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Fear Steps In Recap

Eric talks about how he wrote The Spoils Before Dying in one night, and how he’s stuck in an old lover’s villa waiting for death.


Rock drives back to the Swingyard with the alto sax that Wardell had on him when he was murdered. He cuts the case open looking for the gold cigarette case. Rock doesn’t find anything and Beatrice confirms that it wasn’t the tenor sax that Wardell took with him on the night he died. Alistair comes in and worries about Rock’s breakdown on The Artie Mann Show. Rock admits that he was probably on drugs, and doesn’t want to talk about the jazz & strings album. He tells Alistair that the album is going to have to wait and walks out.

The musician goes to Kenton’s bungalow on the beach. Kenton is jumpy and tells Rock that he can’t help him with Stymagian’s murder. Rock points out that Kenton seems nervously, and the man nervously denies that he isn’t nervous. He insists that Stymagian was protecting homosexuals but won’t say from who. Kenton finally warns that they’re both in danger, just as a helicopter flies up to the bungalow. Rock ducks for cover and a gunner shoots Kenton down. Before he dies, Kenton mutters the name “Gerhart Moll.”

Rock goes back to his apartment and finds Delores tied up on the bed. Salizar knocks Rock out from behind and Rock hallucinates a conversation with Dizzy. Dizzy advises him to think like a cat and recites cat poetry about lion cages. Rock asks Dizzy if he should do a strings album, and the cat explains that he can’t advise him because he can’t talk.

Salizar slaps Rock awake and serves him a daiquiri. Rock warns that someone got to Stymagian before the police did, and there’s no sign of the cigarette case. Salizar warns that if Rock doesn’t get him the case then he’ll come back and blow Delores’ brains out on the floor. Once he leaves, Rock unties Delores and they kiss. He assures her that she gave good mouth-help...

The film breaks and Eric explains that the governments confiscated the original five-minute sex scene. A Swedish film historian managed to piece together the scene from the original storyboards found in a French whorehouse and a Germanic audio recording. The heavily-censored storyboards then play with the audio in the background.

After sex, Rock and Delores smoke and Rock figures that they could have had a real go at it. Delores assures him that they still can and figures that Rock is still in love with Fresno. He admits that he’ll always love Fresno, and Delores tells him that he has to find out who killed her for both their sakes. They wonder where Dizzy is, and realize that they’re smothering him.

Later, Rock goes to Stymagian’s house in the hills. Rock’s album is on the table, and Rock puts it on and pours himself a drink. A woman comes in and threatens to call the police. She says that it’s her house and explains that she’s Stymagian’s daughter. Rock points out that there are no photos of her, and the woman says that she and her father were estranged. She knows about the cigarette case and asks what’s in it. Rock doesn’t know and the daughter suggests that it might be in the secret room. She leads Rock down deep into the Hollywood Hills to Stymagian’s secret room.

At the end of the trip is a large underground chamber. Dr. Caligarious is waiting for them, while the “daughter”--Agent Day--draws a gun on Rock and orders him to sit down. Once Rock sits down, Caligarious prepares to give him an injection of a special concoction that she’s made.


Eric warns the audience that there are two more parts yet to go, and wishes that they had cut it up into a hundred parts.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 20, 2015

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