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Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven Recap

At a casino bar, a nervous waitress walks over the corpses and brings a drink to Chuk, who is playing a slot machine. The machine pays off, and the woman offers Chuck his drink. He tells her that she doesn't want to make him cranky and tells her to keep the drinks coming, then plays and wins again.

Eileen is fighting a monster, takes cover, and draws a knife. Sam finds her and stops her from killing him, and Eileen shoves him out of the way so she can kill the monster. She realizes that Sam is worried about her, and notes that he's being a little overprotective.

Back at the bunker, Dean joins Sam and Eileen as they eat. He reveals the demon tablet and figures that it's powerful enough to take down a weakened Chuck. Dean figures that Chuck had it created in case he was taken down, meaning that he has a weak spot. He tells Sam and Eileen that he has translating the tablet handled.

Castiel goes to Donatello's house and knocks on the door. When Donatello goes with him to the bunker, Sam and Dean say that they have to lock up God because he has to exist to maintain the balance of the universe. The scholar asks if they have the power of God to use the tablet, and Sam tells him to focus on locking up God. Donatello tells to shoot him when he goes crazy again, and he starts working on the tablet glyphs. He finally finds Metatron's personal notes, saying that God only shares his secret fear with his favorite. Castello works out that Michael was God's favorite, and they figure Michael knows how to lock up God. Dean figures that finding Michael is worth a shot, but Michael is in Hell when he possessed Adam and was sealed in Hell with Lucifer.

Donatello gripes at them, and then he suddenly calms down and says that Donatello isn't there anymore. They realize Chuck is possessing Donatello unconsciously, and Chuck explains that he can speak through his prophets. He tells the trio to let it go or he'll go all-powerful on their friends.

Castiel checks the wardings and figures that they can't stop God. Dean tells Donatello that it'd be safer if he goes home, and Donatello quickly leaves. Castiel warns that Donna and Jody aren't safe, and Sam and Dean figure that they'll never be safe and the only way to keep everyone safe is to take God down. The angel worries about going to Hell, and Dean tells him to stay there if he's worried.

Sam prepares the spell to create a portal to Hell, and Castiel heals Dean's hand after Dean cuts himself to donate his blood. The trio are teleported to Hell, and Castiel leads the Winchesters to the cage. A group of demons attack and overwhelm them, but Rowena walks out and commands the demons to stop. Rowena explains that she's in charge of Hell after taking it, and asks why they're there. Dean tells her that Chuck is back and out of control, and Sam tells her that they have to talk to Michael. Rowena tells them that Michael isn't in the change, reminding them that he escaped the Cage when Chuck opened the fissure. When Dean insists that they have to talk to Michael, Rowena yells at the demons to find the archangel.

At the bunker, a message comes in on a laptop. It's her fellow Hunter Sue Barrish, who is surprised to see that Eileen is alive. She asks for help taking on some vampires, and Eileen says that she'll chip in once she gets out of what she's doing. Once Sue signs off, Eileen casts some components into the bowl the trio used to cast the spells.

In Rowena's throne room, Rowena says that Sam killing her was the best thing he ever did. She tells them that she's queen and her subjects fear her. Rowena asks Sam to get her a drink, and he nervously does so. She realizes that Dean and Castiel have issues, and tells them to fix it. Sam comes back with the drink, and a demon comes in and tells Rowena that Michael is nowhere to be found.

At a diner on Earth, Adam is savoring a hamburger. Michael is in the seat opposite, only visible to Adam and looking just like him, and says that the food will kill Adam The archangel says that Adam will guide him on Earth, and they talk about how their families are gone. Michael notes that Adam has his brothers, and Adam notes that they let him rot in Hell. They agree that family sucks.

When they get back to Earth, Dean calls Donatello and asks if he's sensed a surge of power from Michael. Donatello hasn't sensed anything, and Dean tells him to call them if he does. He hangs up and Sam reports that he's found no reports about Michael. Dean asks Sam if Eileen is doing okay, and Sam says that they have an agreement that Eileen will tell him if she needs anything from him. The brothers agree that the family thing isn't for them, but Dean says that Eileen gets them and the life. He tells Sam that he could do worse and Eileen could do a lot better, says that he's happy for Sam, and walks away.

Adam considers picking up a little job, telling Michael that they need money. Lilith walks up to them and says that God sent her to fetch Michael so He can have a word. Adam wonders why Chuck would send a demon, and Lilith notes that they've worked before setting off the Apocalypse. Michael says that God can come talk to him himself, and Lilith grabs Michael's hand and says that she can't fail God. Michael's eyes glow and there's a burst of angelic light as he sends Lilith away. Everyone in the café stares at him, and Michael tells them to remember nothing and snaps his fingers. They go back to their business.

Donatello calls Dean and says that he knows where Michael is. The prophet says that Michael is hurtling all over, and has stopped in Cairo, Egypt. Once Donatello hangs up, Dean tells Castiel that they can't get to Michael in time. Castiel says that they'll bring Michael to them.

Castiel sits on his own and calls to Michael. He talks about the ordeal Michael has been through, and much has changed with Heaven and Earth. Castiel warns that Chuck is not who Michael knew, and now they all have the same enemy: Chuck. Michael teleports into the bunker and Castiel thanks him for coming. Michael remembers Castiel setting him on fire and sending him to Hell, and he asks if Castiel came to beg him for forgiveness. Castiel lights a ring of holy oil around Michael, and Sam and Dean step out with a pair of handcuffs.

Once they handcuff Michael, Michael warns them that it's stupid for them, and Sam says that they need his help. The archangel notes that he won't trust the people that sent him to Hell. Sam explains that they said goodbye to Adam because they thought they had to, but they wrong. Michael lets Adam take control, much to the brothers' surprise. Adam explains that in the Cage they came to an agreement.

Dean tells Adam that there's nothing they can say to fix what they've done, and Adam suggests that he says they're sorry. Michael takes control and asks why he's there, insisting that Chuck will bring about Paradise. Dean tells him that Chuck just wants to be entertained and they're all his puppets. Michael doesn't believe them, and then Adam comes back and tells them that Michael isn't listening.

Adam discusses the situation with Michael, figuring that if the Winchesters believe something is off with God, it's probably true. Michael says that he and chuck have been together for eternity, and Adam suggests that Michael doesn't know his father as well as he thinks he does. Michael refuses to doubt his father, and Adam points out that Chuck left Michael in the cage.

Sue contacts Ellen and says that the vamps are ready to move, and Eileen agrees to go with her. The vampires attack Sue, and Eileen goes to Sam's room and tells him about Sue. Sam immediately agrees to go with Eileen to help Sue.

Castiel approaches Michael, who tells him that he's not going to betray his father. The angel asks why, noting that He betrayed Michael, and says that he never liked Michael because he was too haughty. Now he pities Michael because he was just a little part of Chuck's story: not even a star. Lucifer knew that Chuck can't be trusted, and Castiel says that he was always the smart one. Michael grabs Castiel and chokes him, and Castiel grabs Michael's head and tells him to see the truth. All of Castiel's memories of Chuck flood into Michael's mind.

Later, Dean finds Castiel in the kitchen. He grabs a beer and suggests that Castiel might have gone too far. Dean asks what Michael is doing now, and Castiel says that he doesn't know and they didn't bond. The angel asks where Sam is, and Dean explains that he's with Eileen on a case. The bunker shakes, and Dean and Castiel go to the room where Michael is brooding. Michael says that God lied to him after everything he did for him.

Sam and Eileen drive to the parking garage where Sam was, and they find her abandoned truck. They confirm that Sue isn't inside, and Sue steps out of the shadows. However, God drops his disguise and greet Sam.

Michael tells Dean and Castiel that he'll help them, and he knows what to do to defeat God. He gives them a piece of paper with the spell, and says that they need the nectar from a Leviathan blossom. The blossom only grows in Purgatory. Michael snaps his fingers and creates a door to Purgatory that will remain open for 12 hours. Dean removes the handcuffs and asks if Michael is coming with them, and Michael says that he isn't. As he walks away, Dean asks to talk to Adam.

Adam takes over and Dean tells him that they are sorry. He tells Adam that he's a good man and didn't deserve what happened to him. Adam smiles and says that they don't get what they deserve, wishes them good luck, and goes. Dean and Castiel turn to the portal.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 13, 2019

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