Grimlord's Challenge Recap

A neighborhood policewoman offers TAO and the kids a challenge: turn BECKY into a karate contender in two weeks and win $1000 from the Police Association to help other street kids. Ryan accepts the challenge and Kaitlin commits to help. When Grimlord hears about this offer, he issues his own challenge: his robots will compete to see who will face the V.R. TROOPERS at the reality barrier. HAMMERBOT meets Ryan in the Forest of Virtual Reality. SPIDERBOT faces J.B. at the top of the world and Kaitlin must hold back General Ivar'S robot assault vehicles and fighter jets. Jeb becomes Becky's friend and helps her to stay on track and win a ribbon in the beginners division at the Inter-dojo tournament.

Written by Aidan on Jan 17, 2016