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Quite a Common Fairy Recap

Emma and the others make their way toward Pan’s camp. The only problem is that it keeps moving. Hook believes they’ll be able to infiltrate the camp if they use someone Pan trusts. There’s a fairy that may be able to help. If she has some pixie dust, perhaps they can all fly in. Emma immediately knows who Hook is talking about. It’s Tinker Bell. Regina doesn’t believe this particular fairy is the answer to their problems. The two of them have a past.

In Fairytale Land past, Regina slams her hands on a balcony railing after an unsettling conversation with Rumplestiltskin. She hits it so hard that the entire structure breaks loose. Regina plunges toward the ground headed for certain death until something magical breaks her fall. A small, green fairy lets Regina know she’s giving her a second chance. She transports her back into her room. Tinker Bell lets Regina know that it is possible to find love again. She’s never seen pixie dust fail. Regina has her doubts that she could ever find another soul mate. Tinker Bell says it’s true. And she’s a fairy, so Regina should probably start believing in her.

Tinker Bell flies off to meet with the Blue Fairy, who isn’t pleased that she’s late. This is just one more black mark on a long list of past indiscretions. Tinker Bell tries to explain that she was trying to help Regina. The Blue Fairy is having none of it. Tinker Bell is ordered to fly far away from the queen. That’s not something she can do. Tinker Bell swipes some pixie dust to help Regina find love. They fly off to town to a spot outside a tavern. Regina’s soul mate is inside in the form of a man with a lion tattoo on his arm. Tinker Bell flies off so Regina can fulfill her destiny. This never happens. Regina chickens out and runs away.

Hook realizes that David has been hit with a poison arrow and fears he won’t live to see summer. There is a chance for survival. If Tinker Bell has some pixie dust, perhaps it can be used to save him. As the group searches for the fairy, Regina stays behind. She tells Emma it’s the best move for the success of Operation: Henry. That’s what she’s calling this venture because, well, that’s what her son would do. When Regina is alone in the jungle, Tinker Bell appears before her. She doesn’t have the bright green aura of her past. No, this Tinker Bell is different. She blames Regina for her current state, so she kidnaps her.

Tinker Bell doesn’t have any magic, so she holds a poisoned arrow to Regina’s neck. She threatens to kill her. Regina wants to know how Tinker Bell got this way. The answer lies in their Enchanted Forest past. Regina claimed she went inside the tavern, but said the man with the lion tattoo was horrible. It was a lie. Regina called Tinker Bell a terrible fairy. The hits kept coming for Tinker Bell when the Blue Fairy confronted her about the stolen pixie dust. She wanted another chance. The Blue Fairy couldn’t give her one for she no longer believed in her. Moments later, Tinker Bell’s wings shriveled up forcing her to crash to the ground.

Back in Neverland, Regina rips out her own heart. She hands it over to Tinker Bell. She’s daring her to kill her. Tinker Bell demands to know why Regina didn’t go into the tavern that night. It was because of fear. Regina was afraid that if she lost all the anger she had inside that she would be weak. She now wants Tinker Bell to do the opposite of what she did. She wants her to choose love and help her get her son back. Tinker Bell won’t help Regina, but she won’t kill her either. She believes Regina is too late anyway. Henry has already been in Pan’s clutches for far too long.

Pan tosses Henry an apple even though he doesn’t like them. It’s a family thing. Henry doesn’t have to eat the apple. It’s for a game. Henry is handed a bow and arrow with a poisoned tip. Pan wants him to shoot the apple off the head of Lost Boy Felix. Henry doesn’t want to shoot, but he takes aim nonetheless. FLING. Henry fires the arrow, but not at the Lost Boy. He shoots at Pan, who catches the projectile with his bare hand. Later, he lets Henry know that he believes that he, not his mother, is the hero that magic has been waiting for. He has a picture to prove it.

Neal desperately searches for a way to get to Neverland. He needs to find a portal. When he sees Robin Hood’s young son, Rowland, he believes he knows how to get to Henry. Neal wants to use the boy as bait to lure a shadow to them. He can use the shadow to take him to Neverland. Needless to say, Robin Hood isn’t thrilled about putting his young son in harm’s way. Mulan comes up with a plan to assure Rowland’s safety. She is moved by Neal’s declaration that if you love someone, you need to tell them.

A short time later, Robin Hood’s son says the words “I believe.” A shadow storms into the room trying to snatch him. One swipe of Mulan’s sword prevents that from happening. Neal is able to grab hold of the shadow as it flies away. He’s off to Neverland. As for Mulan, she declines Robin Hood’s offer to join his Merry Men. She heads back to share her feelings with Aurora, but stops when she hears that this sleeping beauty is expecting a child with Phillip. Mulan then heads off to take Robin Hood up on his offer. When the two of them shake hands, a tattoo on Robin Hood’s arm can be seen. It’s the image of a lion.

Emma and the others find Regina, who lets them know that Tinker Bell has no magic. More importantly for David, she has no pixie dust. Mary Margaret still thinks Tinker Bell can help them get into Pan’s complex. She believes in her. In return for her help, Tinker Bell can come home with them. As they head off to form a plan, Neal lands in another part of Neverland. A Lost Boy is waiting for him saying Pan will be so happy to see him.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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