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Disaster Recap

Shaun and Carly  finally go on their long awaited date. Carly is smiling and Shaun asks her why  she is smiling. Later, Shaun looks at an index card that has a list of possible topics to talk about which include: movies and tv shows, the weather and sports. But below that list , there’s also a section that says to not talk about religion, politics, abortion or other laws.


Shaun settled on talking  about movies, but when the food arrives, his order had pickles. He gets angry and repeatedly says how he asked for no pickles.


In the present, Shaun is recounting his date at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, where Melendez, Claire, Morgan and Alex are also present as Shaun tells them the date was a disaster.


Dr. Lim comes in shortly after and is told by Alex that Shaun went on date, she seems proud, but asks them why they aren’t working.


Morgan congratulates her, and says that Lim is the first female Chief of Surgery.

Eventually everyone goes to do their job, but Lim stops Melendez, saying how they need to go to HR and "break up".


Later, a white limo pulls up to the hospital, and a groom comes out asking for someone to help his wife, whose wedding dress is covered in blood.


At the HR office, the person in charge of their case is there, and she writes down Lim and Melendez’s explanation for their break up but says she doesn’t believe it. She thinks they have just gone back to dating in secret. But explains that ultimately,  she doesn’t really care or want to find out. But does warn them that love doesn’t conquer all, and that things will only get more complicated with Lim’s promotion.


At a staff meeting, one of the nurses  there tells Dr. Lim that Dr. Andrews and Dr. Glassman never authorized overtime, so this is a new experience for them.


Dr. Lim also says how traditionally you don’t get to lead surgeries  until your fourth year, but that this will be changing, as she believes the earlier you get in there and take responsibility, the more chances you have to learn.


Allegra Aoki comes to visit Glassman who is sitting outside his backyard reading a  book. She tells him that she has a vacancy at the hospital, but this time as President. She tells him to think about it and jokingly tells him to put on sunscreen.


Afterwards, Claire is trying to find out from Shaun what went wrong on his date with Carly, when its interrupted by Claire’s phone ringing. Shaun says her mother has been calling a lot.  Eventually, Shaun asks her if she’s looking for some guidance for him. Claire remains quiet. He proceeds to ask her if she sees him as a role model. She nods and says that on some issues, absolutely.


Shaun confesses that he doesn’t usually think about the past because he says it doesn’t help.


Back to Carly and Shaun's date, Carly is telling Shaun how she took a gap year before college, which in hindsight, she realizes might have been a mistake.


In the present, Dr. Lim is told by  one of the nurses that overtime isn’t an issue of the hospital, but rather being understaffed is. The nurse goes onto say that they need two more nurses on the main floor alone, and one in ICU. Dr. Lim interrupts her and apologizes, as she says they don’t have the budget to hire those extra sets of hands.


Frustrated and overwhelmed, Dr. Lim goes to see Dr. Andrews at his home to asks him how he said no to a person, because she thinks she isn’t doing correctly. He shows her how by closing the door in her face


She decides to walk away, and Dr. Andrews comes out asking her that if she gives up that easily, then she might as well quit her new job now.


Andrews tells Lim that the problem isn’t how she said no, but rather how she said yes instead.


He continues to tell her how its her job now to figure out what you can give them, convinced that is what they need, and make them feel like they owe you.


When Shaun finally finishes telling everyone about his date with Carly, he says that the date was exhausting because anything could go wrong and too many things were out of his control.


He explains how it was hard, uncomfortable and unpleasant, because he spent the whole evening doing unnatural things.


Shaun at first is making his way to Pathology to talk with Carly, but changes his mind at the last second turns away. Going back the way he initially came from.  However, Carly ends up  seeing Shaun walk away when the latter turns his back to her.


Dr. Andrews for his part ends up coming back to St. Bonaventure as an attending now.


Whereas Morgan  gets the resolve she needed to go and  see her grandpa.

Written by AgentRose07 on Jan 23, 2020

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