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The Waldo Moment Recap

Gwendolyn Harris is called in to a committee meeting. They ask why she wants to be a MP, and Gwendolyn says that she’d rather do something about the country’s problems rather than sit back and moan about it.

On a sound stage, Conor Simpson is rehearsing his monologue for his show. The producers receive word that Tory MP Jason Gladwell is resigning over a Twitter porn pic scandal. His resignation is triggering a by- election in Stentonford and Hersham. They wonder where the voice actor, Jamie Salter, is.

Jamie is in his dressing room and makes a call, and the woman tells him to focus on Waldo and do his show. His producer Tamsin knocks on the door and tells him to hurry up.

The Labour MP selection committee asks Gwendolyn if there’s anything in her past that could prove problematic. She jokingly says that she committed a series of murders, and they dismiss her via a separate door than the one she came in. Gwendolyn goes out and calls herself an idiot for trying to be funny.

On his show Tonight: One Week Only, Conor is doing jokes about Gladwell. Jamie arrives at the control booth and Tamsin tells him that Conor is taking Jamie’s gag. She tells him to be Waldo, and Jamie reluctantly agrees. On stage, Conor speaks with Waldo: an animated blue bear. Waldo is interviewing former Minister for Culture, Liam Monroe, for the children’s educational segment of the show. The VT segment has Liam entering Waldo’s cave stage set and Waldo jokes with him at his expense.

At the after-show party, Tamsin wants Jamie to talk to a guest, Jim, with Jack Napier, the head of the broadcast company. Jamie reluctantly goes over and Jim informs them that Monroe has lodged a complaint. He explains that it could give them a big breakthrough. Jack is called away, and Jim says that they want to see do a Waldo pilot.

Gwendolyn is shopping when she gets a text informing her that she’s been selected.

The next day, the production crew tries to work out what they’ll do for the pilot. Jamie wants to do his live-action character, but Tamsin wants to focus on Waldo ideas. Jack comes in and shows them a Waldo app, and asks how they’re doing. He then tells them that Monroe is running for the by-election and suggests that Waldo provide on-the-scene political commentary. The writers seize on it, suggesting that they send a van with a screen so Waldo can appear and get under Monroe’s skin. Jamie objects, pointing out that he’s not political, but Jack suggests that they enter Waldo in the by-election. He assures Jamie that no one will vote for the animated figure, but they’ll have an excuse to hang around for the count. They add the “Vote Waldo” idea to the whiteboard.

Later, Monroe is holding a meeting with mothers when the van shows up. Waldo comes on the screen and calls out to Monroe as he comes out. Monroe walks to his car and tells his people to find out what they can about Jamie.

Later, Gwendolyn is at her new office trying to get the app to work so she can mail leaflets out against Her co-worker Roy warns that Monroe doesn’t need a leaflet.

Monroe is talking about licensing fees with people on the street when the Waldo van pulls up. Waldo calls to Monroe, who tries to ignore him. The van pulls to a halt, and people gather. Waldo asks a mother to Monroe why he’s ignoring Waldo, and the other pedestrians join in. Against the advice of his people, Monroe refuges to ignore Waldo. They spar verbally and Monroe dismisses Jamie as a washed-up comedian. The crowd sides with Waldo as he continues insulting Monroe.

That night, Jamie and Tomson go back to their hotel. Gwendolyn walks past and Tamsin explains that she’s the Labour candidate and tells Jamie to read her background : alone. At the bar, Jamie watches Gwendolyn as she talks with Roy. She abruptly dismisses him and then glances over at the TV where the news is running a report on the Waldo versus Monroe confrontation. Jamie sits down next to Gwendolyn and he explains that he’s the voice of Waldo. Gwendolyn congratulates him and they drink. She loosens up and Jamie warns her that she’s not going to win. He suggests that she be honest because everyone knowsshe won’t win. They go to Jamie’s room and they have sex. As they do, Jamie tells Gwendolyn that she’s amazing. Afterward, Jamie lies awake looking at a sleeping Gwendolyn until she wakes up. He says that he hasn’t been happy in a while, and being with her is good. Jamie asks for her number and Gwendolyn says yes and kisses him.

The next day, Jamie meets Tamsin at the van and she tells him that Monroe is on the road. As they drive there, Jamie texts Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn is on the road with Roy and ignores the text. She realizes that she’s in Monroe territory, just as someone drives by and yells that he’s voting Waldo. Gwendolyn tells Roy that she was with Jamie and what he does, and Roy worries that she told him something about their campaign. He warns that Jamie will mock them next and advises her not to see Jamie again.

After they park, Tamsin tells Jamie that some students are doing a Question Time type panel and they want Waldo there as the comic relief. Once she leaves, Jamie calls Gwendolyn. She’s handing out leaflets and ignores Jamie’s call when she sees who it is. He waits in the hotel until Gwendolyn comes back, and then approaches her. Gwendolyn puts him off and finally says that she can’t see him before walking away.

Later at the show, Gwendolyn sits down on the panel with the other candidates. Waldo is there on a TV screen, and Monroe discusses drug use. Jamie tosses dirty jokes at him, and Monroe explains that Jamie is the voice of Waldo. He describes Jamie’s failed career as a comedian and how he hides behind a cartoon and swears. Monroe says that Waldo’s inclusion on the panel is an offense to the participants, and says that Jamie has nothing to say. He tells Waldo to speak, and after a moment Jamie swears at him. Jamie says that Monroe is a bigger joke than he is, and the audience applauds. Continuing, Jamie says that nobody votes for him and he thinks that he’s entitled. The moderator tries to bring Gwendolyn in, but Waldo continues, saying that no one trusts politicians like Monroe and Gladwell. Monroe says that he had no idea Gladwell was a pedophile, and Waldo says that all politicians are pretending.

As the audience applauds, the moderator asks Gwendolyn if all politics are a waste of time. Waldo turns on her,saying that she’s faker than Monroe. He tells Gwendolyn to say why she’s there, and when she can’t answer, Waldo says that she’s just there to build a show reel and get public attention. The bear says that nobody knows what any of it is for thanks to people like Monroe, flips the finger, and signs off as the audience goes wild. Jamie storms out and goes back to his hotel room.

Later, Jamie is lying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Tamsin knocks at his door and tells him that Jack wants to see them. As Jamie gets ready, he listens to broadcasts about how Waldo has tapped a nerve and gone viral. When he and Tamsin arrive at Jack’s estate, Jack tells him that Waldo is everywhere, and Waldo is in third place. He figures that Waldo can voice everyone who is pissed at the status quo, and Waldo has been invited on Consensus for a 10-minute interview with Phillip Crane. Jamie points out that he isn’t a politician and isn’t interested in politics. Tamsin assures him that she’ll give Jamie any facts he needs, and the rest is Jamie doing Waldo. Jack hopes that Crane realizes that there’s a team behind Waldo, because all of the other MPs have teams and they’re just being honest about it.

Jamie wonders why he should do it, and Jack tells him that Waldo has the attention of the young. They’ll push the fact that Waldo isn’t real... but he’s still realer than the other candidates. Jamie still isn’t convinced, and Jack warns that the company owns Waldo and he can continue even if Jamie doesn’t participate. He walks away, doing the Waldo voice.

That night, Jack is trying the controls when Jamie comes in. Consensus begins and Crane introduces Waldo as the voice of protest voters. He asks if Waldo is actively dangerous because he encourages dissent. Afterward, Jack congratulates Jamie and shows him the new Waldo app. He then takes him to a meeting with Jeff Carter, an American from “the agency.” Carter says that Waldo is the perfect figurehead: a construct with a team that people embrace. He figures that Waldo could ultimately deliver any political message they want, without the disadvantages of a human messenger. Jamie points out that they won’t win, and Carter agrees... and says that it doesn’t matter. They can take Waldo worldwide with the proper targeted message, bringing the disenfranchised onboard. Jack admits that it’s interesting, and Carter says that after England, they can roll Waldo out in South America.

At Gwendolyn’s campaign office, Roy tells Gwendolyn that the4 party leader isn’t coming because she’s considered too toxic.

Jamie is watching a newscast about Gwendolyn’s dwindling support.

Monroe’s advisor tells him that Waldo is overtaking Gwendolyn. He wonders if the whole system is absurd and Waldo is just pointing it out, and notes that the current system built the roads.

Gwendolyn is in her office alone when Jamie comes in and apologizes. She says that she would have called him after the campaign, and all Jamie has done is strengthened revolution. She says that Jamie has no courage or mindset, and he doesn’t stand for anything. Jamie goes out to the Waldo van and Jamie tells him that it’s the final push. They arrive at a mall and Waldo tells everyone not to vote for him. He tells the voters that he’s worse than a wasted vote. Roy throws garbage at the screen, and Jack tries to gag Jamie. Jamie shoves him away, says that he’s resigning, and goes outside. He says that Roy is the hero.

Jack takes over Waldo and tells people to vote for him and get the Waldo app. Jamie grabs a garbage bin and tries to smash the screen, and “Waldo” offers 500 quid for the first man who attacks Jamie. A man grabs Jamie and beats him, while Waldo cheers.

Later, Jamie is in the hospital when the election results are announces. Monroe wins with Waldo coming in second. The audience boos Monroe and cheers Waldo, and Waldo offers 500 quid to anyone who throws a show at Monroe. Several people throw shoes at Monroe.

Later, Jamie is unemployed and on the streets. He sees screens everywhere of Waldo, speaking in different languages as the cartoon bear goes worldwide. Furious, Jamie throws a bottle at a screen and two policemen come over and beat him to the ground.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 19, 2015

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