The Battle Begins (1) Recap

Ryan, Kaitlin and J.B. are called to meet the mysterious Professor Hart at his lab in the mountains. On the way, they are attacked from the air by Air Striker and Fighterbot, and on the ground by Skugs. They make it to the lab, receive their powers and are sent to fight Grimlord's (Ziktor when in his human guise) forces. Ryan remains to battle gunbots, tankbots and polarbot. Kaitlin and J.B. fight the Skugs and one of Grimlord's most powerful robots, the mighty Congbot. J.B. and Kaitlin are successful. However, during a battle with the Decimator, Ryan is thrown from a cliff and lies injured in a deserted quarry.

Written by Aidan on Jan 17, 2016