Okame chan no kurashi Recap

In the classroom, Okame stares at a pencil. Jiro sees her and asks Korosuke if she is sober. Korosuke agrees. COJI-COJI shows up and shows them a pencil given by Okame. COJI-COJI tells them that the pencil talks, and they want to hear it. When COJI-COJI talks to the pencil, it actually talks to their surprise. Korosuke suggests Jiro to ask Okame what the pencil is really about as a means to get to know her. As Jiro asks her about the pencil, she says it is called Q&A pencil (mondô enpitsu). She then invites Jiro and the lads to her home. Jiro, Korosuke, and COJI-COJI together with Atamabana leave school, chatting about Okame and her pencils. Jiro, COJI-COJI, and Korosuke head to Okame's home. Entering her home, her mother welcomes them. At Okame's room, they are shocked to see that she breeds Q&A pencils in pots and aquariums. She says she has 150 of them. She explains how they grow. According to her, a Q&A pencil must be smart to be a winner in an annual contest, in which she won this year. The winner pencil looks very cute and Jiro wants to see it in person. But Okame tells him that the pencil was sold by 300k yen. She says breeding the pencils is a good side business. Jiro and others ask her to tell how. She tells them step by step in detail. She then shows two pencils for the next contest, of which one is very smart girl and the other is dumb boy. Okame's mother shows up with tea. She reveals that Okame once was into breeding Mystery Batteries (fushigi kandenchi), which have arms and legs, and produce yarn like silkworm. She gives Jiro a colorful drawstring bag made of the yarn. Before giving Q&A pencil seeds, she makes sure if they really want to breed. On the way back from her home, COJI-COJI asks Jiro and Korosuke, what is a Q&A pencil after all, if it is a tree, a pencil, or a human being. They end up with an answer that it is Q&A pencil as a new domain. Two weeks later at the school, Jiro and Korosuke argues which one's Q&A pencil is better. They ask Okame and she tells them to bring their pencils to her home to examine. At her home, she slaps down them by saying that all of the pencils are just dumbasses and cannot compete in a contest. Jiro and Korosuke get shocked.

Written by taxentaxen on Feb 9, 2020