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Running to Stand Still Recap

Harry runs down the hallways of S.T.A.R. Labs with Zoom in pursuit. The scientist finally gets to the main room and grabs a gun, but Zoom easily dodges the blast. Harry insists that his daughter Jessie is innocent and begs Zoom to let her live. Zoom finally says... "Merry Christmas."

Iris and Joe are shopping and Joe wonders what to get Barr. Iris suggests a shirt but Joe pints out that he wants to get him something special after all that he's been through. He points out his watch and Iris realizes that Joe treasures it because it's a reminder of family.

Barry and Patty are kissing at the lab and she suggests that they should act a bit more professional at work. Iris comes in and Patty quickly leaves. Barry says after the first Harry's message that he'd never be happy, he wasn't sure if he would be. He realizes that something is wrong, and Iris breaks into tears and says that she didn't know what to do. She explains that when Francine came back, she said that she had a son after she left Joe and Iris: Wally. Iris says that she told Francine to leave and never tell Joe, but she believes that she's hurting her father. Barry says that she knows what she has to do, and agrees to help Iris tell Joe. As they hug, it snows outside and Barry hopes that it's a white Christmas.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay and Caitlin are trying to work out a way to seal the breaches and keep Zoom out. Caitlin tells Jay that it means a lot that he's looking after Barry, and Jay says that he's not the only person he wants to keep safe. Cisco overhears them and tells them to kiss, and Caitlin awkwardly invites Jay to come to the Christmas party at the house. Cisco goes to find Harry, just as Harry comes in and looks haggard. He insists that everything is fine and walks away.

At Iron Heights Prison, the guards look out at the snow as it comes down. The ice freezes the window and the glass shatters. Weather Wizard comes in, knocks out the guards, and frees Len Snart. Len is glad to go with him, and Weather Wizard leads the way to the maximum security ward. James Jesse is locked up there along with dozens of drawings of Flash, and, giggling, says that it's starting to look a lot like Christmas.

When Joe and Barry hear about the prison escape, they go to Iron Heights. They know that Weather Wizard is involved, and Joe warns that Patty might not be thinking clearly. They find her examining the crime scene, and Barry says that Joe told her that Mark killed her father. She insists that Barry doesn't know what's going on in the city, and insists that going after criminals is her job. She plans to make Mardon answer for what he's done.

At an abandoned shipping facility, Mark says that he broke them out because he owed Len and James is crazy. He wants to kill Flash, and explains that Zoom took Flash out a few weeks ago. Len warns against underestimating Flash, but Mark insists that he has a plan. When Len demands to know the plan, Mark questions his determination. The two men prepare to attack, but James interrupts and suggests that they go out, have a few drinks, kill a few carolers, and relax. Mark asks Len what he's going to do.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team warns Barry that he's outnumbered and Jay warns that he'll be useless without his speed. Cisco suggests that they map out electrical fluctuations to locate Weather Wizard. Then they can use a special wand to drain off his powers. Harry wonders how they know how to stop Weather Wizard, and they explain that in the original timeline, Harry created the wand to stop Weather Wizard. Jay offers to help and Cisco accepts his assistance. Once they leave, Barry notices that Harry appears distracted and he insists that he's fine. Barry tells Caitlin that he has something to deal with and leaves.

Later at the police lab, Barry and Iris call Joe in Iris tells him that he has a son he never knew. She apologizes for not telling him sooner, and explains that Francine contacted them before they were dying. Joe abruptly says that he has to go to work, and says that he has to take it all in before they talk further.

Barry and Iris go home and Barry assures Iris that Joe can take it in. Len is waiting for them and Barry grabs him at superspeed. The villain warns that he's modified his cold gun with a dead man's switch, and it will blow up if he lets go. Barry backs off and Len explains that he's going to pass on trying to kill Flash but James and Mark have their own plans. However, he refuses to tell Barry where they are. As he leaves, Barry figures that Len has honor, and asks him to help stop them. Len isn't interested in being a hero, and Barry points out that he's doing a lousy job of being a villain before he goes.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry finds Joe in the pipeline. Joe talks about how in the past he's had gut feelings about Barry and Iris. He wonders why he didn't have a similar feeling for Wally, and blames himself for not trying to bring Francine back. Joe says that he couldn't stand being unable to help Francine so it was easier to keep it out of their lives. Wally paid the price and never had a father. Barry assures his foster father that he's been there for him every day he knew him, and knows Joe would have done the same for Wally.

At the station, Singh asks Patty where Joe is. She snaps at him and starts to apologize, just as James comes on all of the TVs and greets the citizens. He promises that he's going to kill Flash and calls him out. Singh starts coordinating efforts among his men and discovers that Patty has left.

Cisco tries to find clues on the videos, and Jay points out a reflection in James' cornea. They blow it up and Harry recognizes that it's a toy. Cisco locates the company's abandoned shipping facility in Central City and Barry plans to head out.

Patty goes to the facility, gun drawn, just as Flash arrives. She says that she's trying to stop a murderer, as just as a tape recording starts playing. Dreidels spin across the floor and Trickster says that he made them out of C-4 explosive. Surrounded, Flash has Patty grab him and then generates a whirlwind to lift them both out of the facility as it explodes. Outside, Patty says that she spotted the same reflection of the toy and her father bought it. Flash figures that she came there without backup because Mark killed her father, and Patty says that she got her father killed because she didn't show up at his shop. When he took the deposits to the bank, Mark shot and killed him. Patty figures that it will be legal when she kills Mark, and she admits that her guy will find out how angry she is. Flash warns that getting the person responsible doesn't always make things better, but Patty figures it has to be better than her life now.

The next morning, Jay works on the wand while Barry leaves a message on Patty's phone. He confirms that the wand looks like the original, and admits that he doesn't know what to say.

At a mall, James is dressed up like Santa and listening to kid's wishes. He gives the children presents and tells them not to open them until the next day.

Zoom emerges through the breach in S.T.A.R. Labs. Harry is waiting and says that he needs more time. Zoom gives him one more day and then goes back through the breach.

The team picks up an atmospheric disturbance at Central City Square. There's a tree lighting ceremony with thousands of people there. Barry grabs the wand and heads for the square.

At a roof atop the square, Weather Wizard is summoning the storm when Flash arrives. When Flash holds up the wand, Weather Wizard casually flies away by manipulating air currents. Flash speeds after him, running along the walls, and brings down Weather Wizard at the square. Trickster slides a present over and Weather Wizard explains that it contains a bomb. Disguised as Santa, Trickster has handed out a hundred of them. Weather Wizard says that Flash can't get them all in time, and to save them he'll have to let Weather Wizard take his life. Flash hands over the wand and Weather Wizard hits him with a hail blast.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry says that all they have to do is find one bomb and then they can get rid of all of them by sending them through a breach using a drone.

Weather Wizard continues blasting Flash.

Cisco, Jay, and Harry take the lab van and cross-reference credit card statements with families under 10. Once they find a house, Harry tells the boy who answers the door for all of his toys.

Weather Wizard blasts Flash with electricity as Trickster applauds.

Harry, Jay, and Cisco take the bomb to a street below a breach. The Earth-2 scientist explains that they'll use the drone to put the bomb into the breach. If they change the dimensional frequency of the bomb then it will drag all of the others with it. Harry sends the drone up with the bomb.

Trickster pulls out a knife and prepares to finish off Flash.

The drone enters the breach and across the city, the other 99 bombs are pulled up. They explode in the breach, and Cisco radios Flash that the bombs are gone. The speedster makes short work of Trickster, grabs the wand, and disposes of Weather Wizard.

Patty pulls up and fires a gun to anchor Flash to the street. She prepares to shoot Weather Wizard, insisting that he deserves to die. Weather wizard figures that she can't do it, and Flash warns her that her life will end as well if she pulls the trigger. The hero says that her father wouldn't have wanted her to go to prison, and Patty puts the villain under arrest.

Later back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Joe comes to collect Barry for the Christmas Party. Joe says that things went well when he talked to Francine, and he finally forgave her. Wally still doesn't know that Joe is his father. Joe gives Barry his watch, and says that one day he would give it to his son... and now he has. Once Joe leaves, Barry puts on the watch and looks at Harry in the next room. He talks to "his" Harrison, and says that he still hates him for what he did. However, Barry says that he can't hate Harrison anymore and forgives him. Harry looks up and asks Barry over the intercom if he needs something. Barry invites him to the Christmas party, but Harry says that he can't celebrate without his daughter.

At the house, Jay helps Caitlin put up mistletoe and they kiss beneath it. Patty arrives and she apologizes to Barry. She says that she's been dealing with something and she's ready to tell Barry about it. They kiss and Patty then tells Joe that she's Barry's girlfriend. There's another knock at the door, even though they're not expecting anyone. Joe answers the door and Wally introduces himself. Iris comes over and Wally admits that he doesn't know why he came. Joe insists that he come in.

Harry meets Zoom at one of the breaches. The villain asks what it's going to be, and Harry says that he knows why Zoom is sending villain after villain. He figures that Flash gets faster and full of speed force, so that he can feed on him. Zoom says that Harry is going to help him, and Harry demands to see Jessie. The villain brings her through the breach and Harry hugs his daughter. Zoom takes her back and tells Harry to decide. Harry says that he'll help him steal Flash's speed in return for Jessie's life.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2015

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