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Smoke and Mirrors Recap

A bloody Chase wakes up when he hears a girl screaming for help. He gets up and sees Alex sitting the wall, a bloody wound in his chest. Alex tells Chase that it's too late and Chase should help the others. Chase goes out and sees Nico and Karolina lying dead. Molly is nearby, wounded like Alex, and Molly tells Chase to save Gert. Down below, the Pride parents are putting Gert into one of Pride's coffins. Chase blasts a nearby pillar with the Fistigons and some of them return fire with guns, while the others finish putting Gert in. Jumping down, Chase blasts the shooters and evades more shots from Dale and Stacey, and Stacey accidentally shoots Dale with a tranq dart.

The rest of Pride close the coffin and Tina and Robert attack Chase in hand-to-hand. The Fistigons shut down, and Chase manages to defeat the Minorus. Janet and Victor advance on Chase and tell him to calm down and he can trust them. The Fistigons come back online and Chase blasts a chandelier, which falls on his parents. Leslie runs away, and Chase goes to the coffin and knocks it open. Gert is seemingly dead, and Chase says that he can't lose her and kisses her on the forehead. The girl wakes up and tells Chase that he's her hero.

Reality changes to the Steins' kitchen, and Victor makes crepes. Janet comes in and Victor points out that she's on the cover of a science magazine. His wife says that work is all that matters but the recognition feels amazing and he made it all possible. Janet tells Victor that she wouldn't be there without him, and Chase will be proud.

Reality changes to an outdoor wedding. Chase and Karolina come in arm-in-arm, and Karolina smiles at Nico as Chase walks Karolina to the altar and leaves her with Nico. Leslie comes out and begins the wedding ceremony.


In the workshop, Chase, Janet, and Karolina stand unconscious in their cylinders.

Nico walks through a field, calling to Karolina. AWOLapproaches her and Nico apologizes to him. He tells her that he's not dead and all the guys are there, and "there" is beautiful. AWOL tells Nico that she saved him, and he turns into a flock of birds that fly off. A woman appears and says that she's there for Nico, and Nico insists that she has to find Karolina, insisting that she loves her. The woman tells Nico that Karolina is alive and waiting for Nico, but trapped. She says that she has already helped Nico and transforms into birds.

Waking up from her dream, Nico sits up gasping.

Xavin tells Molly and Leslie that she can't sense Karolina, and there must be some barrier around her. Molly wonders if Karolina is already dead like Gert. Nico comes down and says that Karolina is alive but trapped, and says that she had a dream about it. She admits that she didn't dream about Gert. Alex calls them into the monitor room and says that Pride is doing a press conference. Victor says that a gas leak destroyed their headquarters and critically injured Robert. Leslie figures that Victor is lying, and Alex offers Nico his condolences on Robert's injuries. Victor says that Robert is in intensive care, and Tina and Stacey look on and Tina flashes a V sign at the camera. Xavin realizes that Jonah's daughter is possessing Tina, and figures that the Magistrate's family took new bodies. She explains that the alien takes over until the host's consciousness is gone completely.

Stacey steps to the mike and says to her missing family member that the moment has come for her to return home, no questions asked. Xavin figures that the Magistrate's wife has possessed Stacey, and says that there is a son who is the darkest and most dangerous of them all. Nico wonders who he's inside of, and Victor denounces the "racially motivated" charges against Geoffrey and Catherine. He says that Pride will be suspending operations but they'll be back strongest and better than ever.

The group discusses what to do next, and they figure that Stacey has Gert, while Jonah in Victor's body is living at the Stein manor. Molly will go with Xavin, and Alex with Nico. The pregnant Leslie will stay at the hostel and rest, and Xavin says that they have to keep the existence of the baby secret from Victor. Once Leslie goes upstairs, Alex tells the others that it's a recon mission because they can't handle Pride.

At his cabin, Dale tries to calm down Old Lace, and suggests that a tied-up Gert calm down as well. Gert says that she isn't because she's being held hostage, then asks Dale what his end game is. Dale figures that they'll all three live off the grid in the cabin, and he conceived Old Lace and Gert there. Gert doesn't want to hear about her conception, and points out that Molly is out all alone and Dale is responsible for murdering teenagers. She says that she grew up and he has to let her go. Gert tells Dale that his plan sucks.

Victor, Stacey, and Tina eat breakfast, and Victor says that the flakes on his arm is nothing to worry about. Nina practices taking selfies with her phone, and Victor says that they have to be the people they've possessed until they leave them. Stacey says that Victor should pick one of the specimens and eat, and Victor insists that he has plenty of time. She complains that she's covered in Victor's flakes, and Nina wants to cut one of the specimens open to see what's inside.

As the group prepares to head out, Xavin tells them that they have to be ready to strike first against the Magister's family. Molly wonders if they can kill the aliens and leave their parents alone, and Xavin says that strong emotions can cause the host personality to resurface. Alex tells the others that they have to be prepared to kill Pride, and Molly agrees to do it in self-defense. They make her say that it's kill or be killed, and Molly reluctantly agrees.

The Wilders' lawyer Londell Kendrick meets with Geoffrey and Catherine at the station, and warns them that the police found a gun in their car that matches one at a shooting. The Wilders tell him that they're being railroaded, and Catherine tells Londell that she's got it. Officers arrive to cuff the couple, and Catherine tells Londell to start working on bail.

In Janet's dream, Victor keeps making crepes for her because they're her favorite. She wonders if she's in the Algorithm, but "Victor" ignores her and she realizes that she's right. Janet figures that someone has to free her from the outside or she needs to find a way to free herself, and goes outside to the pool. She walks on the water and sees a flicker at the edge of the pool. It becomes a door, but won't open when Janet turns the handle.

In Chase's dream, Gert tells Chase that she'll do anything for him. Janet can hear them through the doorway and see them through a crack in her reality. Chase finally sees her from his side, but the crack quickly closes. The water derezzes and Janet finds herself back in the kitchen. Victor serves her crepes.

Leslie lies in bed and moans in pain from her pregnancy. The pain grows stronger, and Leslie calls to anyone who can hear her.

Molly and Xavin go to the Yorkes' house but there's no sign of Gert and Old Lace. Xavin figures that there's something Molly isn't saying, and they need to talk. She sits down on the steps and invites Molly to sit with her. Molly does so and wonders how they can even be a family when they're not connected. Xavin notes that her mother gave her up when she was a baby. When her father was in prison, joining the military was Xavin's only option. She learned as a soldier that there's no room for showing emotions. Molly doesn't want to stop being herself, and Xavin tells her that she's on her way to being a soldier and herself. The younger girl thanks Xavin for her advice, and Xavin suggests that they hug. After a moment, Molly hugs her. As they do so, Molly sees an earring she used to wear hooked to a chair. Xavin tries to smile.

Stacey goes to the workshop and enters Karolina's dream by touching her tube, shoves Nico aside as Karolina and Nico dance, and asks Karolina what her relationship is to her husband.

Alex and Nico arrive at the Stein manor and Nico blurs the security cameras. Alex uses the x-ray goggles to look inside and sees the three tubes with the people inside, and another person standing outside the tubes. When Nico tries to go in, Alex stops her and realizes that Karolina is important to her. Nico says that she knows it's hard for Alex to hear, and Alex tells Nico that he wants to make her happy and he succeeded. He puts on the goggles again and spots someone Tina entering the workshop. Alex figures that they have to regroup and arm themselves, and has an idea.

Karolina realizes that Stacey is talking about Jonah in Victor's body, and notices that Stacey said she's in a tube. Stacey tells Karolina that she's in the Algorithm and none of it is real, and withdraws from the Algorithm. Tina asks her what she was doing in Karolina's dream, and Stacey tells her that Karolina is Jonah's hybrid bastard. She goes to a computer and adjusts the programming.

In Karolina's dream, the people start disappearing. Nico disappears and in a few seconds, Karolina finds herself alone.

Gert tells Dale that he's a cold-blooded serial killer who compartmentalizes. She insists that she ran away from good reasons, and Dale tells her that she's right and it's crazy. Dale figures that there's something wrong with him and he didn't face his fears, and he's just trying to keep Gert with him where she's be safe. He admits that he was wrong and apologizes, then cuts Gert's bindings and says that he's going to give her the best weapon he can. Once she's free, Dale frees Old Lace and Gert hugs the dinosaur. The scientist says that they designed the dinosaur to be a deadly weapon, giving her powers. Dale tells Gert to concentrate and picture Old Lace running. Gert does so and Old Lace runs off through the nearby forest. Gert shares Old Lace's perceptions and controls her, but accidentally runs her into a tree, knocking Gert and the dinosaur unconscious since they're bonded.

Londell gets Geoffrey out on bail but tells him that Catherine isn't getting out. The lawyer explains that Catherine confessed to Darius' murder. When Geoffrey demands to see his wife, Londell takes him to Catherine. Catherine tells Geoffrey that he would have gotten life with the charges and she couldn't let it happen. She points out that the deal with Jonah cost her everything, and she did kill Darius. Catherine says that she lost Geoffrey's love when she killed Darius, and is willing to go to prison to get it back. They hug and Geoffrey asks her not to do it for him, but the officer takes her away. As she goes, Catherine asks Geoffrey to wait for her.

Back at the hostel with the others, Alex tries to hack Pride's server. He gets in and scans anything about inhibitors and pods, and they find a drawing of the Magistrate's weapon. Xavin figures they need to achieve it, and Alex says that they use the best weapons they have: themselves. As for the biometric security system, Alex changes the system to recognize his fingerprint. He finds security footage of Nico blasting Robert and Tina, and Nico remembers fragments of what happened and her dream encounter with the woman. Gasping in shock, Nico walks out of the room.

In the workshop, Stacey joins Victor and asks if he's ready to return to their planet. She suggests that she let Tina do a vivisection on Karolina, but Victor tells her that it's not going to happen. Stacey wonders if Victor is getting attached to the humans, and figures that he's been on Earth too long. Gert calls Stacey and asks her to come get her as soon as possible, pretending to be their missing son. When they hesitate, Gert says that she's changed her mind and Stacey tells her that they'll be right there. Tina comes in and Stacey tells her that her brother called and they're going to get him.

Outside the manor, Nico asks Alex if he thinks she's the fourth alien. Alex says that she's a hostile host and any alien would jump out of her after jumping back in. The Magistrate and his family leave, and Alex and Nico run in before the gate closes. They go to the front door and Alex uses his fingerprint to shut off the security. They go to the workshop and Nico enters Karolina's dream while Alex enters Janet's. Alex goes into the Stein manor. He finds Janet with "Victor" arguing about the crepes and asks what's going on. Part of the kitchen derez, and Janet explains that the Algorithm machine is connected to her consciousness and keeping her alive. There are three of them and it's draining the system, and if they don’t get out soon they'll all die. Janet explains that they can only leave through a door that has to be opened from the outside with a code, and the code is in the Abstract.

Janet tells Alex to use the translation program she created, and Alex finds himself seeing into Chase's dream, carrying "Alex"'s body. The crack closes as Chase blames himself.

The family finds Gert waiting on a street corner and Stacey hugs her. Gert sees the inhibitor pods that Victor brought along, and Gert hesitantly apologizes for not calling in sooner. The family realizes that Gert isn't the son, who would never apologize, and Xavin drops her shapeshifted disguise and runs. Victor and Tina chase after her while Stacey realizes that it's a trap but her family ignores the warning.

Xavin runs down an alley, while Molly approaches Stacey. She reminds Stacey of all she did for her as Molly's adoptive mother, and that she promised to never leave Molly. Stacey blasts her, and Molly rips off a nearby car hood and shields herself. The blast knocks her back.

Victor and Tina split up to surround Xavin, and when they get back together Tina tells Victor that she saw Xavin run another way. Once Victor goes, "Tina" drops her shapeshifting disguise, revealing Xavin. Xavin walks away as Tina arrives and looks for her father.

Molly tries to get through to the real Stacey and shows her the earring. Stacey's personality emerges and she hugs Molly, and they realize that Gert is gone with Dale. Stacey says that she doesn't know how long she has before the mother takes control back, and it's too dangerous for Molly to go with her. They hug and Stacey runs off.

Nico enters Karolina's dream and finds her lover. They kiss and Karolina says that the Algorithm gave her what she wanted most. Alex arrives and says that Nico can't stay, and Nico tells Karolina that she'll come back for her. They emerge from the Algorithm reality and see the workshop doors opening, and hide as Victor and Tina drive back in. They realize Stacey isn't there, and Victor figures something isn't right there.

Leslie goes to an OB/GYN's office and the technician checks her with ultrasound. The technician stares at the monitor in shock and then excuses herself to tell a doctor what she saw. Leslie checks herself and sees her baby... with glowing eyes. Her stomach glows red with the energy shining through and a trace of the baby's handprint.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 14, 2019

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