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Blood Debts Recap

Four Months From Now

Oliver is standing at Felicity's grave when Barry joins him. The older hero says that it's his responsibility to end it by killing Dahrk.


The EMTs take Felicity into the operating room.

Green Arrow fights a Ghost, demanding to know where he can find Damien. The Ghost throws himself off the rooftop and into a transformer below, killing himself.Green Arrow returns to the bunker and tells Diggle that none of the Ghosts are giving up Damien. He wants to talk to Andy, but Diggle warns that his brother isn't interested in talking. Laurel arrives and says that Felicity is going in for another surgery, but Oliver insists that he has to find Damien before he disappears entirely.

Five Years Ago

Conklin takes Oliver and Taiana back to the mercenary camp, figuring that now he has what he needs to show his boss that Oliver is a traitor. When the wounded Oliver collapses, Taiana convinces Conklin to give her a few minutes to tend to Oliver's injuries. Oliver tells her to make a run for it, but she refuses to abandon him and Conklin gets them moving again.


The next day, Diggle and Laurel arrive at Felicity's room where Donna and Thea are with their friend. Donna points out that Oliver is there, and Felicity assures her mother that Oliver is busy with something important. A nurse comes in to prep Felicity for surgery, and Felicity assures the others that she'll be fine.

At the bunker, Diggle goes to Andy's cell and slams his younger brother into the cell. Andy wonders what has changed, and Diggle says that the person that changed is Felicity, and punches the prisoner. In the main room, Oliver watches on the monitor.

At the station, Quentin is on the phone when Oliver comes in. He explains that he's looking for Damien, and wants to learn where Quentin was meeting with Damien. Oliver offers Quentin space at the bunker because he won't be able to go home, and assures Quentin that Laurel can take care of herself. Quentin gives Oliver the address, and Oliver says that he's only going to kill one more person.

Green Arrow goes to the office building and finds Ghost corpses on the floor. Continuing on, the archer finds an elevator with Anarky's symbol painted in blood on the walls.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells the others that Anarky--Lenny Machin-- is involved. They figure that Anarky wants revenge on Damien for what happened before, and he's one step ahead of the team. Diggle goes back to question Andy again, and Oliver lies and claims that he learned Damien's location from a Ghost.

Five Years Ago

Conklin takes Oliver and Taiana to Baron Reiter. When Conklin says that Oliver has been hiding Taiana away, Reiter assumes that Oliver has been keeping her for his personal needs. Conklin shows Reiter the map and explains that Oliver and Taiana came up from the freighter. Oliver says that he got the maps for Reiter, and Reiter tells Conklin to kill Oliver. Conklin takes Oliver outside and whips him as Reiter and his men look on.


Diggle returns home and tells Lyla that Felicity is still in surgery. He kisses his wife and admits that he's been beating Andy for information on Damien. Lyla figures that Diggle feels betrayed by what Andy did in Afghanistan. She suggests that Diggle approach Andy as a brother, not a Ghost. Diggle insists that he can't, but Lyla assures him that his love is iron and he'd go to the ends of the earth for the people he loves.

Laurel and Thea go to the hospital, and Thea worries that Anarky will come after her because she set him on fire. She explains about how Damien used his powers on her and her blood lust was better. Now she blames herself for Anarky's blood lust, and goes into Felicity's room. Quentin is there with Donna, kissing, and Donna quickly hugs Laurel. He has Thea take Donna to the cafeteria, and then tells Laurel that he didn't have time to tell her. She says that it's fine and figures that Quentin gave Oliver the information on Damien's location. He's more concerned about her. The crime lab texts to report that they got two DNA matches for the blood at the crime scene.

At the bunker, Laurel tells the others that the blood came from Michael and Crystal Olguin, Lenny's foster parents. He abducted them three days ago, and they figure that he's settling old scores. Thea hacks into the security system at Lenny's home and they spot him on the monitors. The team suits up and goes there, and discovers that Lenny has torn the place up and cut his face out of all of the photos. They find Lenny sitting in front of a TV, a mask on his face. He says that he was expecting the Ghosts but is happy to see them. When Thea goes for her bow, the doors open in the TV cabinet and automatic guns open fire. The team takes cover and Anarky slips out the side.

Thea goes after the killer into the kitchen and a bomb goes off.

Green Arrow takes out the guns' motion sensors and they go after Thea. Meanwhile, Anarky removes his mask and reveals his burns, and says that Speedy is the one who saved him from himself. She draws an arrow and he tells her to hit her with her best shot. Black Canary runs in and unleashes her Canary Cry, and Anarky attacks her. Diggle arrives and knocks Anarky out, and Green Arrow says that now they're going to find out what he knows.

The team takes Anarky to a warehouse and Green Arrow insists that he needs to know how Anarky found Damien. He refuses to discuss it with Speedy and Black Canary, and wakes up Anarky. Anarky says that Damien went home and Green Arrow beats him. The villain asks what the hero can do to him. Speedy steps forward and tells her brother that Donna just texted that Felicity is out of surgery... and it isn't good.

Diggle returns to Andy's cell and says that he's ashamed of what he did. Andy, unimpressed, reminds him of the last time Diggle beat him: ten years ago when Diggle found out he was dealing and convinced him to enlist. He says that it wasn't who he was, and Diggle insists that he loves Andy then and now. Andy says that Damien believes that the world needs a reset, and Diggle says that he can understand it. However, Damien hurt a woman better than the two of them and crossed a line. He begs Andy, brother to brother, where he can find Damien. After a moment, Andy says that Damien has talked about Stonehaven. Diggle thanks him, but Andy says that now they're only.

Anarky taunts Speedy, figuring that she can't look at what she did to him. He tells her to stop holding back, insisting that she can't control herself, and Speedy puts an arrow to his throat. Police cars pull up and speedy leaves just in time.

Oliver arrives at the hospital and finds Donna outside Felicity's room. Donna explains that they can't fix Felicity's spinal cord, and she'll never walk again. As they talk, Oliver sees a newscast about the SCPD capturing Anarky.

Five Years Ago

Conklin continues whipping Oliver, and a symbol on Oliver's abdomen glows. Reiter sees it and orders Conklin to stop. He says that he has need of Oliver, and Oliver grabs Conklin's gun. Reiter tells the others to stay back, and Conklin asks Oliver what he's going to do. Oliver puts the gun to his head and says that he's not running.


Green Arrow shoots out the engine on the police van transporting Anarky and takes out the guard. Once he frees Anarky, Anarky says that he's not going to give up Damien's location. Green Arrow aims and shoots... shattering Anarky's handcuffs. The hero tells him to make sure Damien is dead and leaves.

Back at the bunker, Laurel confronts Oliver about what he did. He says that he did what he had to because Laurel gave Anarky up. Oliver reminds her of how many people Damien and HIVE have killed over the last six months, and says that he put a tracker on Anarky. Laurel points out that she put a murderous psychotic back on the streets, and Oliver reminds her that she did the same thing with Sara. Diggle comes in and Oliver tells him what he did, and tells them to leave if they don't like it. After asking Laurel to give them a moment alone, Diggle says that Andy gave him a lead but it's a dead-end. He says that he has Oliver's back, but says that he came so far from when they first met. Diggle tells his friend not to lose what made Felicity fall in love with him at the first place.

At the campaign office, Alex is working when Thea comes in. She says that she can't be with him because of her anger management issues. Alex admits that he knows something is bothering her and if he knows what it is, maybe he can help. Thea says that he can't, but he doesn't believe it and says that she has steel inside of her. She says that she's not ready, and Alex tells her that he'll be there when she is.

As Thea returns to the bunker, Diggle and Oliver track Anarky. The tracker goes dark and Thea wonders what they do now. Oliver admits that he's out of ideas, and Diggle tells him to see Felicity because they need each other. Laurel promises that they will find Anarky, and Thea assures her brother that Diggle and Laurel are right.

Oliver goes to Felicity's room and apologizes for not coming sooner. She knows that he was looking for Damien, and Oliver admits that he's gone off the rails. He wonders if Damien is winning because he hasn't gone far enough, and Felicity is paralyzed because he didn't. Felicity says that there's no point in being Green Arrow if he loses himself, and assures Oliver that his proposal doesn't count now that she's paralyzed. Oliver takes out the engagement ring and puts it on Felicity's finger, and assures her it's for better or worse.

Five Years Ago

Oliver tells Reiter that he'll help him find what he needs once Tatiana is safe. Reiter agrees and Oliver hands over the gun. Conklin objects and Reiter warns him that he doesn't need Conklin alive.


Laurel comes to the hospital where Oliver is watching over a sleeping Felicity. She says that Diggle learned about Stonehaven from Andy, and they cross-referenced it with the tracker's location. They have a residential address, and Oliver figures that Anarky is going after Damien's family. Oliver thanks Laurel for inviting him along and leaves.

At Damien's manor in Stonehaven, Anarky tells a tied-up Damien's wife Ruve and their daughter that Damien is on his way. He gets out a flamethrower and says that Damien is incidentally responsible for what happened to him.

The team arrives outside after confirming the house is owned by a dummy corporation. The Anarky symbol is painted on the driveway, and they split up to move inside. Green Arrow and Speedy get in first and take out the flamethrower, and he attacks them while Diggle and Black Canary free the prisoners. Anarky manages to get past his opponents and runs out, and Green Arrow split up to go after him. Damien is waiting outside, and Green Arrow charges at him.

Speedy pins Anarky to a tree. She prepares to shoot him and Anarky says that he can see the piece of him inside of her.

Damien telekinetically stabs Green Arrow with two of his own arrows, and demands to know where his family is. The hero pulls the arrows out and says that he saved them, and Damien gives him a few weeks to spend with his family before he kills him.

Anarky is shocked that Thea missed him ion purpose. He cuts himself free and attacks her, knocking speedy to the ground. He stares at her for a moment and then runs off.

Later, the team returns to the bunker where Quentin is waiting. They confirm that Damien's family said that they're not his family, and have fake IDs supporting their claim. Oliver tells Thea that he's glad she's all right and goes to see Felicity.

Five Years Ago

Conklin takes Oliver and Taiana to a prison cell and locks them in. He promises that once Reiter is done with Oliver, they'll get back to their personal business. Taiana tends to Oliver's wounds and thanks him for saving her life again, and says that her brother would have liked him.


Diggle goes back to Andy and starts dealing out cards... just like they did as kids. Andy picks up his hand.

Thea calls Alex over and offers him a drink, and says that something happened earlier. She tells Alex that he was right and she's stronger than she thinks she is, and they kiss.

When Felicity wakes up, Oliver apologizes again for not being there. He wants to take her to Bali and Felicity says that she'd go anywhere with her. However, she says that if Damien is still in Star City then they both have work to do.

Damien transports his family to the Fairmount Hotel and says that they'll be safe there until they find a new home. Ruve points out that Green Arrow saved them, and tells him that he should have killed the hero that night. Damien says it would be bad form, and promises that she will have a new beginning once they've brought the world to an end.

Four Months From Now

Oliver goes back to his car and gets in. Felicity is waiting, and Oliver says that he isn't okay. She tells him that he knows what he has to do: kill the son of a bitch.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 21, 2016

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