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Being Harley Quinn Recap

A realtor shows Harley and Ivy a prospective volcano lair. Harley wonders if the giant skull is too flashy for her brand, and Ivy asks to see some other options. Next is an empty field with a network of tunnels underneath, and then a frozen fun castle. The realtor complains that Harley can't decide, and they discuss it out of the cold.

Later at Ivy's apartment, the realtor says that a lair has to reflect the villain owner. She wonders who Harley is, and Psycho, Clayface, and King Shark come in. King Shark hands out the "Suicide Squad" t-shirts that Harley got her crew. Sy comes in and tells Ivy that she's evicted, and Ivy tells him that they're leaving in a minute and slams the door in his face. Harley tells the realtor that Joker made the big decisions, and she admits that she doesn't know why she became a villain. She doesn't have any opinions of her own, and screams in frustration… and freezes.

King Shark tries to give Harley CPR, and Psycho figures that Harley has had a level 4 brain freeze. Ivy refuses to let Psycho "creep around" in Harley's brain alone, and everyone insists on going. Everyone links hands and Psycho projects them into Harley's mind. They find themselves in a white-walled gallery with paintings of Harley and Joker together. Psycho explains that they're in Harley's Museum of Memories, There are also paintings of Harleen as a child and a high school graduate, and they finally find "Harley" looking at one of the paintings.

Psycho says that while he finds the reboot switch for Harley's mind, the others can look but don't touch because Harley's brain will protect itself if it feels threatened. Harley tells Ivy that there's something more screwed up with her than usual. They look at a painting of Joker pushing Harleen into a vat of acid, bleaching her skin white and turning her into Harley. It doesn't show Joker pushing Harleen. Harley figures that her origin story is screwed up.

After a brief search, Psycho finds the brain override switch and starts to throw it.

Harley touches the painting and the switch disappears as alarms go off. He runs back and complains that they didn't listen to him, and says that Harley trigged a brain lockdown. The exit disappears and Psycho tells the others that they're trapped.

Sy shows a family around the now-empty apartment and finds the crew comatose on the floor. He sends the family away and calls his old spy partner Gilda to say that it happened again.

King Shark finds a young Harleen crying, and she slams him around when he takes her hand. Harley knocks the girl away, and tells King Shark that she wasn't sweet at that age. Psycho explains that Harley's brain sent Harleen because it thinks that they're intruders, and if they die in Harley's mind then they die for real. Young Harleen gets up and screams, and more Young Harleens emerge. The crew run but more Harleens cut them off, and the crew fight back.

Psycho leads the crew into an elevator and figures that there's an emergency exit to the real world somewhere in Harley's subconscious. He can't push the button, and a severed Young Harleen attack bites King Shark's foot. King Shark bumps into the wrong button and they arrive at the optic nerve. Sy is there, and figures that the crew are a suicide cult. His "cleaner", Gilda, prepares to cut up the bodies and take them, but Sy doesn't want to mess up the place. Gilda and Sy agree to burn the bodies in an abandoned mall that he owns, in the pizza oven.

Harley holds Psycho up so he can push the right button, and the elevator takes them to Harley's subconscious. Dozens of "Jokers" are there running a carnival midway, and Ivy figures Harley isn't over Joker yet. One Joker invites Harley to play "Win Daddy's Love", and Psycho tells the crew to spread out and look for the emergency exit. Young Harleens arrive screaming and the crew run, and they leap on a carousel and Harley hits their pursuers with a mallet. One Harleen collapses the ride, and a hooded figure knocks a hole in a nearby stand and tells the crew to follow him.

The figure reveals an emergency exit and reveals that he's Frankie Muniz, age 11. She explains that she had a major crush on Frankie when she was a kid, and Psycho figures that since Frankie was Harley's true love, a small sane part of her brain sent him to rescue them. Frankie tells them to take care and leaves.

At the mall, Sy and Gilda toss the bodies down an escalator and Gilda says that she has a normal live without spy kids. He suggests that they get back together, and tries to take off in his wheelchair converted to a helicopter. It crashes back to the floor.

Harley spots Repressed Memory Island and Psycho explains what it is. He tells her not to go there, but she figures her repressed memory of her origin story is on the island. Harley refuses to leave and Ivy goes with her. She reminds the others that Harley took them in when no one else would, and they agree.

The Harleens attack Harley as she goes out on the dock to the island. The others throw Psycho into the crowd scattering the Harleens. The Harleens regroup as sharks circle the dock. Clayface gives a touching farewell speech and then transforms into Frankie, and the Harleens declare their love for him. He runs off and they chase him, and King Shark swims across with Harley, Ivy, and Psycho on his back. As they reach the island, they feel the heat from the oven.

In the real world, Gilda makes the oven fire good and hot, and dance to cremation.

The inside of the island looks like Arkham, and Harley looks in a cell. Inside is the memory of Harley's father getting beaten up and robbed by his partners. Another cell has Harleen reading a restraining order from Frankie's lawyer. Behind a cell marked "Don't" is Joker at the chemical factory, on a catwalk with the adult Harleen. Joker tells Harleen to jump if she loves him, and she does without him pushing her.

Harley realizes that it was her choice all along, and she blamed Joker than accepting the truth. She tells Ivy that she was in control all along and still is. Harley merges into her mental image and tells Joker that she's not jumping as the memory repeats itself. She explains that her real origin story happened in Joker's lair, and insists that no one created her except herself. Harley beats Joker with a baseball bat and then makes a pool table fall on him.

After rejoining the others, the quartet head out. Clayface shows up, shapechanged into one of the Harleens, and everyone hugs except Psycho. They realize that he's burning and take the exit, and they wake up just as Gilda and Sy throw them into the oven. Gilda walks off, disgusted, and Harley realizes that the abandoned mall is perfect for her lair. Sy quotes them the rent but Harley bargains him down to $1 as long as they let him come along because he feels alive again after hauling their corpses. They shake on it and Harley accidentally pulls off Sy's robot arm.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 28, 2019

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