The Virtual Spy Recap

Grimlord plants a spy in reality -- an investigative reporter named Jeremy whom Woody hires at the Underground Voice Daily. After Jeremy helps Kaitlin, J.B. and Ryan in a Skug fight, they take him into their personal lives. His robotic nature allows him to outperform them at martial arts, computing and reporting, bruising their egos a little. When Woody assigns him to investigate the V.R. TROOPERS, Kaitlin checks into his background. With the Professor'S help, she and J.B. discover he is a virtual being--but their discovery comes too late. Jeremy, using computer technology, traps J.B. and Kaitlin in the lab and rigs the portal to send Ryan to a hidden virtual combat zone. Jeremy transforms into a robot to fight Ryan. Kaitlin and J.B. free themselves, take the V.R. Skybase and, amid aerial attacks, search for Ryan. Finally, Ryan defeats the robot and Kaitlin and J.B. bring him back to reality.

Written by Aidan on Jan 17, 2016