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Dark Hollow Recap

Jumping back five days, Mr. Gold says goodbye to Belle. He believes he will not be returning because of the prophecy surrounding Henry. Belle believes the future isn’t always what it seems. She vows she will see him again. She gives him a kiss and watches the Jolly Roger sail off to Neverland. Belle then lets the other residents know of the cloaking spell Rumple gave her because others are coming to Storybrooke. A short time later, magic ripples through town. A cloaking shield lowers. Two strangers driving a red convertible with Minnesota plates race get under it. They make it just in time. They make it inside Storybrooke.

In present day Neverland, Rumple gives Ariel instructions on how to get to Storybrooke to retrieve the object he needs to defeat Pan. He wants her to contact Belle. Regina says the bracelet Ariel has will give her legs for 24 hours only. Pan realizes that someone has left Neverland. He contacts with his people in Storybrooke which happens to be the two guys with the convertible. They see Ariel arrive. Their orders are clear. They are to find out why Ariel has come. Once they do, they are to make sure she never leaves.

Leroy brings Ariel to Belle, who activates a hologram from a sand dollar. Rumplestiltskin lets her know that he can defeat Pan as long as the power of their love can steer her to the object he needs. Belle believes he is talking about the teacup with a chip in it. She’s right. Magic is unleashed when she puts it in its proper spot. This leads Belle to Pandora’s Box. Legend says it contains the world’s darkest evils. It’s what Rumple needs to defeat Pan. Too bad convertible guys swipe the box from Belle, who gets the bright idea to break free from the bindings the bad guys used by unleashing Ariel’s fin.

Belle realizes the convertible guys need a dwarf’s pickaxe to destroy Pandora’s Box. They head into the mines. Belle releases a train car that knocks the gun away. The convertible guys swear that they don’t care about magic. They only care about saving their sister. She’s been Pan’s prisoner for over a century. Belle believes they can stop Pan with the box. They’ll then be able to save their imprisoned sister. Her name is Wendy. Wendy Darling. When she is finally away out of Pan’s clutches, her brothers, Michael and John, will be waiting for her.

Ariel swims back to Neverland. She delivers Pandora’s Box to Rumplestiltskin. Regina rewards her for her work. She gives her the power to have legs whenever she wants to search for her true love, Eric. Ariel reveals that Wendy is a prisoner on the island. She wants them to save her, too. Rumple wants Ariel to tell Belle that she was right. He will see her again.

In Neverland, Neal says the only way to get off the island is to capture Pan’s shadow. He knows where they should look. Hook will join him and Emma in the search. Mary Margaret warns this could be trouble since both men have feelings for her daughter. Neal grabs the coconut that served as the star map for their journey to Dark Hollow. It’s a place where dangerous shadows lurk. On the way, Emma is pleasantly surprised at the good form Hook has shown. It’s all because he wants to win her heart without any trickery. He lets Emma know she will eventually have to choose between him and Neal.

Emma, Neal and Hook make their way into Dark Hollow. The plan is to light the candle inside the half coconut. The shadow will be drawn to the flame. Then they can capture it. This plan never materializes as the group is attacked by a trio of shadows. Hook and Neal are pinned by two of Pan’s minion shadows. Emma grabs the coconut, uses magic to light the candle and traps Pan’s shadow inside. Hook and Neal are freed. Emma reads them the riot act for fighting over her. She vows that the only person she will ever choose is Henry.

Henry is beginning to doubt Pan, who unlocks a cage to reveal a young girl inside. It’s Wendy. He wants her to come out to play. Pan sends Felix to the other side of the island. Henry follows him. He finds a place where Wendy lays in bed. She says she’s sick. She says the island’s power is fading and it’s severely affecting her. Henry promises he’ll come back to help. When he’s gone, Pan comes out of hiding. He congratulates Wendy for playing the role he asked of her. Pan planned this ruse to get Henry to believe in him. He orders Wendy back into her cage.

Mary Margaret is giving David the silent treatment. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her about not being able to leave Neverland. It’s because David was afraid. He didn’t want his true love to feel like she was trapped there, too. Mary Margaret says she would happily spend the rest of her days living in a tree house and dodging poison darts if that’s what it took to be by his side. Later, everyone reunites to let Tinkerbell know that they’ve captured Pan’s shadow. It’s time to get Henry back. Speaking of Henry, Pan lets him believe that only he can save Wendy. He needs him to go to Skull Rock for the sake of magic. Henry is up to the task.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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