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All Hell Breaks Loose (2) Recap

Dean takes Sam's body to a shack near the ghost town of Goldcreek and apologizes for failing to protect him. Bobby comes in and says that they have to bury Sam and kill Azazel, but Dean insists that there's no point now that his brother is dead and tells Bobby to get out. After a moment, Bobby leaves.

Later, Dean goes back to the crossroad and tries to negotiate Sam's resurrection. The demon refuses to accept his soul even when Dean only asks for a year. She finally agrees but warns that if Dean tries to escape the deal then Sam will die for good. Dean grabs her and kisses her to seal the deal.

Jake is out in the woods remembering how he killed Sam when Azazel appears and congratulates him on winning his "game." Jake throws a superstrong punch at the Demon, ready to kill him for getting Danny killed... and is blasted back. Azazel reminds Jake that he is the source of the soldier's powers, and assures him that Jake's family will die as well if he continues with his defiance. Jake finally kneels before the Demon and asks what he wants him to do, and Azazel smiles in triumph.

At the shed, Sam comes back to life and realizes that the gaping wound in his chest is healed. Dean arrives and hugs him in relief.

At his junkyard, Bobby is checking the Internet and discovers that more demon signs have shown up since Sam and the others were kidnapped. The only place void of signs is southern Wyoming.

As they head out, Dean tells Sam that Missouri is dead. He claims that Bobby fixed Sam up with first aid and asked what happened in Goldcreek, and Sam explains about Azazel's survival game. Sam wonders how both he and Jake survived when there was only supposed to be one survivor, and Dean suggests that Azazel figures that Sam is dead. They arrive at Bobby's junkyard and Bobby is shocked to see that Sam is alive.

Once he's alone with Dean, Bobby calls him an idiot for making a deal with a demon. Dean points out that he was supposed to be dead a long time ago, and now he's sacrificing his life for something useful. Bobby calls him a loser, but Dean says that he wanted Sam back. He begs Bobby not to tell Sam the truth and vows to kill Azazel.

Before Bobby can respond, a car pulls up and the two men draw their guns. They're surprised when Missouri gets out. After checking her with holy water, they take her inside and she's also shocked to see that Sam is still alive. As Missouri hugs him in relief, Dean explains that Missouri was outside her cabin on the phone with him when the demons destroyed her cabin. The charred corpse was a friend of Missouri's who was visiting at the time. Missouri warns that Azazel is close to completing his plan. When she hugs Sam, she gets a vision of Jake in Wyoming. The map shows all of the churches that Samuel Colt built in the 19th century, and Missouri remembers that Colt also built the rail lines connecting the churches. When Sam connects the rail lines between the churches in southern Wyoming, they form a giant pentagram. Since rail tracks are made of iron, demons can't cross them. Missouri warns that Azazel will use Jake, a non-demon, to enter the pentagram and break the seal.

Jake drives to the rail line and Azazel tells him to go to a cemetery at the center of the pentagram and open a crypt. He hands Jake the Colt and says that it's the key to opening the crypt. Jake takes the Colt and puts it to Azazel's head. The Demon invites him to kill him, but warns that Jake's family will die if he dies. If Jake opens the crypt, he will help command a new world.

Later, Jake enters the cemetery and wonders if he's making the right decision. He prepares to place the barrel of the Colt into the seal on the crypt. However, Sam arrives, gun drawn, and tells Jake to stop. Dean, Bobby, and Missouri arrive and tell him to stop or they'll shoot him, but Jake says that his family will die if he doesn't follow his orders. The soldier admits that he's relieved that Sam is alive and that maybe he can make up for his mistakes... but then realizes that he can't endanger his family.

Jake puts the Colt in the crypt and unlocks it, and then jumps at Dean, ready to kill him. However, Sam steps forward and uses his own powers to rip off Jake's arm, He then throws Jake to the ground and beats him to death.

The ground shakes and everyone takes cover except Dean, who runs forward and pulls the Colt out of the lock. The crypt door opens and a burst of energy sweeps outward. The rail lines forming the pentagram glow red-hot and melt, and Azazel steps past the former barrier.

Bobby explains that the Colt has unlocked the Gates of Hell and they have to close them. Sam, Missouri, and Bobby run forward to close the crypt door, while Dean watches out for Azazel. The Demon appears and grabs the Colt, and then blasts Dean into a tombstone. When Sam runs to him, Azazel pins him to a tombstone as well and compliments him on his strength, and tells Sam to watch. He then turns to Dean and thanks him for bringing Sam back from the dead. Azazel aims the Colt at Dean, but a glowing white force pins him in place. Sam and Dean realize that it's John's ghost.

John forces Azazel to drop the Colt, and Dean snatches it up and shoots the Demon. It explodes in black smoke and its host body collapses. John looks at his sons and smiles proudly, and then fades away. Bobby and Missouri close the Gates and they realize it's over. Later, Sam and Dean tell their mother that she can rest now. Realizing what his brother did for him, Sam asks how long he has left. Dean says that he has a year left and that he did his job to keep Sam safe. Sam promises to protect his brother no matter the cost.

Bobby finishes fixing the Impala and warns the Winchesters that a lot of demons escaped from Hell in the brief time the Gates were open. They figure that at least a hundred demons escaped and Missouri warns them that the war has just begun.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 26, 2015

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