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Pilot Recap

An interviewer meets with Tori Olafsdotter, a former research assistant at the Eno Meteorological Institute. Tori admits that she doesn't have much self-confidence, or thought she could become a superhero.

In the city of New Metro, at the Eno Institute, Dr. Wellesley Eno is telling an assistant to analyze the new process when Dr. Arliss Hopke approaches him and asks for a moment of his time. Eno tells him to focus on their current project and sends him on his way. As he goes, Arliss bumps into Tori, who drops her papers, and Eno goes to help her. When she says that she has work to do, Eno tells her to get her rest for the upcoming fundraiser. Tori doesn't want to deal with it because of her self-confidence issues, but Eno assures her that she's competent and attractive. She tries to compliment him but embarrasses herself, and Eno walks off.

Barry Allen insists that he's a nice guy but admits that he has a lot of time on his hands.

The landlord is tossing out Barry's things when he's behind on the rent. As he picks up his clothing, Barry receives a signal. As he runs off, the landlord drops his VCR on the sidewalk.

Guy Gardner, software salesman, figures that Barry has it lucky because he doesn't work. On the other hand, Guy has a lot going on.

Trying to apologize to his girlfriend Cheryl, Guy takes her to a restaurant, gets flowers, champagne, and a stuffed rabbit, and hires a group of violinists to serenade them.

Tori admits that as the new one, she's had to make some adjustments.

As Tori works at her station, she picks up an oncoming hurricane. Arliss comes over and complains that she didn't talk to Eno about his project, and that it could save the institute. Tori is focused on the hurricane and Arliss storms off, while Eno comes over to check on the readings. He tells Arliss to get him the readings, while Tori brings up a recorded broadcast of a masked man calling himself The Weatherman who predicted the hurricane and warned that it would be but the first incident of bad weather. Eno tells Tori to go out to get the readings and when she hesitates, says that she can't spend her life in front of a computer.

Guy serenades Cheryl and then apologizes for leaving her at the opera the other night. He assures her that he'll be there for her more often... just as his signal device goes off. Guy apologizes again and takes off.

B.B. DaCosta tells the interviewer that she loves acting.

As the storm picks up, B.B. arrives at the audition for a new fruit commercial, dressed as a banana. The young director, Martin Walters, calls B.B. up for her big scene, but she gets a signal and says that she has to split.

Science teacher Ray Palmer explains that he became a scientist to help people and make startling new discoveries.

Ray lectures a high school class on photosynthesis as the storm picks up outside. He gets a signal and tells a student to elaborate for the class while he leaves.

At the institute, Eno and Tori go to the roof and watch the hurricane form in the harbor. Eno imagines what they could do if they could harness the power of the storm, and Tori admiringly says that if anyone can do it, Eno can.

In a park by the harbor, a power pole starts to topple, threatening a small boy. Green Lantern arrives to catch the pole. Elsewhere, a toppling wall traps three works, but the heroine Fire shows up to burn them loose.

The Atom shrinks down to rescue a cat trapped beneath a porch.

In the harbor, the Flash speeds around the hurricane, creating a counter-current to stop the storm, as Tori and Eno watch in amazement. Once the storm ends, the Weatherman goes on the airs again to congratulate the four heroes of the Justice League... but warns that the weather can change at any time.

Barry tells the interviewer that he's just a normal guy who likes normal things, but admits that he hasn't got a handle on the job thing yet.

The four heroes meet in an alleyway and switch to their civilian identities. Ray insists that it's impossible for anyone to manipulate the weather, and Barry complains that it's impossible to get a job. When he wonders where he's going to stay the night since he's lost his apartment, the other heroes quickly depart.

B.B. likes her hero career but admits that it makes it hard to focus on acting sometime.

The actress returns to the studio to discover that everyone has gone home except Martin. He tells B.B. that they filled the fruit role but that she deserves better things. Martin introduces himself and shakes her hand... a lot. B.B. says that it's been a pleasure and starts to leave, and Martin suggests that they have dinner sometime. She tries to let the much younger man down as best she can and quickly leaves. Once B.B.'s gone, Martin picks up her discarded resume and checks the address.

Guy returns home to the apartment he shares with Ray and tries to call Cheryl without success. When he wonders why the apartment is so neat, Ray explains that Barry cleaned the entire place and Guy realizes that Ray invited Barry to stay with them. The science teacher figures that it'll only be for a while, while Barry sets the dinner table at superspeed. They sit down to eat but Barry eats all of the food at superspeed to keep up with his metabolism. Guy finally tells Barry that he needs to get a life, and his friend admits that he has nothing going for him but his speed. Barry assures them that he'll pull his weight and leave as soon as he can.

That night at the weather institute, Tori is working late and is surprised when Arliss emerges from his lab. He defensively says that he likes working late because there are fewer people snooping around and she assures him that she isn't there to snoop as she goes into the lab.

B.B. arrives at the apartment to run lines and Barry eagerly volunteers. She asks about Cheryl and Guy assures her that things are fine with his girlfriend. He calls her answering machine and discovers that she's left a message saying she's never going to speak to him again. Barry remembers that Cheryl dropped off a present for Guy and gives him the dismembered stuffed rabbit from the restaurant.

At the institute, Tori drops her water bottle behind a console. When she moves it, Tori finds a hidden compartment with a metal suitcase inside. When she opens it, an automatic mechanism triggers, spilling her water bottle on the circuitry inside. There's a flash of blue energy but nothing else apparently happens. Tori backs out, bumping into a flask, and leaves the lab. She's unaware that the flask has frozen solid in a matter of seconds. When she closes the door, it freezes behind her.

As Tori walks home along the lake, skater Thomas Keensey goes past her, slips on some water, and falls into the water. She runs into the water to help him and the water freezes around her in expanding circles.

Ray complains that everyone thinks he's a nice guy... and it's the kiss of death for dating.

Ray shrinks down to repair the TV set without success so they call in a repairman. He fixes it with some gun and the foil wrapper, much to Ray's disgust, and they turn on the news. The newscaster is talking about the lake freezing up and speculates if the Weatherman is responsible. Ray notices Tori in the crowd and smiles appreciatively.

At home, Tori wakes when she hears someone moving... and the intruder slaps a gas mask on her face, knocking her out. When she wakes up again, a figure speaks from the shadows, asking how she froze the lake. Tori denies it but her interrogator points out that she's an expert on weather and wonders if she's taken her knowledge to the next level. When she still denies it, the interrogator asks her to focus on a glass of water on a nearby table. As Tori stares at the glass, insisting that it's impossible, the water freezes. When she insists that they have no right to keep her there, the interrogator agrees and Tori passes out. The Justice League members step out of the shadows and wonder if Tori is the Weatherman. The Atom insists that she must be innocent, and their leader, the interrogator, suggests that they get her to talk to someone she trusts.

The next morning, Tori wakes up from a nightmare of being frozen solid, with her memories of the interrogation wiped.

Barry goes to his new job at the post office and delivers all the mail in a matter of seconds. The other workers decide to call a meeting.

Tori arrives at the institute and Arliss comments that she's acting cold. Eno comes in and Arliss tries to talk to him about his project. When he says that he has to talk to Tori, Arliss says that he'll unveil his project at the fundraiser and Eno absent-mindedly tells agrees to get him to leave. Once they're alone, Eno admits that he's suspicious that someone at the Institute is the Weatherman and asks Tori if she has any ideas. She points out that Arliss has been acting suspiciously and Eno says that he'll look into it. However, he suddenly starts feeling ill and walks out. As "Eno" leaves, the real Eno walks up and the imposter ducks out of sight, his hand turning green.

B.B. meets with her agent Sparky, who tells her that a French director noticed her at an audition and wants to cast her in a major movie. As the actress leaves, Martin follows her and B.B. quickly doubles back and confronts him. She realizes that he's the "French director" and Martin explains that he was hoping to stroke her career. He figures that she B.B. has high standards and is looking for a soulmate, impressing her with his insight, and B.B. says that she'll call him.

Guy tracks down Cheryl and claims that he had a software emergency, but she's understandably skeptical. She figures that he's afraid of intimacy and Guy is eager to agree before she suspects he's a superhero. The Weatherman makes another broadcast demanding $20 million. To demonstrate his powers, he unleashes a hailstorm on the city square... right where Guy and Cheryl are. Guy's signal device goes off and he tells Cheryl that he'll be right back as the hail starts coming down. She tries to run but slips on the hail and falls... and Green Lantern arrives to shield her. The other heroes arrive and Fire melts the hail Cheryl complains to Green Lantern that Guy abandoned her but reconsiders when Green Lantern suggests she give Guy a second chance.

Later at their apartment, the heroes receive a transmission from their leader, advising them to watch Arliss while he's at the fundraiser. Ray agrees to go into the institute to check the computer files, and Barry complains that he lost his job at the post office. B.B. gets a message from Martin asking why she didn't call and Guy, her former boyfriend, wonders if Martin is up to her high standards.

Guy, B.B. and Barry talk about how they worried that Tori wouldn't fit in at first. B.B. points out that they have enough teamwork problems on their own.

Barry, B.B., and Guy attend the fundraiser and Guy uses his power ring to steal an invitation. B.B. charms her way past the guard and Barry superspeeds by. They get inside and B.B. lets Ray out of her purse. Meanwhile, Eno asks if Tori is okay and she admits that she's stressed out. Her boss assures her that they'll get their funding and promises that Tori will be his new head of research. Tori eagerly accepts and Eno suggests they share a toast, but Tori quickly leaves when her powers flare up, freezing the nearby champagne glasses. Meanwhile, Barry watches Arliss from the buffet table and asks the waiter if they're hiring.

Tori talks about how she froze her lips to her boyfriend's on her first date.

As Tori goes off, she runs into Ray. He assures her that she looks fine and Tori starts to talk about how things in life happen that are making her feel different. Ray understands all too well but says that he got over it when he realized he didn't want to be like everyone else. They introduce themselves as Guy comes over and tells Ray that they have to get going.

Ray uses a credit card to open the lock and get into the lab, while Guy watches the door. Cheryl comes by, says she has nothing to say to Guy, and walks off. After a moment, Guy goes after her.

Ray figures that he could be tougher.

Inside the lab, Ray scans for the computers and shrinks to bypass the electric eye beams. Accessing the computer, he finds a file on a weather manipulator

Guy follows Cheryl back to the party and finds her with another man, Dr. Peter Holman. When she wonders if Guy is there alone, B.B. overhears them and steps in. Meanwhile, Arliss approaches Eno and reminds him about his demonstration and Eno tells him he has more important things to deal with. However, he discovers that Senator Hoffman, the man in charge of funding, won't be there after all.

Tori goes to the lab and finds Ray at the computer. He tells her to take a look at what he's found and she steps forward, breaking the eye beams. Below, B.B. and Guy notice the security guards entering the lab. Ray shrinks down to slip past them.

Ray talks about how he used to have problems when parts of him wouldn't enlarge consistently.

Tori realizes that someone at the institute has created the weather manipulator, the same device she found in the basement. The guards arrive and assume that she's there as part of her normal duties, and Tori apologizes for triggering the alarm by mistake.

Arliss hauls a large cardboard box out of the institute and puts it in his car as the Flash watches from the bushes. The speedster follows Arliss to Eno's home and watches as the scientist puts the box on the front porch. When Arliss starts to open it, the Flash speeds forward and stops him, accusing him of being the Weatherman. Arliss has no idea what he's talking about and explains that the device in the box is his new weather forecaster.

That night, Tori goes back to the main lab and discovers that the weather manipulator is gone. She goes to the roof to check the satellite dish and finds the manipulator, along with a timer triggering an impact for 10:30 the next morning and the latitude and longitude. As Tori writes down the coordinates, she hears the Weatherman speaking and discovers that Eno is recording another message, using a voice synthesizer and masking device. Eno sees her and she runs downstairs, holding the door shut. When Eno tries to open it, Tori freezes the knob, burning his hand.

The next morning, Ray finds Barry in the kitchen writing up an application for a mid-management job. Tori arrives at their door and Ray insists that she's on their side. Guy tells him to get rid of Tori and Ray invites her in. He claims that he was working undercover for a law enforcement agency and Tori finally explains that Eno is the Weatherman. She gives Ray the coordinates and the time of the Weathermans' next strike, and he says that he'll take care of it. As Tori goes, Ray assures her that she can always trust him.

Tori assures Ray that nice is sexy.

As B.B. goes out jogging, Martin shows up three hours early for their date. Impressed despite herself, B.B. realizes that they're both Army brats and Martin says that he has tickets for a popular show. She figures that they have to talk before things go too far, but Martin insists on giving her a pair of gold earrings first. However, she gets the Justice League signal and says that she has to leave, and they'll talk later.

B.B. talks about how her flame powers manifested for the first time when her older sister got a doll that B.B. wanted during Christmas.

Fire averts the Weatherman's planned 10:30 a.m. mudslide. As the heroes leave, Fire tells the reporter that they got there thanks to a report from a concerned citizen. Tori arrives by taxi and the Atom goes over to thank her. She explains that Eno didn't show up for work that morning and the Flash superspeeds to Eno's house to make sure he isn't there. Fire contacts their leader and he says now the time to bring Tori in.

Tori admits that she was nervous about joining the Justice League, but that Ray was always there for her because he's so nice.

The Justice League take a blindfolded Tori to their secret submarine base. "Eno" steps out but then shapeshifts into his true form as the Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz. He explains that he only has a limited time in human form, and that he took refuge on Earth because Mars had none of the freedoms of his adopted world. To protect those rights he sought out other heroes to help him... and they want Tori to join them. The Atom points out that she sought the skater from downing and J'onn offers to teach her how to control her new powers the same way that he taught the others. Tori just wants her own life back, but J'onn warns her that she's now different than everyone else... except the heroes. Now she must choose whether to run from her gift or embrace it.

Guy, Barry, and B.B. explain how wise and fathering J'onn is, and that's he's green.

Martin buys a double milkshake from an ice cream truck to drown his sorrows. He sees the interview from the last Weatherman disaster and realizes that Fire is wearing the earrings he gave to B.B.

As Tori considers J'onn's offer, the Atom comes over and admits that he felt just like her. He talks about how he found a radioactive rock in the desert and after touching it, he shrunk. Afraid of being labeled a freak, Ray couldn't talk to anyone about it and lost everyone. J'onn finally found him and gave him a new life. When Tori wonders why he's helping her, Ray unmasks, revealing his secret identity.

Ray and Tori talk about how they play pranks using Ray's shrinking power, and how Ray was happy to find someone he could have a personal connection with.

At home, Tori tries to gain control of her powers but ends up freezing her dog's water bowl. Back at JLA HQ, she freezes the main chamber but can't freeze a drop of water. J'onn tells her to focus and to embrace the water with her heart and mind.

Ray assures Tori that he wasn't worried about her failing.

As Tori starts to gain control of her powers, Fire receives a text message and leaves, saying she can handle it on her own. The Weatherman goes on the air with another broadcast, demanding $20 million or he'll destroy New Metro.

B.B. meets Martin at the studio and demands to know what's going on. Martin explains that he knows who she really is.

The JLA confirm that the city can't raise $20 million in time and won't pay an extortionist in any case. The Flash searches the city at superspeed but finds nothing, and Tori suggests that she go to her home where she has some of Eno's files.

B.B. tries to dismiss Martin's suspicions but he refuses to accept her denials. He explains that he recognized her from the earrings and that he bought them in France for someone special. B.B. tries to claim Fire is her friend and secretly opens her signal device. J'onn goes to the studio, shapeshifted to match Fire, and convinces Martin. Martin admits to B.B. that it's not going to work out between them and she gives him the earrings back and tells him to give them to someone who really deserves them. Martin wishes her luck finding her perfect guy and walks away. J'onn points out that B.B. doesn't seem very relieved and she admits that Martin would have been perfect for her if he was a little older.

Tori is at home checking the files when Eno shows up at her doorstep and asks if he can come in. He begs her for a minute and explains that he played by the rules for years. Eno knows about her powers and suggests that they join forces and tries to grab her, and Tori freezes him. She then grabs the weather manipulator and runs off.

Tori returns to JLA HQ and hands over the case. However, the Weatherman goes on the air and says that he will rush New Metro with a giant tidal wave in one hour. J'onn realizes that the "weather manipulator" is a tracking device... just as a heat beam slams into the HQ, burning out the door circuits. With no way out, Tori is their only hope. She can't focus, and the Atom asks Barry for a stick of his gum. Using the same technique as the TV repairman, the Atom bridges the circuit and opens the elevator door. J'onn tells them to go without him, assuring the team that he's accustomed to high temperatures.

Back on the surface, the team splits up. The Flash takes the citizens to higher ground, the Atom and Fire try to stop the tidal wave, and Green Lantern searches for the satellite dish large enough to generate the tidal wave. As for Tori, they tell her to find somewhere safe to hide.

Eno sets up the weather manipulator at a broadcast tower outside of New Metro as Green Lantern finds him. Before the hero can stop him, Eno initiates the tidal wave.

Fire and the Atom see the approaching tidal wave and realize it will impact the city in a matter of minutes.

The Flash finds a group of four abandoned group home children and takes three of them, promising to come back for the fourth.

Green Lantern orders Eno to give him the weather manipulator, threatening him with an energy chainsaw, but Eno tosses it over the side.

Tori makes her way through the panicking crowds and finally turns and goes to the harbor.

The Flash goes back for the last boy, only for a dozen other children to run up. Realizing he can't get them all to safety, he tells them that it will be okay and braces himself.

Tori concentrates, focusing her power... and the tidal wave freezes solid.

Later, Tori is relaxing at home when the League come to see her in their civilian identities. She tells them through the door to go away, but Ray slips under the door and apologizes for leaving her behind. The others come in ask her to join. B.B. shows Tori the new costume she made for her and suggests she use the heroic name Ice. Tori accepts and J'onn calls in says that he's looking forward to working with her. Guy heads off for a lunch date with Cheryl while B.B. goes to meet with Martin... and his new girlfriend, a 16-year-old cheerleader. Barry has to get back to his new job at the group home, leaving Ray and Tori alone. He invites her to lunch and Tori accepts, and then asks what they would have done if she said no since she knows their secret identities. Ray tells her that she's better off not knowing and they head out.

As the police take Eno to prison, they're unaware he has a small heat-beam generator hidden on his person.

As they walk down the street, Tori freezes water from a fire hydrant where children are playing.

Later at JLA HQ, Tori is inducted into the Justice League.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2015

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