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Finding Mr. Right Recap

Ivy and her plants are cleaning up her apartment when Harley, Clayface, and Psycho come in with bags of stolen bank money. Harley is happy everyone in the bank was scared of them, but not too scared. They tune into the news and only find news reports about Batman stopping Joker from robbing a credit union. The villains are furious they're not the ones being covered, and Harley figures they need a nemesis. A day later, she puts up a page on and they have no messages. The landlord, Sy Borgmann, comes in and complains that they're messing up his apartment. He warns that he's going to kick Ivy out if her "guests" keep messing up the place.

King Shark shows up and Harley and Ivy prepare to fight. Clayface explains that King Shark is there as a social media maven that he called in. King Shark looks at their web page and points out that they're not using the right keywords. He makes a few changes and sets them up with Tommy Tomorrow, but Harley refuses to settle. She wants to get Batman, but the others are skeptical.

Soon, Harley steals the Batmobile and drives it through Gotham on a rampage. The police chase her until she uses the Batgadgets to take some of them out. Harley drives into a construction site and uses Batmissiles to bring the girders down behind her, and then drives to her meat packing lair to meet with Clayface and Psycho. A caped crusader arrives via the roof and snags Clayface, and Harley works on her opening line. Robin emerges from the shadows and says Batman doesn't have time to deal with the likes of Harley, and Harley refuses to fight a 12-year-old. She hangs Robin up on a meat hook and tells him to tell Batman that they're coming for him.

Later, on Tawny's show, Robin describes his "epic" fight with Harley, adding a few details about lasers. Robin claims that Harley is his nemesis, and Harley and her gang watch on TV. Harley is furious that Robin is lying, King Shark reports that Lois Lane just did an article on Harley. The headline says that Harley has fought a child and is setting the woman's movement back decades. The rest of the article is behind a paywall, and Harley figures they'll make Lois retract the article. Ivy warns that they can't fuck with Lois because Superman might come, and Harley is flag to have him come so he can be her nemesis.

Later at the Daily Planet, the gang captures Lois. She refuses to retract her article or write a puff piece about Harley. Superman breaks through the wall and King Shark videos Harley fighting her new nemesis. Superman refuses to fight Harley, and Robin breaks through the wall on his hoverboard. He complains when Superman encourages him, and Superman confirms with Lois that they're doing sushi and leaves. Harley and her gang leave, disgusted.

Back at Ivy's apartment, Harley and the gang find baby shower decorations and an exploding card to her from the Legion of Doom and Joker congratulating her on "robin" the cradle. Harley figures that they'll kill Robin, and Ivy points out that if she does then she'll validate that Robin is her nemesis. Her friend says that she has a plan.

Later at the meat packing warehouse, Psycho has King Shark get into a water tank and tells him to swim around and scare Robin so he admits he's lying. King Shark says he's not that kind of shark, so Clayface plays the part. When he's offensive, King Shark agrees to be the shark and Psycho assures him that there'll be no blood and King Shark is just supposed to scare Robin. Harley captures Robin and they hang him up over the tank, and King Shark lunges at him from time to time.

Harley tells Robin that he's going to die unless he tells the truth that he's not her nemesis. Robin boasts that "the rubes" will believe anything he says, and Psycho pulls down a curtain to reveal Tawny and her studio audience hearing the whole thing. The audience boos Robin, and Harley insists that he's not her nemesis.

Robin's nose bleeds and a drop falls in the water. Killer Shark goes berserk and leaps at Robin, and Harley ends up pulling Robin free. King Shark breaks out of the tank, and Robin yells to Batman for help. Batman drops in and uses shark repellant on King Shark, knocking him out. Batman realizes that they're live on Tawny and asks Harley what she's doing, and says that she's going to Arkham for good.

The next day, Joker and his goons rob a bank and Joker calls to Batman to bring it on. Batman isn't there, and one of the goons shows Joker video of Harley fighting Batman on Tawny.

Ivy sees the show and goes to rescue Harley, who Batman has subdued. The villainess rides in on a giant plant that grabs Batman, then complains that she always has to clean up Harley's messes. Tawny identifies Ivy as her special guest villain and asks her how she really feels about Harley. Ivy refuses and scolds the audience about recycling.

Batman breaks free of the plant and throws a Batarang at Ivy, and Harley blocks it. Ivy and Harley attack Batman together, knocking them together into a clinch so they almost kiss. Joker breaks in and demands to know what Harley is doing attacking his nemesis, and a four-way fight breaks out. Joker stuns Batman and grabs Robin, and tells Batman to show up at his crimes if he wants to see Robin again. Batman goes after Joker, and Ivy quickly takes Harley with her.

Later at the apartment, Harley complains that she still doesn't have a nemesis. Ivy tells her that she can't force it, and Harley thanks her for giving her advice she never uses. The gang promise to keep Ivy's apartment clean, and King Shark says that he's in Harley's crew. Sy serves Ivy with an eviction notice because she has a pet: King Shark. Ivy offers to kick the entire gang out, but Sy says that it's too late and leaves. Harley points out that now they don’t have to clean.

At the Batcave, Batman gives Robin his favorite sandwich and Robin says that he's mad that all the Teen Titans are getting a nemesis except him. Batman admits that he wasn't ready for a nemesis until he was in his 20s, and advises Robin that his first nemesis should be special. Robin agrees and wonders when he can have sex, and Batman quickly leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 21, 2019

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