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Unknown Recap

John and the others plan their mutiny, and Maureen warns that as soon as the Robot gets the engine in place, Hastings will launch and abandon everyone on the planet. Maureen figures they have to control the bridge to control the Resolute, and John and Maureen review the security. There are 18 guards on board, and John figures they need to neutralize one of them: Neil Caird. Smith suggests that they overpower Neil by finding his weak spot, and Judy suggests that they ask Samantha since her father was a security guard. As Judy discusses the option, Smith remembers killing Samantha's father. Smith tells the others that it's best if she's not seen with them, and Judy agrees to do it instead.

The Robot places the engine in the space for it in the Resolute.

John tells Penny to get a crew for Maureen.

In Don's room, Debbie pecks at his ankle bracelet. Penny comes in and he figures it's a jailbreak, and brings in an acetylene torch. Don cuts through the bulkhead, and the bracelet breaks his ankle.

The Robot hooks the engine up

Judy reports that she talked to Samantha's mother about Neil and tells her mother to remember a name.

Escaping his room via the bulkhead and using the acetylene cart to help walk, Don goes through the corridor and approaches Ava. He asks her how many of her people are still on the planet, and tells her what Hastings and Kamal have planned.

Will asks where Scarecrow is, and Ben tells him that they moved it. The boy suggests that the Robot can help Scarecrow, and Ben tells Will to focus on one thing at a time.

Angela, Naoko, and Maureen go to the bridge and meet with Kamal. Maureen says that they can't strand 500 colonists on the planet, and Kamal insists that they'll send a relief crew back to get them after they reach Alpha Centauri. As Kamal says that Maureen will have to navigate the crew back to the planet, an engine goes off-line. Maureen advises Kamal to check it, and the engine room calls to say that all of the thrusters have gone off-line. The chief engineer reports that they'll only respond to orders from Maureen.

Ava finishes sabotaging the thrusters, and Don assures her that he trusts the Robinsons with his life.

Kamal orders Maureen and the others into incarceration. When Neil calls for security, Maureen tells him that Anton Penn, the man who dragged Neil to safety during the last attack, is still on the planet. She says that Neil is Anton's last chance, and Neil disobeys Kamal's order. He seals the bridge so the security guards can't get in.

Will tells Ben and Hastings that the engine is ready, and the power in the room goes out. When Hastings calls the bridge, Maureen tells him that it's not an accident and she's giving orders. She says that they're not leaving the solar system yet, and advises the two men to let Will and the Robot go back to Jupiter 2. She reminds them that they're 500 crew short, and Will asks Ben if he knew about it. Ben insists that no one wanted it to happen and he's protecting Will. Security guards come in and Ben tells them to back off, and Will insists that he doesn't need protection. Hastings tells the guards to back off, and Will and the Robot leave. Ben tells Hastings that he's not sure they can take the Robot by force, and Hastings figures they won't need to.

Smith worries that Hastings will know she betrayed him, and John says that they'll protect her. She isn't convinced, and John calls Maureen for a status report. She says that she'll call him later, and then tells Kamal that they're taking the Resolute into the nearby gas giant since they can't transport the contaminated water in the Jupiters. Angela sets course for the gas giant.

Will and the Robot walk down the corridor, and Penny runs up and hugs the Robot. She tells Will that she has a secret mission from Maureen for the Robot.

John works on removing his ankle bracelet, and Hastings comes in and says that it's a terrible idea. He sits down and suggests that they talk about a few things.

Maureen tells Kamal their plan, and Kamal warns that the Resolute has never entered at atmosphere before. The mutineer points out that Kamal cares more about the ship than the people, and Kamal notes that the Resolute is humanity's last hope. The captain insists that she doesn't want to leave the colonists behind, but the Resolute is the last hope of all of the parents and children on leave. Maureen insists that they're not going to lose the Resolute, and will spin her on an X axis to redistribute the gases and create enough drag to maintain control of the ship. Kamal notes that the Resolute has sustained significant damage, but Maureen says that they'll be ready.

Penny tells Will that the Robot is different because now they're following him. Will figures the Robot will get back to normal eventually, but Penny isn't convinced. The Robot stops and looks down an empty corridor, and Penny points out that the Robot hasn't warned Will of danger. Will tells her to stop, and then tells the Robot that Maureen is counting on them. After a minute, the Robot continues on.

Hastings asks John to ask Maureen to stand down, and Judy listens in. John refuses to do what Hastings asks and Hastings, noting Judy, invites her to join them. Once she sits down, Hasting suggests that Maureen might go too far to save her family. He tells Judy that Maureen altered Will's test scores to get him onboard, and tells John that he has something more powerful than the Robot. Hastings then explains that Maureen altered Will's test scores with his help, and gave him something valuable in return.

Maureen locates ammonia belt in the gas giant atmosphere and they place the Resolute into orbit. She then orders everyone on the ship-wide channel strap in and warns that it'll be a bumpy ride. Maureen then initiates the ship's spin and they dive into the atmosphere. The pressure increases and the weakened F deck starts to collapse. The Resolute's protocols can't handle it, but the Robot goes out on the hull and welds the weakened section together. He completes the repairs and the Resolute reaches the ammonia belt and stabilizes. Will and Penny run to the Robot as it reenters the ship, and the Robot looks at them.

Maureen tells Kamal that she doesn't make mistakes in her job, but Kamal warns that everyone has to be perfect for Maureen's plan to work. They open the intake vents to decontaminate the water, and in the engine room Don insists on being there so the others don't think he's pulling his weight. Ava says that it won't make up for Don deserting hem before, but he insists on staying.

Hasting warns that the rust virus spreads like a disease, and refuses to let Maureen risk the ship by releasing the contaminated water into the piping system. He has Judy confirm that Maureen was part of the ship's safety system design. Maureen gave Hastings her fourth of the access codes, and Hastings got the other three-quarters from the other three people. Hastings tells John to have Maureen stand down or he'll use the access codes to flood the OGS room with ammonia. If the water is released, the pressure will burst the pipes and vaporize the water. When they reach Alpha Centauri, Maureen and Will will be sent back to Earth. John lunges at Hastings, who triggers the ankle bracelet and electrocutes John. John warns that the crews in the OGS will die if Hastings open the airlock, and Hastings says it would be John's fault as he leaves and seals them in with the manual override.

Judy can't open the door, and John tells her to warn Maureen of Hastings' plan. Hastings has taken the comms off-line so they can't communicate with the bridge. Meanwhile, Hastings goes to his office and prepares to open the airlock.

When he tries to open the ankle bracelet, John is shocked. Smith taps on her cell door and John tells her to get to the bridge and warn Maureen, and Smith runs out.

Hastings disables shipwide communications.

Smith comes to Samantha and her mother, and Samantha invites Smith to meet her mother. After a moment, Smith goes into a side corridor.

Angela tells Maureen that she can't raise the OGS.

When Maureen gives the order to open the valves, the computer informs her that she's locked out. Smith arrives at the bridge and hits the intercom button, and tells Maureen to let her in.

Hastings hesitates to give the command to open the OGS airlock.

Smith pounds on the sealed bridge door.

Hastings finally opens the airlock, and Ava realizes what's happening.

Angela warns Maureen.

Ava tells everyone to get out as the methane floods in. Don gets the other mechanics out. He uses his cart to block the bulkhead door, but he and Ava are trapped when the descending door crushes the cart and closes. Ava warns the pressure building and they have to pry the bulkhead door open while they can. '

The Robot senses the methane gas and warns Will of danger to a friend, and Will wonders what friend.

Smith calls Maureen on her comm but gets no answer. The computer announces a pressure lock in the OGS module, and Smith realizes that she's too late.

Will, Penny, and the Robot arrive at the OGS module but the Robot continues walking. They don't know what "friend" the Robot is referring to.

Naoko warns that Don and Ava can't open the bulkhead door as long as the airlock is open. Maureen realizes that Hastings must have hacked the safety systems, turns the bridge over to Kamal, and says that she'll seal the airlock from the outside using a maintenance pod.. When Kamal warns that it's too dangerous, Maureen says that it's her fault.

Ava and Don collapse from lack of oxygen, and Don tries to keep her conscious. She points out that he could have made it out, but Don jokingly disagrees. Ava notes that he had a choice and chose them, and that's good as they hold each other's hands.

Maureen reaches the maintenance pod bay and takes a pod out. She navigates to the OGS airlock, crashing against the support struts as she navigates the gas currents. When Maureen reaches the airlock, she uses the manual override to seal the airlock door. Air floods the OGS room and the mechanics get in to rescue Ava and Don.

As John removes the ankle bracelet, the Jupiter doors open. He figures that they lost.

Hastings removes the override, and the guards come in and take Angela and Naoko away. Hastings comes in and tells the guards to let the two women behind because they're not cruel. He tells Kamal that she has the Resolute back, and says that they should go to Alpha Centauri. Kamal says that they have to clean the water so everyone can go. When Hastings says that the captain he knows wouldn't risk the Resolute, Kamal tells him that it's not a risk because Maureen did the math.

Maureen realizes that they decontaminated the water, and calls John. She says that she's fine, and John said that he sent Smith to tell her about Hastings. Maureen says that she never heard from Smith, and heads for the bay to reenter the Resolute. John goes to the bay, and Smith finds him. She says that she tried to warn Maureen and had to take a detour, but refuses to explain further. Smith insists that John has to believe her, but he says that he should have known better than to think she could change. He tells her that she found his weakness to give people second chances, sarcastically congratulates her, and goes to see Maureen.

The Robot opens a compartment and finds Hastings' men shocking Scarecrow. When the guards try to stoop the Robot, it knocks them away and frees Scarecrow. Will realizes that Scarecrow is dying, and Penny warns him that the Robot is angry. The boy goes over and tells the Robot that he's sorry what happened to Scarecrow. The Robot calms down and then walks away with Scarecrow's body, ignoring Will when he says they need him to get home. Before it goes, the Robot tells Will "No".

Written by Gadfly on Jan 4, 2020

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