spooked. The ground shakes and Supergirl takes Spike to the DEO. She tells Alex and Brainiac-5 that every pet in the city is reacting, and Brainiac-5 warns that the earthquake is worldwide and coming from somewhere outside of the planet. John arrives and says that they have a major crisis on their hands.

John tells the others what the Monitor told him. Brainiac-5 warns that the comic wave will reach the edge of the universe in a few hours and when it reaches the solar system, it will wipe out reality as they know it. Argo City is in its path. Brainiac-5 warns that they don’t have enough time to evacuate the city.

On Argo, Kal tends to his and Lois son Jonathan. A hologram of Supergirl arrives and tries to communicate with them through the shield interference. She tells them that Argo is in danger and disappears, as a wave of red anti-matter sweeps toward them. Outside, Kal and Lois find Alura, who says that the anti-matter is wiping out everything in its path. They only have a few minutes to evacuate, and Alura leads them to a space pod to get Jonathan to Earth. There's only one pod left, and they put Jonathan into the pod and say their goodbyes. As the pod flies away from Argo, the anti-matter destroys the planetoid.

On Earth, Supergirl and the others realize that Argo is gone, and Brainiac-5 warns that they're next.

On Earth-1 at Lian Yu, Oliver and Mia watch as the skies turn red. Harbinger appears and says that the Crisis has begun.

In Central City, Flash is racing through the city and loses contact with his team. Harbinger appears and says that she's working with the Monitor, and Flash tells her that he's ready.

In Gotham City, the Wonderland Gang continues its robberies. Batwoman demands to know where Alice is and takes them down when they respond with gunfire. As a ganger tells her that Alice is at a sugar factory, Harbinger appears and tells Batwoman t5hat she's needed, and teleports her away.

In Star City, Sara and Ray are playing trivia at a bar. They lose, and Ray admits that he changed history and the answer. Harbinger appears and teleports Sara and Ray away. She then appears at the DEO with Superman and Lois. Lois explains that Harbinger teleported them away at the last minute, and Jonathan escaped but Alura died. The other heroes step out and Batwoman punches Harbinger, furious that she interrupted her. Supergirl figures that they need all of the heroes assembled, including Batwoman, and Kate removes her mask and introduces herself. Mia introduces herself, and they move to a conference room. Harbinger tells them about the anti-matter wave and says that they have to stop the wave before it obliterates everything across all of reality. She says that Flash and the Legends are doing reconnaissance and teleports away to check on them.

Brainiac-5 prepares to track Jonathan's pod, and the building shakes. They look out the window and see a tower materialize, and the others arrive and say that the tower is a quantum tower and it's the only thing that can save Earth-38. Harbinger says that the Monitor placed quantum towers on key universe as a last defense. The red skies are dissipating, and if the heroes can protect the tower from the Anti-Monitor's forces, Earth-38 will survive. Brainiac-5 confirms that the pod has been sucked into a wormhole over Star City on Earth-16 in the year 2046. Superman prepares to go after his son, but Oliver says that the entire universe needs him when the tower gets attacked. Lois offers to go instead, and White Canary and Brainiac-5 say that they'll accompany her. White Canary is impressed with "parent Oliver" and says that it looks good on him.

John tells Brainiac-5 that Alex has gone to the President say they might need notification, and John plans to ask the aliens to lend the refugees their ships. Brainiac-5 gives John his spaceship controls, and John checks with Alex. Alex says that they'll coordinate the evacuation effort from National City, and John suggests that Lena build a transmatter portal to evacuate everyone. The director warns that Lena can't be trusted, but John notes they don’t' have a choice.

Supergirl finds Superman and he offers his condolences about Alura's death. He feels like a fool for thinking he could give up the cape, and now Argo is gone and everyone is in danger. Superman figures that he deserves it for thinking he could have so much, and Supergirl sympathizes. She assures Superman that it can't be true that her mistakes outweigh the good she's done, and promises that they will save everyone. Superman wonders how she can have such faith, and Supergirl tells him that they've shared Krypton with Earth. She insists that Krypton is the spirit of hope and sacrifice, and what their parents did for them. Supergirl assures Superman that they've made their parents proud by fighting for what's right, and as long as that spirit is alive, Krypton will never die.

Oliver gives Mia a Green Arrow costume and says that there must always be one. He assures Mia that she's earned it and tells her to try it on while he finds Barry. They talk outside the DEO and Barry says that the Monitor has confirmed he's supposed to die during Crisis. Oliver calls out to the Monitor, who teleports him to his dimensional station. When Oliver asks the Monitor while he's telling Barry he will die, the Monitor says that he lied so they would save their world. Oliver demands to know why the Anti-Monitor is wiping out reality and how they prevent it, and the Monitor says that if Oliver doesn't go in with preconceptions then he'll consider all possibilities.

Alex approaches Lena in her office and says that she was trying to stop Lena from using Myriad. She explains that an anti-matter wave is tearing through the universe and she needs Lena's help to mount an evacuation. Alex admits that they all lied to Lena, but asks her to put her feelings aside to help the planet. Lena says that Alex will never have her friendship or trust, but she'll help save the world and asks what Alex needs her to do.

The heroes go to the quantum tower and Green Arrow and Blackstar arrive. He says that they'll take up strategic positions inside, and Supergirl and Superman fly to contain the earthquake.

On Earth-16 in 2046, Lois, White Canary, and Brainiac-5 go to the bunker where Brainiac-5 has tracked Jonathan. Green Arrow drops in, ensnares Brainiac-5 with a line arrow, and attacks White Canary. Lois hears Jonathan crying and goes to get him, and Oliver removes his hood and insists that it's not possible when he gets a clear look at White Canary's face. He figures that he's losing his mind, and White Canary tells him that it's a long story. Lois comes out with Jonathan and thanks Oliver for helping her baby.

The heroes enter the wreckage around the tower and Arrow tells Blackstar to find her mother and tell her how much he loves her. Shadow demons fly toward the tower and the heroes battle them. They take cover and Atom charges Batwoman's batarang with energy. Blackstar destroys one shadow coming for Arrow, and Flash, Supergirl, and Superman arrive to provide reinforcements.

Dreamer coordinates the evacuation and meets with Kelly. John arrives in Brainiac-5's Legion cruiser, and begins teleporting people up to the ship.

Lena and Alex are working at the DEO, and Lena warns that if she doesn't get the energy levels right then the ships will disintegrate. Alex suggests Galleon's theory and Alex realizes that it's a good idea. Parts of the ceiling come down and Alex pulls Lena out of the way, and assures her that she has her back.

In 2046, White Canary explains about parallel realities. He says that he always wanted to apologize for bringing her on the Gambit, and White Canary assures him that her counterpart made her choice. Because of the ship singing, her Oliver became a hero and a husband, and White Canary is happier than she's ever been. Brainiac-5 interrupts to say that they have to leave before the extrapolator runs out of power. White Canary tells Oliver that he's a good man on every Earth, and goes through the portal with Brainiac-5 and Lois.

The shadows continue attacking the tower, and the anti-matter wave starts moving. Alex calls to say that the portal isn't ready yet, and Arrow orders Superman and Supergirl to the top of the tower to get it operational. It works on solar power, and the two Kryptonians blast it with their heat vision.

Lena finishes the transmatter gate and tells Alex not to mistake them working together for friendship. She goes to help people get on the ships.

Superman and Supergirl continue powering the tower, and Superman runs out of energy first. Supergirl collapses a few seconds later, and Flash and Atom catch them as they fall. They say that the portal is open, but there's 14 minutes until the wave hits Earth. Arrow tells them that they have to keep the shadow demons at bay until the ships get through.

Dreamer, Lena, Alex, and Kelly get the evacuees on the ship, Kelly using Guardian's shield that her brother left for her.

The heroes continue holding off the shadow demons, and the Monitor arrives and says that they must retreat and save their resources. He teleports the heroes away except for Arrow. Arrow refuses to go until the planet is evacuated and shoots an arrow at Monitor. The shock arrow knocks Monitor down, preventing him from teleporting Arrow away. The shadow demons overwhelm Arrow, knocking him to the ground. Arrow realizes that he's out of arrows, and he drops his bow and charges at them.

The ships fly into the transmatter gate just before the anti-matter destroys Earth-38.

On Earth-1 on Star City, the Monitor teleports Oliver into the bunker. He tells Supergirl that her universe is no more, and three billion people managed to evacuate out of 7.53 billion. A million people lived because of Oliver's sacrifice. Nash arrives in a costume, saying that he freed the Anti-Monitor from his confinement and became a Pariah sentenced to bear witness to the Anti-Matter's actions. White Canary, Lois, and Brainiac-5 arrived, and Oliver tells them that he gave it all up for Barry and Kara. He says that he needs the two of them to be the ones to save them, and tells Mia to find Felicity and William... and tell them how much he loves them. Oliver asks Mia to keep him in her heart and dies.

The Monitor says that it is not Oliver's ending that he expected, and Pariah says that one thing is certain: everything that ever has been and will be is doomed.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2019

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