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Shell Game Recap

Hastings and Ben examine the opened cage, and Ben warns that Will may not be in control of the Robot anymore.

The Robot takes Scarecrow's body to the alien engine and sets it down, and Penny and Will follow the Robot in. As they look on, the Robot grasps the engine supports and Will warns that the ship is broken. The Robot asks Will to help, and refuses to take the Resolute to Alpha Centauri. Will tells Penny that she was right and the Robot is different, and figures that they're both growing up. The two Robinsons hear Hastings' men coming and Penny has an idea of where to hide the two robots.

As they head to the engine room, Hastings tells Ben to spike the Robot as soon as they find it. Hastings figures the Robinsons will go down eventually when they try to protect the Robot, and warns that the Robinsons will cast them as villains if they reach Alpha Centauri since they've seized control of the narrative. He plans to rewrite the story.

Maureen takes the pod slowly back to the bay to conserve power, and tells John that the water should be clean in 92 minutes. Then they'll pick up the surviving colonist and get to Alpha Centauri with the Robot's help. The fuel cell on Maureen's pod registers as critically low, and John says that he'll tow her in using another pod.

Hastings enters a log entry that Maureen panicked and mutinied. When she and John reconsidered and tried to repair their damage, their pods were lost in space.

John tows Maureen's pod in, and he discovers that the bay door is sealed. He can't override the code, and Maureen realizes that Hastings locked them out.

Hastings calls the bridge and tells the crew to accelerate orbit so they can rescue the stranded colonists. The Resolute accelerates, striking the pods and knocking them off the ship into the gas giant. Maureen contacts Judy, who is tending to Don, and reports their situation. Her signal breaks up as she tells Judy that they'll meet the Resolute when it finishes its orbit before exiting the atmosphere. Before they get out of range, John tells Judy to find her siblings and tell them to stay away from Hastings. The signal breaks up entirely, and Judy calls Will and Penny.

In the trash compactor, Penny destroys her and Will's comms so no one can track them. She assures Will that they'll find another way to contact their family but they have to hide because they're fugitives. Will asks Robot how they can help Scarecrow, and the Robot shows Will symbols on its arm similar to the ones on the trench in the water planet. It then shows them similar symbols on Scarecrow's arm, and scratches a drawing of a horse on the wall. Will realizes the robot is telling them to take Scarecrow to the Amber Planet's ring.

Ben reports on the ship's intercom that they have video proof that Will removed the engine, stopping them from getting to Alpha Centauri. He requests that anyone seeing Will or the Robot report them to security.

Smith is in a stairwell and hears the broadcast.

Judy hears the broadcast.

Ben tells Will that if he can hear him, he shouldn't let things go further than it already has. Smith comes in and says that she can help Ben and Hastings, and she knows what makes the Robinsons tick.

Penny wonders how they'll get to the planet.

Smith says that when the Robinsons can't do something, they rely on the expertise of others. She advises Hastings and Ben to find Don and the Watanabes because Will and Penny will go to them eventually. A tech says that Victor's codes have been used to access the refuse system even though he isn't on the Resolute, and Smith advises Ben to send a security team to the compactor.

Samantha finds Judy and says that her mother told her not to talk to the Robinsons anymore. Despite that, she asks how she can help. Penny grabs Judy and Samantha and drags them into a side corridor, and explains that she smashed her and Will's comms. She takes them to the compactor, and they tell Judy that they plan to get to the ring. Will admits that he doesn't know how the ring will help Scarecrow, but guesses that it's the robot's home. Judy warns that it's too dangerous for all of them.

The security team heads for the compactor.

Will insists that they help the Robot because it's always helped them in the past. and says that they need to try because that's what friends do for each other. The guards arrives outside, and Samantha says that she has an idea of what to do.

The two guards enter the compactor room but find no one there.

Samantha leads the group to a storage room to hide, and Judy tells her siblings that they should do what she says because their parents aren't there. Will has an idea and smiles, and Penny asks where their parents are.

John flies the pods to the rendezvous point, and Maureen talks about what Hastings told John about her getting Will qualified. He tells her that she made a judgment call, not a mistake, and warns that Judy heard it as well. The pods shake, and a giant jellyfish-like creature emerges out of the ammonia and glides past them. It sends them flying in its wake, and the pods are separates. John flies his pod after Maureen's and manages to grab it before it can fall into the planet's superheated core. As they fly up, John warns that their miles off-course. He doesn't say that his fuel levels are low, and tells Maureen that they're going to be fine.

Judy insists that they're going to "borrow" a Jupiter to get to the Amber Planet, and Penny has Samantha take her to the dining hall to get permission from Vijay. As Vijay finds a note from Penny on his MRE, Smith approaches him and asks if he's seen Penny. Penny is watching from the other side of the MRE dispenser, and Smith hints to Vijay that she can help get Victor up from the planet if Vijay helps her find the Robinsons. Vijay quickly excuses himself.

Will asks the Robot if Scarecrow is going to be okay, and assures the Robot that his sisters are doing everything they can to help them. The Robot reveals a hole in Scarecrow's head, and then shows Will Gypsy's bit. Will assures the Robot that they're not going to let Scarecrow die.

Vijay goes to the stairwell Penny specified, and she calls to him from beneath the stairs and pretend she's not there because of the security cameras. He takes out his tablet and asks Penny if what they said about the Robinsons is true. Penny admits that they did but they had a good reason, and asks if Vijay will let them borrow his Jupiter. As he objects, a crewman comes through and Penny ducks back out of sight. Once the crewman leaves, Vijay asks who is flying and warns that it isn't a simulation. He admits that he can't say "no" when Penny asks him to do stuff, even though he gets in trouble when she does. Vijay warns that other people could get hurt as well as him, and explains about how Smith threatened his father. He echoes Will's words about friends helping friends, and Penny says that what she's asking isn't what friends do.

Ben wonders what the Robinsons did to turn her against them, and Smith says that they all have a rampant hero complex. Smith says that they create circumstances to rescue others from, and that makes them a danger to everyone around them. She points out that the Robinsons take the Robot and it's the key to everyone's survival.

When Penny and Judy returns, Judy says that she couldn't get to Don because the medbay is crawling with guards. Smith figure that Smith is helping Hastings and knows them too well, and Judy figures they have to do something they would never do.

Smith tells Ben that the Robinsons are onto them and will try to outsmart them,

The Robot gets the group to the Chariot garage and loudly tells Will that it's safe. Will worries that Maureen might not approve, and Judy tells him that they're old enough to take responsibility for their actions. Samantha tells the Robinsons that she knows what to do and leaves.

Smith watches the monitors and Ben notices the implant scars on her arms. He comments that they look pretty fresh, and Smith wonders if his priorities have shifted since he was on the Amber Planet with Will and Maureen. Ben insists that the Robot is the key to his seeing his family and tells Smith not to question his resolve. He insists that Scarecrow belongs to him, not Smith, and Smith points out that she also had a connection to the Robot and it was her friend as well as Will's. Ben insists that he knows Will because they're the same before Ben got tangled up in the project. He wonders who Smith used to be, and Smith spots Samantha on a monitor, going into the sub system. Smith, Ben, and a security team run there and as the security guards enter the subsystem, the Chariot drives past down a side corridor.

Judy drives the Chariot with Penny in the co-pilots seat, and they yell at people to get out of their way.

Hastings monitors the Robinsons from the security room and wonders where they're running to. Ben considers Hastings' question.

A bulkhead door comes down ahead of the Chariot, and Judy tries to get through it but slams the Chariot into the side wall. The guards arrive and Judy opens the door despite Penny's misgivings. The guards, Smith, and Hastings find Scarecrow's arm in the back, and Smith realizes that Penny and Judy mislead him while Will and the Robot escaped with Scarecrow.

Will and the Robot enter Jupiter 2 and find Ben waiting for them. He anticipated what Will had planned because it's where he would have gone, and calls Hastings. Ben tells Will to step away from the Robot and activates his EMF device, and the Robot prepares to open fire. Will tells the Robot and Ben to stop, and insists that he can save Scarecrow. He assures Ben that they'll be back when Resolute is ready to leave, but Ben warns that life never goes as planned and tells Will they have to think beyond the machines. Will tells Ben that it's his chance to act like a friend to Scarecrow, but Ben says that he chooses his family over Will's friend.

The guards arrive and spike the Robot from behind, and Ben holds Will back. Hastings arrives and says that it ends there, and the Robot says that it has to help its "family": Scarecrow. Ben stares at Scarecrow in shock, and the Robot asks Ben for help. Hastings tells Ben to ready his EMF device, and Ben tells Will to help him get Scarecrow on Jupiter 2. The Robot tries to fight the security guards, and it tells Will to go. As the hatch closes, the Robot goes down. Jupiter 2 departs, and Hastings tells his men not to pursue because they have everything they need as they cage the Robot. He then calls Kamal and tells her that it's time to leave.

Maureen and John spot Jupiter 2 as they arrive at the Resolute. John warns that they don't have enough fuel to pursue it, and takes them through the closing docking valve. They get through the valve just in time.

On Jupiter 2, Will asks Ben what will happen to the Robot. Ben says that he doesn't know, and asks if Will wants to go back. Will insists on taking Scarecrow to the ring because that's what the Robot would have wanted.

Hastings' men secure the Robot to the engine mount. Smith and Hastings watch as the Robot "wakes up". Smith wonders if they have to do it, and Hastings tells his people to proceed. They drill a hole for a connector into the Robot

Written by Gadfly on Jan 4, 2020

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