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Nasty Habits Recap

Neal has been captured by Peter Pan’s number one Lost Boy/bad boy, Felix. Not for long though. It seems Felix isn’t all that great at tying knots. Neal breaks free from his bindings and decks his captor. He heads off into the jungle to search for Henry. Elsewhere, Mr. Gold tells the vision of Belle that he’s prepared to give up his life to save Henry. He believes his son is dead. The only way he can redeem himself now is by saving his grandson. Mr. Gold uses magic to knock out a couple of Lost Boys. He grabs their spear and points it at the stranger who stumbles his way. Gold is stunned to see that it’s his son. It’s Baelfire!

In the past, when Baelfire is still a young man, he longs to go out into the world. Rumplestiltskin could never allow this. He has many enemies and fears they would come after Bae if he ever set foot out the doors of their home. The Dark One gets very angry at the townspeople when he learns that his son is gone. They aren’t to blame for his disappearance though. Someone has been luring the children away from the town of Hamelin through music only the lost kids could hear. The figure’s face was hidden but he wore a cloak filled with colorful patches as he played his unholy instrument. This mysterious stranger was some sort of pied piper.

Rumplestiltskin waits on a rooftop at night until the sounds of the pied piper awaken several of the town’s boys. They are helpless to resist its lure. Rumple follows the boys into the woods. The young men dance wildly around a fire. Rumplestiltskin identifies the pied piper. He’s shocked to see that the music man is actually Peter Pan, who wants to make a deal. If Baelfire wants to stay with his father, Pan will leave him alone. Rumple obviously has his doubts, so there’s no deal. He takes his son away using magic. This only makes Bae resent him more since he would have gone with his father if only he had taken Pan’s deal.

In the present, Neal lets his father know there’s away to get Henry back without anyone needing to die. He uses a seashell to lure a giant squid out of the water. Neal harpoons the beast so they can pull it to shore. He wants his father to extract the creature’s ink. It can immobilize the most magical of creatures—even Pan, who knows that father and son have been reunited. They’ll be coming for Henry. That’s just what Pan wants. A force of magic knocks all of the Lost Boys and Henry unconscious. Pan turns to see Rumplestiltskin standing before him. He knows Neal is there, too.

Neal steps out of the woods with a crossbow pointed directly at Pan. THWAP! Neal fires, but Pan catches the projectile with his hand. Neal figured that would happen. That’s why he coated everything but the tip of the arrow with the squid’s ink. Pan is rendered immobile. He warns Neal that he can’t trust his father. There’s a prophecy. Pan claims that Mr. Gold is there to murder Henry. Once they are a safe distance away, Neal demands to know about the prophecy. It was all about a boy who would reunite the two of them. That same boy would be the one who destroys Mr. Gold, who swears he’s changed. Neal can’t take that chance. He immobilizes his father with the squid’s ink. He believes he’ll be better off saving Henry alone.

Tinker Bell has no intention of leading the group to Peter Pan until they have an exit plan. She lets everyone know what Pan did to Greg and Tamara. These are people he employed. Tink can only imagine what he’d do to them. Hook says only one man has ever made it out of Neverland without Pan’s permission. That was Neal. Their only hope is to discover how he did it. They find the cave where Neal used to live when he was in Neverland. Emma realizes that Neal made a map in a shell that holds a candle. Cover it up and the light shoots through the holes on its top. When you look up, you can see the stars that will lead you home.

The map is in code, so the only person who can read it is Neal. This has Emma feeling devastated. Mary Margaret has no idea how to comfort her daughter, who is still mourning Neal’s death. She knows how hard it must be, as she can’t imagine moving on without David. Mary Margaret still has no idea that poison is slowly killing her one true love. David makes Hook promise to continue to keep the secret.

Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin tells Belle that, now that he has something to live for in Baelfire, he fears his nasty habit of self-preservation will reemerge. Elsewhere, Peter Pan tracks down Neal. He has his Lost Boys take away a still unconscious Henry. Pan says no one gets out of Neverland without his permission. He insinuates that the only reason Neal escaped before is because he let it happen.

The Lost Boys take away Henry as he begins to awaken. Neal screams that he will come for him. Pan has Henry believing that the screams he heard were just a dream. He plays a song for him on his pipe to welcome him into their family. Henry can hear the music now that he’s starting to believe Pan’s lies. Soon he’s dancing around the fire with all the Lost Boys. This pleases Peter Pan.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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