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Descent Recap

Back at his lair, a woman in a wheelchair comes in as Dick forges one of his razorwings and then throws it into the wall. Barbara admits that it’s hard to pull that trick off in a wheelchair. Dick isn’t surprised to see her, knowing that the Joker’s bullet only lacerated her spinal column and she subsequently faked her death. Barbara offers to go if he wants, and Dick wonders what she wants. His former girlfriend says that she wants Deathstroke. Dick says that the killer is in Bludhaven and he belongs to him, not Bruce or Barbara or anyone else.

Barbara warns that Deathstroke will soon leave after making his hit, and Dick tells her to get to the point. After a moment he relents and calls her Babs, but asks her not to call him Boy Wonder. She looks around and admires his new equipment, and Dick opens up the computer file on Wintergreen. Dick explains that Wintergreen claimed that Deathstroke was going to Gotham, but he knew better and put a tracker on him. His computer, Oracle, picks up a call by Wintergreen to Deathstroke, claiming that he threw Nightwing off the scent. Deathstroke says that they’re moving immediately as Oracle finishes tracing the line.

Barbara says that she’s got a plan, but Dick ignores her and suits up. She warns him that he’s never dealt with anyone of Deathstroke’s caliber before, but he insists that he’ll handle him. When she objects, Dick says that he spent a year mourning her death until he figured out she was alive, and tells Barbara to stay away from him. She reminds him that Jason’s impulsiveness got him killed, and offers Dick a communication device in case he needs help. Dick says that he won’t need it, but Barbara insists and he finally takes it.

One of Slade's former superiors, Billy Betters, goes to a club and takes some cocaine, telling the waitress with him that there are bad things coming. As Wintergreen suggests that they leave, Deathstroke comes in and fires into the air, ordering everyone to leave. When Betters tries to run, Deathstroke pins his hand to a support with a throwing knife. Bouncers attack Deathstroke and he takes them out with a few quick blows.

Nightwing drops in and Deathstroke tells him to leave, saying he has no quarrel with him. When Deathstroke goes for his gun, Nightwing takes it out with a razorwing and draws his escrima sticks. The two men fight and Deathstroke manages to hit Nightwing in his mask, cutting his face. Dropping to the floor, Nightwing tries to fight but Deathstroke smashes him into a metal pillar and then ruthlessly beats him down. The mercenary then kicks him out through a wall onto the sidewalk. Nightwing tries to reach Barbara’s communicator, but Deathstroke smashes it.

As Deathstroke prepares to put a bullet in Nightwing’s head, Nightwing notices his opponent’s dog tags dangling down. Before Deathstroke can shoot, he hears Wintergreen screaming in pain as he pulls the knife out of his hand. The mercenary knocks Nightwing out and says that he’ll be back, and then goes inside. He shoots Betters dead and goes back outside... only to discover that Nightwing is gone. Deathstroke is unaware that a man picked up Nightwing and carried him away.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 27, 2015

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