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A View in the Dark Recap

At the Stark estate, Peggy finds Jarvis weight-lifting. He explains that he's been pursuing a physical regimen since their adventures in New York, When Jarvis realizes that Peggy isn't taking him seriously, he invites her to take him down and keeps poking her in the shoulder until she finally throws him down. When she offers Jarvis her hand, Jarvis pulls her down and leaps on top of her... just as Ana comes out. Jarvis explains that his wife has been his sparring with him for the last 12 months, and Peggy asks Jarvis to provide her with a ride to the office.

Daniel and Rose walk to the SSR, and she wonders when he's going to tell Peggy about his girlfriend Violet. They come in and find Peggy and Violet chatting with each other. Violet's grandfather is from near Peggy's hometown, and Violet invites Peggy to join her and Daniel for dinner that night. Once she leaves, Peggy tells Daniel that SSR agents are getting Jane's body from the city morgue so that they can have their scientists analyze it.

As the agents take the container with the corpse to their van, a man steps out and shoots them.

Calvin goes to an expensive restaurant and the concierge tells him that the gentlemen are in the meeting room. The industrialist braces himself and then enters a secret room, and tells the men that he didn't know a meeting was scheduled. Among the Council members is Hugh Jones, head of Roxxon Oil. They order him to sit down and say that as the Council, they have decided that it's time to shut down the Isodyne Program and dispose of all assets. When Calvin objects that he wasn't consulted, the Council points out that the Program has yielded no results and the government is now investigating. Calvin insists that they're in possession of the greatest discovery of all times, and insists that the substance is priceless. Unimpressed, they say that the decision has been made and tell Calvin that the woman's body is being taken care of and they'll clear out the laboratory that night. Hugh assures Calvin that his primary focus should be the Senate race, and Calvin seemingly agrees with them.

The next day, Daniel and Peggy are called to the abandoned truck. Jane's body is gone and Daniel is sure that it was a professional hit. A search warrant for Isodyne comes in and they go to the company. Workers are putting up a radiation warning sign, and the receptionist says that there's been a containment leak. Jason is going by and vaguely confirms the story, and Peggy promises that she's going to find out what's going on. She advises Jason not to get involved in the crossfire, and the scientist quickly leaves. As they go, Peggy tells Daniel that Roger slipped her a note asking to meet her alone later. at the Dunbar Hotel.

Inside Isodyne, Jason waits until a man comes through a secure door, and then slips in before it closes. Inside, Jason removes a film reel from a cabinet and slips away... unaware that another scientist is watching him.

At the SSR, Daniel confirms that the Dunbar is a hotspot for the colored crowd. He wants to go with Peggy as backup up and refuses to take no for an answer. As Daniel tosses his jacket on a chair, a case holding an engagement ring falls out. Peggy sees it and she apologizes for Daniel for breaking up his dinner date, and asks him to apologize for Violet. As she goes, Peggy says that she's very happy for him.

At her cottage, Peggy is trying out dresses when Ana comes in. As she picks out dresses, Peggy talks about how interesting Jason is and is happy to be interacting with someone outside of the SSR. Jarvis offers to drive Peggy but she declines, and he takes her to one of Howard's car. The butler demonstrates the car's special features, including a tracking device.

Peggy arrives at the Dunbar that night and finds Jason at the bar. He tries to make small talk, asking where Peggy grown up, and she points out that two men are dead and Jason looks explicit. The scientist explains that corporate lawyers reminded him that he was doing classified work and threatened prison. He wants to know more about the woman he's trusting, and Peggy talks about how she grew up in Hampstead outside of London.

Whitney is filming a scene for her newest movie. The director calls cut and then calls a makeup artist to get rid of the lines around her face. He casually dismisses her as an older woman and walks away.

Peggy talks about how her friends left her in the headmaster's bedroom, and Jason figures that he can trust her. A singer starts performing and Jason invites Peggy to dance. She joins him on the dance floor and asks if Calvin killed Jane. Jason says that the industrialist didn't do it--deliberately--but is sure that Calvin would kill to cover up their research. He warns that things are bigger than Peggy or even Calvin knows, and says that the best way to explain is to show Peggy. They leave, unaware that the man who killed the SSR agents, Rufus Hunt, is following them.

Whitney goes back to her dressing room and Calvin says that the Council is scrapping the zero matter program. She's angry that Calvin's affair endangered their work, and that he didn't stand up to the Council. Calvin warns that the Council is scrubbing the lab that night, and figures it's better if he get elected Senator. Whitney nods in agreement and apologizes for losing her temper, and assures her husband that he'll make a wonderful Senator.

Jason has Peggy drive to the Griffith Observatory and he talks about how after the War, Isodyne was the only company that would give a colored man a job as a scientist. Jason figures that he'll still have the view from the observatory even after he betrays Isodyne. Inside, Jason runs the film he stole and explains that Isodyne was researching atomic energy. One explosion they conducted generated a strange black anomaly. It pulled everything nearby into itself, and it's never been seen since. Isodyne called the substance left behind zero matter, and Jason wonders if it's more dangerous than anything that they've ever seen.

The killer and his men flatten Peggy's tires and then enter the observatory.

Jason theorizes that the zero matter is always drawing energy into itself. He figures Jane made physical contact with the specimen, and his job was to build the magnetic containment that held the zero matter. Jason suggests that the matter might be extraterrestrial, and Peggy suggests that they go to Isodyne to steal it. The killers break in and open fire, and Jason leads Peggy out the back. When they get to the car, Peggy triggers the tracker on Howard's car.

Ana is watching Jarvis chase the flamingo around the yard when she hears the tracking signal and calls her husband in.

Peggy tosses Jason a gun and tells him to cover her while she hotwires a nearby car. Once it's running, Jason joins her and they drive off. The killer pursue in their car while Peggy and Jason realize that the killers managed to hit their engine block. Jason has Peggy pull into an alley and kill the lights, and the killers unwittingly drive past them. Peggy finds a lapel pin in the stolen car and realizes that it's the same one from the deposit box in New York. They get out and start walking.

Daniel goes to collect Violet, who is talking with Rose. As they leave, Jarvis calls and tells Daniel that he's received an SOS signal from Peggy at the observatory. Daniel agrees to meet Jarvis there and turns to his disappointed girlfriend.

Peggy and Jason find a phone booth and go to a diner nearby to get change. The owner assumes that Jason is threatening Peggy, and tells her that she's going to have to buy something to get change. She reluctantly does so and discovers that the phone doesn't work. Peggy figures that the killers are working for Isodyne, just as a car pulls up. Peggy grabs Jason and shoves him up against the phone booth, and confirms that it's not the killers. Her and Jason stare at each other for a moment and then they kiss.

Jarvis and Daniel return from the observatory and tell rose that they found nothing. Daniel goes into his office and starts hitting things, and Rose tells Jarvis that Daniel has special feelings for Peggy. After a moment, Daniel comes out and tells the agents on duty to secure the observatory and check out the Dunbar. He has Rose put out an APB on Jason and tells Jarvis that they're going to Isodyne.

Peggy and Jason drive to Isodyne and enter the building. They hear people in the lab and Jason goes to get the zero matter while Peggy takes on the workers. In the lab, Jason rigs a portable containment unit to draw off the zero matter. Whitney comes in and Jason wonders what she's doing there.

Peggy poses as a lab assistant and gets close enough to the workers to attack them.

Jason warns that the lab isn't safe, and Whitney tells him to put the specimen in a case. She insists that she's the only one who knows what it's capable of and draws a gun.

Peggy takes out the workers.

Jason refuses to hand over the container, and figures that Whitney was going to kill him anyway. He also figures that she won't shoot him and destroy the container, and knocks the gun out of her hand. They struggle and dropt the container. It shatters and the dark matter starts pulling everything in as they run. Peggy hears the implosion and runs inside, and finds a huge hole in the side of the lab.

Later, the SSR secure the company. A shell-shocked Peggy comes out and tells Daniel what happened, and he confirms that she's okay. She says that Jason died in the explosion, and Daniel tells her that she has to go home. Jarvis is glad to drive her home.

The next morning, Daniel drives home and finds Violet waiting for him. He tells her that he's all right and apologizes for missing their dinner, and Violet says that she's proud of her boyfriend. Daniel tells her to call him when she finishes work and they'll make up for lost time. Violet kisses him and says that h loves him, and Daniel says that he loves her, too. As Violet gets in her car, Daniel takes out his wedding ring for a moment and then puts it back in his pocket.

At the Stark estate, Ana brings Peggy whiskey. Ana understands how Peggy felt about Jason after knowing him for a few days, since Edwin rescued her from the Third Reich after they only knew each for a few weeks. She's sure Jason felt the same way about Peggy.

Calvin knocks on Whitney's door and asks what happened. Inside, Whitney is sitting in the darkness as veins of darkness spread across her forehead.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 20, 2016

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