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Hostile Takeover Recap

Astra confronts Supergirl as her two soldiers hold him. Supergirl breaks free and tries to fly off, but they grab her and pull her down. Astra holds a Kryptonite dagger to Supergirl's throat, and Supergirl is surprised that her aunt isn't affected by the substance. Her aunt says that she shielded herself, and Supergirl asks if she's afraid of a fair fight. Astra says that she doesn't want to fight her, and says that it's time for them to be a family again. Supergirl backs away and then tosses herself off the edge of the roof. By the time the Kryptonians have checked the area with their X-ray vision, Supergirl has escaped.

At the DEO, Supergirl tells Alex and Hank that Astra is up to something. She explains about how Astra wanted to recruit her, and Hank figures that Astra wants Supergirl off the board while she makes a city-wide attack. Alex and Hank both agree that Supergirl should get some rest, and Supergirl is surprised when Alex takes Hank's side. She tells Supergirl to come in and spar so she's ready. After Hank leaves, Alex tells her foster sister that he didn't have anything to do with Jeremiah's death but won't say how she knows.

The next day, Cat's email is hacked and Cat's lawyers tell her that the person responsible just wants to embarrass her. They warn that CatCo was embarrassed by the incident and advise Cat not to make it worse by suing. Kara comes in and assures Cat that it'll blow over, and suggests that she fight back. Cat tells Kara to call a meeting of the board and go through all of her emails and flag something that could be harmful. Kara warns that she'll need help, and Cat tells her to use James and Winn and keep it personal.

Once Kara calls them in, they go through the email printouts. The Planet posts another bunch of emails and Kara has Winn trace the hack. He suggests that they focus on Astra's return, and James is surprised that Kara didn't tell him. Kara says that the DEO is handling Astra and they're saving Cat. Winn snipes at James before leaving, and Kara insists that she and James are just friends who hug and James is with Lucy

At the Kryptonian base, Non wonders why Astra didn't kill Supergirl when she failed to convert her. Astra insists that her niece is stronger than they thought, and insists that Supergirl can be made to sea reason. When Non questions her, Astra reminds him that she's his general. Non offers to kill Supergirl for her, and Astra says that she will die rather than let another world die when she could save it. Undeterred, Non tells his wife that if she dies then Supergirl will die as well.

At the DEO, Alex and Supergirl are sparring and Supergirl takes her sister down and tells her to come at her again. Supergirl hesitates and Alex asks what she would have done if she wasn't her sister. Alex shuts down the Kryptonite emitters and tells Supergirl to let the DEO handle it. She points out that Astra is Supergirl's family, and figures that Supergirl still cares about her. Alex asks Supergirl if she's prepared to kill Astra, and wonders what she's holding onto from the past. Supergirl insists that there's nothing.

The Past

A young Kara runs to greet Astra when she returns in response to her message sent with a spy beacon. The girl says that Alura said that Astra wasn't coming back, and Astra says that Krypton is dying because of how they harnessed it for power. She's trying to get people to stop and see what they're doing, and has had to do some difficult things. Astra says that she would do anything to save the Kryptonians, particularly Kara, and she didn't want to leave without goodbye. They hug and Astra says that she couldn't have loved a daughter more if Kara were her own. Alura comes in and orders Kara to leave.


Kara returns to the CatCo office and Winn tells her that there's nothing out of place. James hasn't found anything other than weird investments. Kara shows their results to Cat, but she figures that she's fine as long as that's the worst that people could know about her. She then meets with the board and says that the hack is flattering. The board members aren't convinced, and point out that the emails are painting an unflattering picture of CatCo. The chairman of the board, Dirk Armstrong, unexpectedly speaks up in Cat's favor despite the fact that she insulted him in one of the e-mails. Cat refuses to take a sabbatical, and Dirk says that he trusts Cat's judgment. He says that Cat will undoubtedly walk away if something embarrassing does emerge, and Cat agrees.

Afterward, Cat tells Kara to keep going through the emails and find something before Dirk. Kara listens to Dirk in the elevator and hears him telling the other board members that Cat will be out by the end of the week. She then tells James and Winn that Dirk hired someone to hack Cat, and warns that they can't trust Cat's lawyers because they might be working with Dirk. Kara suggests that they talk to Lucy because of her legal background.

At Noonan's, Kara, Winn, and James describe the "hypothetical" situation to Lucy. She warns that they would need a memo confirming their accusation, and if they find it then they could have him arrested. However, without evidence they'd be making things much worse. As they talk, Kara sees a newscast showing Astra hovering over CatCo Plaza. She steps away and calls Alex, who warns that Astra is calling Supergirl out. Kara says that she has to confront her aunt.

Supergirl flies up to Astra, who says that it's just the two of them. She asks if Supergirl will talk to her, and Supergirl blasts her with her heat vision. They fight above National City and Supergirl saves the pedestrians from debris falling from the fight. Astra takes advantage of her distraction to knock Supergirl down, and says that Alura called her a liar because she had to make someone responsible for her own cruelty and deception. Supergirl knocks Astra down and beats her, and prepares to deliver a death blow. She hesitates and then drags Astra to the DEO. When Kara says that they'll call Supergirl when Astra wakes up, and Supergirl tells them to let her rot.

Back at CatCo, Winn tells Kara and James that they just need to plant a remote-access device on Dirk's computer. He figures that James is the one who has to go into Dirk's office, and James agrees. Winn calls Dirk's secretary to tell her that Dirk's Masarati is on fire, and Kara confirms via her X-ray vision that he's on the move. Once he takes the elevator down, James sneaks in and tries to attach the device to the laptop. The outside is plastic, and Winn tells him to attach it to the inner wiring. Once James does so, Winn begins the download. Meanwhile, Kara spots Dirk returning and James says that he has it. He sits on the desk just as Dirk comes in, and offers his full support if Cat goes down. Dirk thanks him for his support and a relieved James walks out.

Alex calls Kara and tells her that Astra has said she'll only talk to her. Supergirl flies to the DEO and Astra shows her the spy beacon and says that it's time that Supergirl know everything. The older woman explains that she took it with her to remind her why she turned her back on her family and betrayed the High Council. Astra insists that she and Non did what they had to do, and insists that Alura is ultimately responsible. Supergirl doesn't believe it, and figures that Astra went crazy in Fort Rozz. As Supergirl turns to go, Astra asks if it was Kara's idea to us the spy beacon that day, or Alura's.

The Past

Astra warns Alura that their planet will be dead in a year if their people keep abusing the environment. She admits that Non killed the guard but it was an unfortunate accident, and Astra offers to plead her sister's case before the High Council. Astra insists that they are all dying, including Kara, and says that the two of them can be on the same side again. Alura says that she's sorry and the guards that she summoned come in.


Astra says that Alura signed the death warrants of their entire race using Kara, and insists that she can stop Earth before it meets the same fate as Krypton. However, she needs Supergirl to help her. Alura begs her niece to help her, but Supergirl goes to the hologram chamber and asks the Alura projection if she used her to get Alura arrested. Alura admits that Kara was the only one that Astra would trust to come out of hiding. It isn't programmed to confirm if Alura was right. Furious, Supergirl says that Alura left her and blasts the hologram, and Alex shuts down the system. She says that Supergirl doesn't know what really happened--only what Astra is telling her--and Supergirl points out that Alura gave her and Astra life sentences. She then walks out.

At CatCo, Kara comes in and says that she doesn't want to talk about what is bothering her. Winn says that he's still working on cracking Dirk's email accounts. James has found an email from the bank to approve a wire transfer to Adam Foster. Adam is 24 and lives in Opal City, and Cat makes monthly payments into his personal account.

Kara confronts Cat with the information, but says that she knows better than to think Cat is keeping a man on the side. The assistant remembers that Cat sends Christmas cards to A. Foster in Opal City, and Cat admits that Adam is her oldest son. Adam's father isn't Carter's father, and Cat hadn't planned on having Adam at that time. The ex told Cat that she didn't care about him or Adam, and left. Cat sued for custody but dropped the lawsuit when she realized that her child would be better off without her. Kara says that she knows what it's like to question a mother's choices, and Cat says that not being there for Adam is her greatest regret. She doesn't want to speak to Adam after so long, and figures that Adam will get hurt by her again. However, Cat will quietly step down from CatCo rather than expose Adam to a media firestorm when the information goes public.

Cat arranges a press conference and Kara asks if she's sure she wants to do it. The CEO says that she doesn't know if there is anything she can do afterward, and is surprised when Kara assures her that she can do anything. Cat tells Kara that whatever comes next, she'll always have a job with her. As they prepare to head out, James, Lucy, and Winn run in with a printout of Dirk's printout. Cat realizes that Kara launched the investigation, and Kara hastily covers for the fact that she overheard Dirk. The CEO tells her to stall the press and call Dirk to her office.

When Dirk comes in, Cat tells him that she knows he was responsible for the hack and has the proof. Dirk points out that she hacked him to get the evidence, but Catnotes that he used CatCo computers to send the e-mail... and they legally belong to her. She informs Dirk that National City police and CatCo security are seizing his electronic devices. Two security guards come in and Cat tells them to make sure the press get plenty of photos of Dirk being dragged out. After Kara leaves, James tells Winn that he understands how much the IT guy likes Kara. Winn insists that he just likes Kara as a friend, but James tells him that he should tell Kara that he has feelings for her. Winn says that it's not so easy but James says that Kara is the kind of girl worth risking everything for... and if he was Winn, he'd risk it.

Alex is watching videos of Supergirl's fight with Astra. Hank comes over and Alex points out that Astra deliberately lost to Supergirl. He admits that Kryptonians are impervious to his telepathy, and Alex realizes that Astra wanted to lose. They go to Astra's cell and ask why she wanted the DEO distracted while her troops carried out their real plan. Astra says that it's too late to stop what's happening now.

Three Kryptonians fly into Lord Technologies.

Cat is out on her balcony when Kara comes out. The CEO says that what Kara did was something extraordinary, and points out that she was standing next to Kara after the board meeting and knows that Dirk wasn't within earshot. She's also realized that Kara was sick for the first time when Supergirl lost her powers, and how Supergirl showed up just after Kara fled from Livewire. Cat tells Kara to take off her glasses, and Kara reluctantly does so. Once she sees Kara's face, Cat thanks her for all the help she's given her and calls her Supergirl. Alex calls and Cat tells Kara that it's something important and she should take it. Inside, Kara answers the call and Alex says that Lord Technologies is under attack.

Max manages to take out one of the Kryptonians with an advanced weapon. Non easily subdues the guards and grabs Max by the throat. The DEO run in and Non orders his Kryptonians and aliens to kill the DEO agents. They easily kill several of the soldiers. One Kryptonian is surprised when Hank takes his strongest punch. Hank gets in close enough to rip off the soldier's anti-Kryptonian device, then blasts him with a Kryptonian gun.

As Non tosses aside a half-dozen soldiers and advances on Alex, Supergirl flies in. They both fly into the air, and Non asks Supergirl if she remembers him from Krypton. She does and they fly at each other.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 22, 2015

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