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Lord of Lies Recap

Two Years Ago

PRIDE and their children gather for the funeral of Amy Minoru. Leslie gives the eulogy, and Robert goes up first to lay a flower on Amy's coffin. Everyone stands up as the Minorus leave, and Geoffrey confirms with Catherine that Alex didn't text him with where he is. They couple go inside and Catherine insists that they're leaving PRIDE, sure that Amy didn't commit suicide. Geoffrey tells his wife to calm down, but Catherine figures that Jonah killed Amy. Her husband insists that they'll keep Alex safe, but they can't leave Pride.

The Wilders find Alex outside and Catherine goes over to him. He explains that it was hard saying a final goodbye, and he figures he should have done more. Catherine promises him that what happened to Amy isn't his fault, and Alex breaks into tears.


Catherine lies on her cell bunk, and a guard comes in to tell her that Geoffrey is waiting for her. As Catherine leaves, a gang leader tells her that Catherine won't be special for long. In the reception room, Catherine tells Geoffrey that they'll transport her to Chino the next night and she'll be there for the remainder of her sentence. Geoffrey says that she shouldn't be in prison, and Catherine reminds him that it's the only way they're family can be back together. She assures him that they treat her well, and tells Geoffrey to find Alex before she's transferred so they can be together as a family. Geoffrey warns that Alex won't see her, but Catherine says that she knows something that will get Alex running to her.

At the Hostel, Nico tells the others that her being the Son is the only thing that makes sense, given her bouts of amnesia and how she hurt people. Xavin is ready to kill her, warning that they have to do something about it. Molly refuses to let Xavin hurt Nico, saying that the Magistrate and his family will come for him. Nico says that the Magistrate needs four keys to activate the portal: his family. Chase asks who Xavin is, and she explains who she is.

Nico starts to fight with Xavin, and Alex says that they have to find out who the Son is possessing. Chase suggests they use his x-ray goggles, and Alex goes to get his bag. When Chase says that he'll get him, Alex reminds him that he's the one who betrayed him. Alex finally relents and Chase discovers the goggles are gone. The Runaways suggest that the Son would have ditched them, and Alex suggests that the Son stole them. He points out that Leslie was there alone, and Molly and Gert agree that they should get some sleep and deal with the situation in the morning after they've gotten some rest.

Xavin says that she'll stand sentry, still suspicious of Nico. Karolina tells her that she would know if the Son was in Nico, but Xavin says it's not a risk she's willing to take.

In the workshop, Tina uses the coffin to reenergize Victor.

Chase finds Old Lace in his room, and he realizes that she misses him. He wonders if Gert is happy to see him since she's psychically linked to Old Lace, and Gert comes in. Old Lace walks out, and Gert says that they both wanted to make sure Chase was okay. She tells him that she's sorry about Janet's death, and Chase tells Gert that she's happy where she is. Chase says that he's sorry he went back to Victor, and Gert tells him that Jonah tricked Chase. He assures Gert that he won't disappoint her, and she says that it doesn't change anything and tells him to enjoy his hammock.

Karolina tries to call Leslie and gets no answer, and Nico figures that Leslie is fine. Nico invites Karolina to lie next to her and holds her lover, and talks about the wedding in the VR world. Karolina says that it eventually turned into a nightmare, and Nico tells her that she wasn't the girl in the fantasy and never will be. Her lover says that she wants Nico the way that she is and kisses her, glowing with light. The broken Staff shakes and Nico's eyes turn black, and Karolina backs away from her. Nico says that she doesn't know what is happening to her and walks out, refusing to put Karolina in the others in danger. She tells Karolina that she's going to get rid of the Staff.

As Nico goes, Xavin says that she'll have to kill Nico once she proves that she's possessed. Nico says that she'll do it herself, insists that Karolina loves her, and walks out. Molly hears them and asks Xavin what's wrong, and Xavin says that she's going to stand guard all night. The girl gets Xavin some pillows and blankets, and tells her to rest, and shows her how to do it with a stuffed animal. Xavin awkwardly hugs the animal and snuggles into her blanket, and tells Molly to have comforting "night illusions".

Outside, Nico makes a fire and prepares to destroy the Staff. Her consciousness returns to the Dark Dimension and the woman--Morgan Le Fay--is waiting for her. Nico admits that Morgan scares her, and Morgan insists that she's helping Nico who she was always meant to be. She insists that Nico needs a mentor, and tells her to master the Staff rather than fear it. Morgan transforms into a flock of crows, and Nico snaps out of her vision. Her hand is bleeding, and Nico tosses the Staff into the fire. It burns with a purple energy, and Nico walks away.

The next day at a carousel, Leslie meets with Cole after she calls him to bring Susan. She assures him that he's done enough and tells him to leave. Once Cole goes, Susan sits down with Leslie and admits that she's not the best resource on motherhood. Leslie explains that Jonah is coming for his baby just like he did for Karolina, and they need a safe place to hide. Susan warns that the Crater's security measures won't keep Jonah away, and she won't let the child's presence threaten the Church. Leslie warns that the baby isn't like Karolina and she can't do it alone, and Susan gives her a journal she found in Leslie's father journal. She tells her daughter that she needs faith and read the entry she underlined. Susan blesses Lie and the baby and leaves.

Victor cleans up the shattered glass, and Tina complains that saving his life interfered with her date night. Stacey arrives and asks what happened to Karolina, and Tina tells her that the prisoners escaped. After discovering that they took the Abstract, Stacey confronts Victor about the theft. Victor notes that it was seven against one and asks where Stacey is, and she says that she's been formulating a plan to let them escape Earth. He tells her that Tina has been building a platform, and Stacey says that she's activated a beacon and they have 36 hours. Tina says that she's already sealed off a floor at Wizard and has ten engineers working 20-hour shifts. Stacey sends her to oversee construction while she and Victor find the Son.

The Runaways have breakfast and Xavin provides whipped cream for the waffles. Leslie comes in, holding the goggles, and says that she found them at the entrance. They're smashed, and Chase notes that he doesn't have the parts to fix them. He clearly doesn't believe Leslie's claim, and Leslie goes to eat the waffles. Alex and Gert are equally suspicious, and Nico points out that Leslie wouldn't have shown them the goggles if she was the Son. Chase suggests the Son is in the baby and made Leslie break the goggles, Nico figures the alien is there since the goggles are smashed, and Alex says that they need a detection device.

In the surveillance room, Alex explains that they have the schematics for the inhibitor pods and they can use the material to detect the Gibberim DNA. The schematics trace back to the Minoru house, and Nico figures that they can break in while Robert is in the hospital and Tina is away. As the others go to the car, Leslie tells them she has cravings and will stay.

Geoffrey goes to Tamar's house and says that he needs to reach Alex. She reluctantly goes to get Alex's number and insists that Geoffrey stay outside. Geoffrey calls Alex and says that Catherine wants to see her son. He passes on a series of numbers that Catherine gave him, and Alex hangs up. Geoffrey tells Lamar that Catherine is still in prison and leaves.

Chase is putting a wizcam in a light fixture, and Gert finds him. He figures Gert isn't the Son, and she agrees to be his "partner" in alien hunting. Chase finds Alex, who says that he has to see his mother to make sure that they're safe from PRIDE.

The Runaways go to the Minoru house and search the place, and Karolina finds her old inhibitor bracelet. She finds a case with the inhibitor material, and Gert says that they should take it back to the Hostel and check everyone at once. As they leave, Nico hangs back and sees photos of her and Amy, and another photo of Morgan with PRIDE. Robert hobbles up and Nico apologizes for not controlling the Staff. He says that she did what she had to to protect herself, and asks where the staff is. His daughter tells him that it's destroyed, and asks who Morgan is. Robert says that Morgan and Nico trained together before his time, and Tina refused to talk about it. As Nico goes, Robert tells her that Tina gave Nico the Staff for a reason. Nico insists that it's gone and she's glad, and goes to leave with the others. "Robert" transforms into a cloud of black smoke and a crow flies off. The photo of Morgan turns back to its original form.

In the hospital, the real Robert is on a respirator. He convulses and the doctors run to him while a crow watches through the window from outside.

Alex goes to the prison and meets with Catherine. He says that he knows she found out the IP address he used for his hacking, and Catherine admits that she paid people to find out. Catherine tells her son that she did what she had to to get him there and isn't going to blackmail him, but he refuses to let the past be the past. Alex figures that justice was served, and Catherine explains that when she realized Alex set them up, it's what she would have done. Her son insists that she isn't him, but Catherine says that she's taking responsibility for what they did. Alex insists that their family is broken and can't be fixed, and Catherine tells him that she's sorry and she loves him. Furious, Alex tells her to go to hell and leaves.

Mita approaches Tina, who is looking for a vending machine, and warns that they don't have a power source powerful initiate to activate the platform. Tina says that they'll tap into the fourth dimension to get the necessary mass, and admits that it's dangerous... and exciting. In the lab, Tina tells her staff to take a break and find her snack or they're fired, and offers to pay the winner a million dollars. Once they leave, Tina steps onto the portal they've built and activates it with her own energy. A black hole forms, drawing everything in the lab to it, and Tina quickly gets off the platform as the black hole crushes the items into a small piece of metal.

Later, Tina shows Victor and Stacey the piece. Stacey figures the only way to know the platform works is if all four of them stand on it, and asks Victor if he's found the Son. She suggests that Victor isn't trying so that they're forced to take Karolina with them, and insists that it will never happen. Victor is certain the Son will reveal himself when he needs something, but Stacey tells him to find the Son. Once she leaves, Victor confirms that his agreement with Tina is still in place.

As the Runaways drive back to the Hostel, Molly wonders if they've considered what happens next. Xavin warns that there will be a fight once the Son is revealed, and they'll have to kill the host. She says that there's no way for a host to come back from being a host, and Karolina insists that they'll figure something else out. Gert has them stop at a crowded park and orders everyone out. She says that they're taking the test right there so that no one can kill anyone because of the witnesses.

Catherine goes back to her cell and finds the gang there. The guard locks the door behind Catherine, and the leader says that Catherine isn't going to be special for long. Catherine offers them whatever they need, but the unimpressed leader says that Catherine got rich off of their pain and tells her that Tamar says hello.

A few minutes later, the guards let the gang out. Catherine lies on the floor inside, stabbed to death.

Once at a time, Xavin and the Runaways test themselves with the material. It doesn't react to Gert, Xavin, Molly, or Chase, and reacts to Karolina, who they already know is part Gibberim. They hand the material to Nico.

Alex returns to the Hostel and starts to open the Abstract. Geoffrey calls and says that Catherine is dead. Alex drops the phone in shock.

Nico's test proves negative, and Karolina hugs her and says that she knew it couldn't be her. Xavin apologizes to Nico for being wrong, but admits that she would have killed Nico to protect Karolina. Nico agrees with her, and Chase figures that either Alex or Leslie are possessed. They head back to the Hostel.

Leslie wakes up and finds Alex standing over her. He tells her that something terrible has happened.

The others enter the Hostel and call to Alex and Leslie. There's no answer, and they go to search for them. Gert summons Old Lace and goes with Karolina, Molly, and Xavin to check on Leslie. They don't find either one, and Gert tells Chase to inform the others about the wizcams. He admits that he was spying on the alien, and Gert insists that it was a good plan if it works. Chase plays back the video and it shows Alex smiling after Geoffrey tells him that Catherine is dead. Alex says that it's time to go, goes to Leslie's room, and absorbs the energy from the unborn baby. Leslie wakes up and finds Alex standing over her, and he tells her that something terrible has happened and they have to get her out because the Magistrate has found them. Xavin figures the Son has a terrible and murderous plan, and Chase points out that Alex and Leslie could be anywhere.

At Randy's Donuts, Alex calls Victor and greets his dad. Alex tells him that he likes it on Earth in Alex's body, and he has something--Leslie--that Victor will want.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 15, 2019

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