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Merry Meet Again Recap

A boy wakes up when his phone goes off and a voice speak in a mystic tongue.

Molly walks down the hallway after waking up and finds a stuffed bird in the middle of the hallway. Nico apologizes for her experiments, and as the others arrive Nico explains that she's trying to get back to the Dark Dimension using the spell that Morgan gave her. She can't use the same spell--"Tenebrae"--twice and everything she tries, she summons another stuffed bird. Nico figures that she can save Alex if she can figure out how to communicate with Morgan, and Karolina disagrees with summoning Morgan. She suggests that Nico talk to Tina, and Chase suggests that they don't go back to the Dark Dimension.

Old Lace comes out and grabs one of the birds, and Gert says that the dinosaur might have turned feral in the six months they were gone. Molly suggests that they get breakfast, and Gert volunteers Dale's road-trip money. Karolina tells Nico that she doesn't have to do it alone, but Nico figures that she does since she's the only spellcaster. Chase figures they should scope out what they missed in six months, and Molly offers to go with Karolina to check on Leslie.

Molly, Karolina, Chase, and Gert go to breakfast and wait in line, and find people all over with the new phones. A teenager, Max, comes over and recognizes the podcast Gert is describing, and introduces himself. He explains that he's giving out the cordless Wizphone Corvus and is a junior at USC. Max says that he and the others are giving out the phones to bring together teenagers in a common community. Gert agrees and the waitress calls them to their table.

Once the group eats breakfast, Gert wonders where they should go now that they have "defeated" their parents. She plans to get a normal job and go to college, and Chase suggests that she's going to date Max. Gert suggests that he's jealous and Chase denies it.

Outside, Max bumps into the teenager, Gil, and Gil drops his Wizphone. It breaks on the sidewalk, and Gil angrily grabs Max and shoves him into a nearby pole. The Runaways hear the fight as Gil throws Max around, and Molly grabs Gil as he prepares to skewer Max with a corkscrew. She throws him back and tells him to get lost, and he runs off. Gert confirms that Max is okay, and Chase wonders why Gil started a fight over a broken phone.

Dale records a log about living off the grid after he abandoned the cabin when he developed a rash from eating what he thought were mushrooms. He's now living in a tent to prove to himself that he can be self-sufficient. Dale intends to find out what went wrong in his life.

Karolina and Molly go to the Church and discover that someone has been building it up. People kneel and worship Karolina, and Vaughn finds them and says that Leslie will be glad to see Karolina. They find Leslie, who hugs Karolina. Molly says that Xavin left with the baby, and Leslie explains that the new people came after what Karolina did at the Crater. She asks Karolina to see the good that they're doing before she judges, and Karolina agrees.

Gert holds Max's hand as the EMTs treat his injuries. He thanks Gert for saving him, and wonders how Molly threw Gil. Gert claims that Molly's people were in the circus, and Max says that the day was good if it ended with him getting to know Gert better. Max adds her to his "flock" on his Wizphone, and she talks about how going back to her normal life feels like abandoning her friends. He assures her that there's nothing selfish about improving oneself.

Nico approaches Tina at an outside café and asks how Robert is. Tina says that Robert and his clothes were gone, and he hasn't responded to her attempts to reach him. She figures that their marriage is too broken to fix, and says that she has to go to Wizard and find out what she missed at her company. Nico tells her that Tina has to tell her how to save Alex, and Tina warns her daughter that the Alex she knows is gone and she can't let the same thing happen to Nico. When Nico says that Morgan will help her, Tina tells her that she can't ask Morgan for help. She insists that she is helping Nico by keeping her away from Morgan, and keeping her alive. Robert texts Nico and asks to meet her at the hotel where he's staying. Nico tells Tina that who it is is none of Tina's business and leaves.

Vaughn shows Molly around the Church grounds and Vaughn says that he's been given newer responsibilities. He tells Molly that all phones and screens are banned at the Church, and Molly sees a boy, Bodhi. Molly hands over her phone and goes over to talk to Bodhi.

Nico finds Robert at the hotel's outdoor restaurant and he hugs her. She realizes that he's healed, and Robert says that many wonderful things have happened in six months. Robert tells Nico that he met someone, and time around them freezes as Morgan arrives. The people in the restaurant disappear, and Morgan tells Nico that it's enchanting to see her again. She says that Nico brought her there when she was strong enough for Nico to let her out. Morgan points out that if Nico kills her, Alex will still be stranded in the Dark Dimension. She arranged Robert to bring them together, and she healed him when she found him. Morgan reminds Nico that Nico is the one who drove a glass shard into Robert's body, and she recognizes Robert for his strengths while Tina never did. She invites Nico to have lunch with her, and says that whether Nico wants her help is up to her.

Morgan restores time and everyone reappears, and Robert introduces Morgan and takes them to a table. He says that Morgan saved Wizard because it was in crisis after Tina disappeared. They're celebrating Wizard's new direction that night and asks Nico to come, and says that he's never felt more himself and wants Nico to be a part of it.

Chase and Gert walk down the street with Gert studying her new Wizphone. He says that he thinks the phones are evil, and Gert almost walks out into traffic. Chase pulls her back, and Gert drops her phone and it cracks on the street. Gert is furious at Chase and walks off.

Stacey takes Victor to an alien survivors' support group. She insists that they need to process their trauma over what happened, and assures Victor that it's a safe place. The survivors talk about their oddball experiences, and then Victor describes what happened to him. The others think that he's mocking them with a fake story. Afterward, Stacey tells Victor that she's heading home alone. Victor invites her to work with him at his lab as a consultant.

Molly makes food with Bodhi and he takes her hand to show her how to cut carrots. They joke about Vaughn trying to be hip, and Jules comes up and complains about Dale in his tent "poisoning" them with their stench from not showering. Molly goes to Dale's tent and he says that he's proving he can exist in isolation. He admits that he's been avoiding Leslie to wipe his life with PRIDE clean, and figures that everyone is better off without him. Molly says that she likes it there, and Dale promises to stay out of her way. Dale tells her that he and Stacey tried to shelter Molly and Gert from the truth, and Molly brings up her parents and how they chose the sacrifices. He asks for a hug and Molly reluctantly does so, and he says that he's proud that Molly has forgiven Leslie. Dale realizes that Molly doesn't know what Leslie did and tries to pass over his slip.

At the Hostel, Chase takes apart Gert's broken phone and finds a crow feather inside. The phone turns to ash and Gert comes in and blows up at him for destroying her phone in a jealous rage. Nico and Karolina arrive, and Chase gives Gert his phone to text Max. Karolina tells Nico where Molly is, and Nico takes Gert's phone to examine it. Gert snatches it back and storms off, and Nico tells Karolina and Chase that Morgan is in their world and works for Wizard... and is dating Robert. Nico suggests that Morgan will train her so she can save Alex, and when Karolina objects Nico reminds her that she went to Jonah for help behind their backs. She explains that in Wicca, feathers are sacred objects that can be used as the conduit for enchantment. Nico uses the Staff to order the feather to reveal itself, and the feather dissolves into liquid and reveals an image of Alex. Alex screams to Nico to help him, and Nico's eyes start to turn black until Karolina yanks the Staff from her hand. Nico snaps at Karolina, furious, and walks off.

Morgan goes to Tamar's house where Geoffrey is staying, helping Tamar tend to Xerxes. Once Tamar takes the baby to the nursery, Geoffrey tells Morgan that he's living there and helping out. When Tamar comes back, Morgan says that they can open the new Wizphone HQ in the neighborhood. Geoffrey tells her that the neighborhood gave him a second chance and it's time he return the favor.

Chase finds Gert as she listens to the voice on her Wizphone, and tells her that they have to destroy the phone he gave her. She angrily threatens to have Old Lace rip his face off if he does, and Chase asks what she's listening to. Karolina and Nico come in, and the voice shuts off and Gert goes back to normal. Chase figures the Wizphones are making people violent, and Karolina agrees with him. Nico figures that if Morgan trusts her, maybe she'll tell Nico about the Wizphones. Karolina figures they should all go to the party, and Chase agrees.

Stacey arrives at Victor's workshop and discovers that he has a screen with Janet on it. Janet is in the Algorithm and greets Stacey.

At the party, Gert spots Max and leaves the others, and Chase follows her to question Max. Nico tells Karolina that she should talk to Morgan alone and asks Karolina if she trusts her. Karolina says that she does and Nico leaves.

Chase asks Max what the party is for, and Max admits that he doesn't know. He does say that the Wizphones are going worldwide any day, and Gert asks him for a veggie taco. Once Max leaves, Gert tells Chase that they need to talk privately.

The guests gather and Robert announces that Wizard is going to change the world for the better.

Molly returns to Hostel and discovers that everyone has gone.

Robert says that the Wizphones connect people to the services they need and to each other. He names Morgan the new CEO of Wizard and everyone applauds, while Nico walks off.

Molly activates her phone and is notifies that she has 37 Flock requests.

Tina confronts Robert and Morgan tells her that Wizard isn't her company anymore. Robert says that her security clearance was revoked after their people died at the plant and Tina disappeared. Morgan suggests that Tina tell them where she was, and Tina notices that all of the guests are watching. Tina says that she can explain it to Robert in private, but Robert refuses to go with her. She tells Morgan that she can't beat her by stealing her husband, and Robert points out that Morgan saved Wizard. Nico comes up and tells Tina not to confront Morgan there, and Tina confronts Morgan. Morgan says that she's protected there and Tina sees Morgan's acolytes, Bronwyn and Cassandra, in the crowd. Tina slaps Morgan and the security guards lead her away. As they go, Tina tells Nico not to let Morgan get the Staff. Robert tells the guests to carry on.

Chase tells Gert that she's been acting crazy since she started using the Wizphones, and Gert says that he's been acting since they bumped into Max. He says that he still loves Gert, and Gert tells him they were thrown together in insane circumstances and they owe it to each other to wait and be normal. Gert says that there could be someone out there for him, and Chase admits that she might be right. Max comes back with tacos and Gert takes him to get drinks.

Nico finds Geoffrey and Tamar at the party and Tamar gives them time alone. Geoffrey explains that he's there working on a project with Wizard, and has been focusing on it since Catherine died. He asks if Alex is doing okay, and Nico says that Alex left them and it's her fault. She promises to get Alex back no matter what it takes.

Karolina peers in an outbuilding and sees Morgan's acolytes dancing. Morgan comes up behind Karolina and figures that Karolina doesn't want to lose Nico to her. However, Morgan says that Nico has been hers for a long time. She wonders what kind of thing Karolina is, and Karolina walks away.

Gert tells Max that Chase is her ex, admitting that it was an opposites attract situation. She'd rather talk about how the Wizphone made her aggressive and Chase found a feather in it. Gert goes to find her friends and asks Max to wait for her. Bronwyn is nearby and overheard the conversation, and reminds Max that he signed a NDA so he can't discuss the phone's technology with anyone. He asks what Gert is talking about, and Bronwyn explains that they put a protection spell on him so he wouldn't be driven to violence by the Wizphones. Bronwyn knocks Max out with a spell and mutters an incantation into his ear. He wakes up and she takes the phone from his back pocket. Max doesn't remember who he is, and Bronwyn walks off.

Karolina finds Nico and says that the acolytes are performing an evil ceremony. Nico accuses her of thinking Wicca is evil, and Karolina says that in the Dark Dimension the "Nico" she saw was a monster consumed by darkness. Nico figures that Karolina is scared of her and says that she's going to face whatever it is and save Alex. With that, she finds Morgan and leaves with her.

Morgan takes Nico to the ceremony building and has her lie on an altar. She then picks up a dagger and Nico says that she enters the magical circle with perfect love and perfect trust. Morgan releases Nico from her fear and cuts through the ceremonial hand bindings that the acolytes have put on Nico, then says that Nico must set her own feet on the path to walk with her sisters. She gives Nico the dagger, and Nico cuts through her feet bindings. Morgan then offers her champagne to celebrate her initiation into the coven. Nico drinks it and the acolytes circle around her.

Karolina leaves and goes to the Hostel with Chase and Gert, and tells them what happened to Nico. They find Molly entranced by the phone, which is hovering in the air and emitting a low chanting sound.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 21, 2019

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