Computer Captive Recap

While helping Kaitlin install a difficult graphics program in her computer at the paper, J.B. gets sucked into the monitor and disappears. He is held in Grimlord's dungeon in virtual reality where his V.R. powers are drained. Kaitlin goes to the dojo and alerts Ryan. They try to contact the Professor using the dojo computer, but are nearly taken captive via the monitor themselves. Skugs appear and they do battle in the empty dojo. After defeating the skugs, Ryan and Kaitlin go to the lab to consult with the Professor. Ryan decides to allow himself to be captured and taken to Grimlord's dungeon in an effort to save his friend. Like J.B., Ryan gets sucked in through a computer screen. Once in the dungeon, he battles Grimlord's mutant robots and escapes with his friend. Outside the dungeon, Ryan confronts BATTLEBOT in a one-on-one confrontation, ultimately defeating the robot. J.B. is taken back to the lab where the Professor restores his powers. Ryan's friendship for J.B. saved J.B.'s life.

Written by Aidan on Jan 17, 2016