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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Recap

On Earth-23 in Gotham, Huntress calls Oracle over the comm. She says that the wave is coming too quickly, and then loses contact with Oracle. Huntress can only watch as the wave sweeps over Gotham, disintegrating everything in its path including her.

Above Earth-1, the heroes gather on Waverider and the Monitor tells them that they've only located four of the seven Paragons. Ray works to repair the Paragon detector, and Flash and his team arrive by breach gate. Cisco works with Ray to repair the detector, and Barry says that they have to get everyone they can to safety from the anti-matter wave. John reports that everyone they saved from Earth-38 is safe, and Lois runs comms while John takes a rescue team to gather everyone they can. Supergirl stays on Waverider to get Earth-38 back.

Ray and Cisco fix the detector and bring up the four Paragons that they've identified. The detector identifies J'onn as the Paragon Honor, Flash of Love, and someone they don't recognize as Humanity. Cisco identifies him as Dr. Ryan Choi, a physics professor. Iris, Ray, and Ralph head there to get Ryan, and the Monitor says that they have to stop the anti-matter wave. The Len AI interrupts to tell them that Diggle has arrived.

In the med-bay, Diggle tells Sara that she shouldn't have used the Lazarus Pit to bring back Oliver without his soul. When Sara says that they're going to Purgatory to get Oliver's soul, Diggle insists on going. She tells Diggle that Lyla has gone missing, and the Monitor comes in and says that there are infinite possibilities for Lyla's location. Diggle tells the Monitor that he's not losing Oliver and Lyla, and the Monitor warns that Harbinger could be with the Anti-Monitor.

Later, the Monitor tells the others of his counterpart and how he plans to wipe out the matter universe and replace it with one he can control. When he says that he can only save what remains, Supergirl walks off. Batwoman goes after her and contemplates the kryptonite power cell she took from Bruce's suit. Sara promises Diggle that she'll keep him updated on Lyla and leaves. Cisco is tracking anti-matter wave particles on the remaining Earths, trying to locate the source of the anti-matter wave. It's hidden in a subterranean region in Central City, and tells Killer Frost to meet him in the cargo bay.

The Monitor goes after Cisco and says that Vibe must live again. Cisco refuses, insisting that there's a reason for losing his powers, and teleports the Vibe costume onto Cisco and tells him to serve his higher purpose.

Barry assures Iris that he wants her to go, and they kiss before she leaves to find Ryan.

In Central City, Flash, Frost, and Vibe teleport into the sewers and Flash runs reconnaissance. Vibe and Frost find the entrance to the chamber, and Nash steps out and says that he is now Pariah. He explains that he's there to bear witness to tragedy, and says that he planned to expose the Monitor as a false god. The Anti-Monitor manipulated him to get a foothold in the matter witness, and the Anti-Monitor's will is too strong to resist. Pariah tells Vibe that he can open the door by vibing his memories, and Vibe touches Pariah. Vibe sees Nash unlocking the door and says that he saw the way in.

Supergirl talks to the imprisoned Lex, suggesting that they can use the Book of Destiny to bring back the destroyed Earths. Lex laughs, and Batwoman drops the force field and threatens to break his arm unless he explains. The villain says that the Book takes focused willpower to work, and it could drive someone mad if they use it to recreate an Earth. Supergirl locks Lex up and Batwoman warns Supergirl that she can't resist the Book's madness. Supergirl insists that she has to fix it and leaves.

Mia, Diggle, and Constantine arrive on Earth-666. Constantine says that he can't get into Purgatory with the anti-matter interfering with his magic. He takes the other two to a club and greets the owner: Lucifer Morningstar. Mia and Diggle realize that Lucifer is the Devil, and he uses his power to reveal Mia's desire to get Oliver back. Constantine explains that they need Lucifer to retrieve Oliver's soul, and Lucifer agrees to do it because he owes him for Maz. He gives them a card with a picture, and says that in Purgatory the picture will fade and when it disappears entirely, their souls will be paralyzed.

Once Lucifer goes into the club, Constantine uses the card to teleport them to Purgatory. It looks like Lian Yu, and Constantine says that Oliver would have lost his memories when he arrived there. The picture begins to fade, and they head out to search.

Flash joins the others, and Pariah says that the Monitor is behind the wall. Vibe opens the door and they go inside. The Anti-Matter Cannon is there and Pariah identifies it as the source of the wave. They find a blur on a high-tech treadmill, and Flash speeds up enough to see that it's the Earth-90 Flash. A force field repels Flash, who tells the others that Flash is trapped on the treadmill.

Pariah explains that the Monitor sent Flash-90 to the Netherverse, and the Anti-Monitor used him to build the Cannon and test-fired it, destroying Earth-2. Nothing made of positive matter can penetrate the field, and Flash figures that Vibe has his powers back to crack open the field. Vibe creates a set of portals taking Flash-90 off the treadmill, and the Cannon shuts down. Flash-90 says that they have to put him back on the treadmill, which has a failsafe that causes it to erupt if he leaves it, destroying the remaining Earths. Pariah has disappeared.

Iris, Ray, and Ralph go to Ivy Town and find Ryan. He recognizes and greets Ray, recognizing him as a famous scientist. Iris says that Ryan needs to come with them, and Ray explains that they're superheroes and needs Ryan's help. Ryan figures that he's joking, and Ralph demonstrates his elongating powers. Ralph says that Ryan is a Paragon, and Ryan tells them that he needs to go home. He insists that he's a husband, not a hero, and he has to be with his wife and kid.

On Waverider, Lois watches on the monitor as another Earth disintegrates, leaving only seven. The Monitor arrives, and Lois talks about how no one will read her story about the end. He says that his world and family died, and he didn't care as much for them as his work. Superman-96 breaches in and says that he couldn't save the Earth he was sent to. Lois asks why he added black to his chest crest, and Superman-96 explains that even in the darkest moments, the light shines through. Once Superman-96 leaves, Lois discovers that the Monitor has teleported away.

Flash refuses to put Flash-90 on the treadmill. Black Lightning arrives and opens fire on them, assuming that they've teleported him there. He blasts Flash down and the backlash knocks Black Lightning down as well. Pariah arrives and says that he brought Black Lightning there to save worlds. The former Nash says that Black Lightning's Earth has just been destroyed by a wave of anti-matter, and he transported him there to save humanity. Furious, Black Lightning says that Pariah should have saved his family, not him. Flash asks Black Lightning to help them save the multi-verse, and Black Lightning asks what they need of him. They ask him to contain the energy from the Cannon, and Black Lightning begins absorbing the power.

Batwoman tells Supergirl not to open the Book, warning that she can't know what will happen. Supergirl refuses to accept the deaths of everyone, and Batwoman says that she'll have to stop her. She says that she wishes things were different, but knows that if something happens to Supergirl they're all doomed. Supergirl considers and then walks out.

Flash and Flash-90 discuss the situation at super-speed, and Flash-90 tells his younger counterpart that to find his purpose as a hero, he has to see the bigger picture. Flash tells the others that he knows how to stop the Cannon, and it's time for Flash to vanish in Crisis. Vibe figures that reversing the treadmill could send the energy back into the Cannon, destroying it and freeing Pariah.

Constantine, Mia, and Diggle search Purgatory for Oliver's soul. He attacks them and grabs Constantine. Diggle apologizes and says that he needs Oliver to come back to them and he can't lose him. After a moment, Oliver releases Constantine and hugs his friend and then his daughter.

Iris finds Ryan packing in his office and introduces herself. She says that she understands that he wants to be with his family, and Ryan asks if she wants to hold her husband when the world ends. Iris says that her husband is a superhero and goes out to save his city on a regular basis. Ryan tells her that he's nothing like her husband, and Iris tells him that he's human and they remind superheroes what they're fighting for. The doctor says that his daughter was born six months ago, and Iris asks if he wants to have a hand in making the world safer. After a moment, Ryan goes to tell his wife that he's going to be late for dinner. Ray and Ralph come in and say that the other Earths are gone and Earth-1 is the only Earth left.

Iris remembers telling Barry that she wants to be with him. Barry says that her power is her heart, and she'll convince Ryan to be the Paragon. He reminds her that he said he'd always run home to her, and assures her that he'll always be running home to her. They kiss and Barry tells her to find Ryan and hurry back.

Flash tells Caitlin and Cisco that he couldn't be a hero without them, and the hug. Flash-90 steals Flash's speed and figures that while the Monitor said a Flash dies in Crisis, he never said which one. Black Lightning collapses from the strain, and Flash-90 tells him that he's a true hero. Cisco refuses to open the breach, but Flash-90 insists that he has to let him save them all. Flash tells Cisco not to, but Cisco opens the breach. Flash-90 tells Flash that he knows he'll make him all proud, and gets back on the treadmill. Cisco tells Flash that he made him the team leader and sometimes a team leader has to make tough choices. They go through Cisco's grate, taking Flash with them. Flash-90 runs faster and faster, disintegrating in the energy as he remembers his wife Tina. A few seconds later, the Cannon explodes just before the anti-matter wave can sweep over Earth-1.

The picture has almost faded entirely, and Constantine tells the others that they have to go. Jim Corrigan, his eyes glowing green, steps out and says that he's a Spectre. He explains that it's Oliver's turn to serve a higher purpose, and it's Oliver's destiny to save everyone or all the universes will perish. After a moment, Oliver tells Mia that it will be okay. Corrigan teleports the others to Waverider, and Mia says that Oliver wouldn't come back with them. The heroes explain that Earth-1 is the only Earth left.

In the study, Barry thanks Jeff. Jeff contemplates the loss of his family and figures that nothing will ever be okay again. Barry explains that Flash-90 looked like his father Henry, and Henry never lost his light even in prison when he was convicted of his wife's murder. Jeff talks about his father, who was murdered when he was 12, and says that he still carries the lessons his father taught him and passes them onto his daughters. He says that he got it and figures that they should honor their fathers' memory and rage against the dying of the light. The two of them shake hands.

Batwoman follows Supergirl and tells her that she doesn't want to see her get hurt. Supergirl admires Batwoman's courage, and Batwoman gives her the kryptonite battery. She assures Supergirl that she'll never lose hope, and Supergirl tells her friend to keep it, and she hopes Batwoman will never have to use it.

Leonard announces that Iris and the others have returned with Ryan. Barry and Iris kiss, and Barry introduces Jeff. Ryan wonders how they plan to save the universe, and Pariah wonders how they find Harbinger. Iris retasks Waverider's satellite grid to find Harbinger, and Harbinger teleports in. She says that she was doing recon on Earth-1, but doesn't remember where she was or what happened.

Barry wonders if the Anti-Monitor wanted Lyla on Waverider. Harbinger's eyes glow white and she knocks him out, and then says in the Anti-Matter's voice that it's time to end the age of heroes and everything they hold close. Superman-96 attacks Harbinger, who easily knocks him away. She clenches her first and the others collapse in agony.

The Monitor tells Pariah that the fate of humanity lies with him, and then blasts Harbinger. Harbinger blasts him back, finally overwhelming him. The Monitor says that it was foolish to allow the Anti-Monitor's creation, and Harbinger drains the life force from him.

The anti-matter wave sweeps over Earth. Leonard alerts the Waverider crew that Earth-1 is gone, and Harbinger says that soon only the anti-matter universe will remain. The AI warns that the anti-matter wave will hit Waveriderin 28 seconds. Pariah says that he knows what he must do, and releases blasts of energy that teleport the Paragons away. The other heroes say that they will fight to their last breath, and the anti-matter wave consumes the others.

The Paragons appear in what's left of the Vanishing Point. Sara explains that it's a point outside of time and space. Barry wants to go back, but John says that the others are gone. Superman-96 collapses as red energy streams out of his body. He changes into Lex with the Book, who says that he's happy that it worked. Getting to his feet, Lex says that he thought destiny could use a little rewrite. He reveals that he replaces Superman-96's name with his in the Book, and asks what they do now.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 11, 2019

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