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Blues for Barnaby Recap

Eric continues talking about The Spoils Before Dying, and asks for his wine. He recaps how Rock may or may not have killed Fresno, and has been given three days to clear his name. Eric interrupts to demand the wine that was promised, until they remind him he already has a glass. The famous director talks about his former lover Laureighya Samcake in the role of Delores, and her compulsive infidelities and bare-knuckled fistfights.


In Actual Mexico City, Rock and Delores go out while Salizar watches them. Rock tells Delores what happened and how Fresno turned up dead in LA. He admits that he’s not sure if he killed Fresno, and Rock points out Salizar. She doesn’t know who he is and invites Rock to stay at her place until the next day when they can head somewhere safe.

Rock and Delores end up in bed at Delores’ hotel room. The ghost of Fresno appears to Rock and admits that Delores used to be good until the booze and pills caught up to her. She wonders why Rock is in Mexico, and figures that Rock is jealous of her and Professor Stymagian. Fresno demands answers, and rock explains that the police think he murdered her. She assures Rock that he didn’t kill her, and says that she came to tell Rock not to go back to LA because doom awaits him. Delores wakes up and tells Rock that he was dreaming, and pulls him back into the bed.

Later, Rock hits the streets and notices Salizar following him. The jazz musician ducks into an alley and ambushes his white-suited follower. After a vicious fight, Salizar draws a gun on Rock and demands the gold cigarette case. He knows that the police suspect Rock of Fresno’s murder, and tells Rock to hand over the case. Once Salizar leaves, Rock picks up a stray cat and goes back to the hotel. He says that they have to go and tells her to name the cat. Fighting for self-control, Delores names it Dizzy. Soon, they hit the road and tour the world on the motorbike. However, Rock figures that he has to head back to LA to clear his name.

Rock drops off Delores and Dizzy at his apartment and goes to the city morgue. The coroner, Gary Dunhill, is an old Army buddy from World War II. Gary is glad to help and finds Stymagian’s corpse. He gets the bag of Stymagian’s possessions but there’s no sign of the gold cigarette case. There’s a shipping schedule for the San Pedro docks, a math equation on a cocktail napkin, a matchbook cover, and a lockbox key. Gary is glad to let Rock hold onto the items, and offers him a look at Fresno’s corpse. He assures his friend that he cleaned the body up, and Rock takes a look at Fresno. He imagines her coming back to life and repeats her warning, and admits that she can’t tell him who killed her because she’s dead. R9ock figures that he’ll see her again real soon, and starts to kiss her. Gary interrupts and Fresno tells Rock that Gary kisses the other corpses.

Back at the Swingyard, Rock plays the piano to clear his head. Alistair comes in and Rock asks him if he can get Delores some work. The agent warns that Alistair is trouble with a small t, and Rock agrees to play on Artie Mann’s show.

Back at his apartment, Rock finds Chip and Kermit waiting. They go inside and discover that Delores baked an improvised chocolate banana cake. Chip says that his group, The Four Robins, cut a record and starts singing. Kermit finally restrains his partner and asks Rock what he knows about Stymagian. He admits that their superiors won’t let them look into Stymagian, and Rock tells them that he’s quitting. The detectives warn him that he either finds out about Stymagian or he’ll go to the electric chair, and they discuss Delores’ cake. She serves up some cake and they all eat and laugh until things turn nasty. Once the sugar high is over, they pass out briefly. The men leave, leaving Delores behind.


Eric is busy describing an onion blossom, and invites the audience to join him again if they can... because they’re paying him to say it.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 20, 2015

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