Battle for the Books Recap

Ziktor wants to destroy all books that teach about solar energy. He starts with MR. REESE'S bookmobile, as a way of getting at J.B. The boys are getting ready for a doubles Karate tournament when Kaitlin alerts them and they rush to save J.B.'s dad from the attacking Skugs. The boys win the first round of the tournament, but join Kaitlin between rounds to take on THE ELIMINATOR who is attacking the Central Library. Ryan forgets his virtualizer back at the Dojo, so Kaitlin and J.B. go to fight while Ryan retrieves it. Using the new VORTEX power, J.B. takes the battle with Grimlord's airforce to a virtual quarry. Ryan joins them and the robots are defeated. The boys win the tournament and J.B. gives his father the prize money to fix the bookmobile. Ryan surprises J.B. by adding his prize money to J.B.'s, sacrificing his goal of becoming partners with Tao in the dojo.

Written by Aidan on Jan 17, 2016