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Childish Things Recap

At the Van Kull Maximum Security Prison, a guard brings breakfast to the secure prisoner. He looks in and hears a doll talking. When the guard goes inside to investigate, the prisoner throws a razor-tipped yoyo into his chest. Donning the guard's uniform, the prisoner walks out and kills two more guards with the same yoyo.

J'onn and Supergirl are flying through the skies and the Martian trains the heroine in proper flight technique. In the desert below, Alex watches as the two figures swerve back and forth. Landing, Hank reverts to his human form and Alex says that with James' help, they've pinpointed Room 52 at Lord Technologies.Supergirl wonders Max is hiding, and J'onn says that it will require subtlety. Alex suggests that Hank uses his shapeshifting powers, and he insists that it's not an option. Supergirl points out that revealing herself for who she is turned out to be the best thing for her, but Hank says that''s for her, not him.

At CatCo, Cat meets with Lucy. Lucy says that she and Lois haven't been particularly close. Impressed, Cat reviews Lucy's Army career and Lucy says that she wanted to serve. Lucy says that she isn't looking for a position, and Cat tells her that she needs to work or she will lose her self-confidence and her mind.

Outside, Cat and James are watching and Kara refuses to use her superhearing to snoop. The news runs a story on the escape of the criminal known as "Toyman." Winn immediately turns off the TV and walks away. Cat comes out with Lucy and says that she'll be in touch, and Lucy tells James and Kara that Cat is nice. She explains that Cat wants her to serve as her general counsel, and James congratulates her. as Chase takes that in, an FBI squad comes in and the lead agent, Cameron Chase, says that they're there for Winslow Schott Jr.

Cameron talks to him privately and asks if Winn Sr. has attempted to contact him. Kara listens in as Cameron warns Winn that his father is a dangerous man, and Winn insists that he's no longer Winn Sr.'s father since the day he killed a dozen people with a toy bomb. He walks out and Kara joins him out on the balcony. Winn explains that he tell Kara about his father because he didn't want her pity, and admits that Winn Sr. was a good father when Winn was growing up. His father was scared of losing his job and angry, but no one knew how dangerous he was until it was too late. Winn Sr.'s boss Chester Dunholtz stole his toy designs and got rich, and Winn Sr. sent a disguised bomb to Chester. Chester's assistant opened the package prematurely and it killed five people. Kara figures that Winn Sr. will keep his distance... and Winn reveals a talking doll that was left at his desk. It says for Winn to meet him at his favorite place. Winn admits that he didn't tell the FBI because he tried to forget what Winn Sr. did, and has never been able to forgive him. Cameron comes out to say her goodbyes, and Winn prepares to tell her the truth.

At the DEO, Hank and Alex work out a way to sneak into Lord Technologies. Alex insists that Hank use his superpowers, but he refuses to take the risks. She points out that their job is to take risks, and reminds him of what Max did to James. Hank says that he tried being J'onn J'onzz on Earth and was hunted for 50 years when people discovered what he was, and that even in the modern day people won't tolerate an alien that looks like a monster. Alex insists that Kara needs his help, and Hank walks away.

On the docks, Winn approaches the arcade where he and his father spent their best times. Cameron and her team are watching and Kara is with them. Kara insists that they can't let Winn get hurt, and Cameron reminds her that an FBI agent was killed the last time they apprehended Winn Sr. the agent tells Kara to stay out of the way and prepares for the assault.

At CatCo, Lucy asks James if it would be fun to work together. He ducks the question and insists that he can't make her decision for her. Lucy says that she earned it, and says that she thrilled if their situations were reversed. James refuses to commit himself and Lucy walks away.

Max is at his company when Alex calls and says that they need to talk off the table. She hints that she's going rogue, and Max agrees to see her that night. Once Alex hangs up, Hank says that he has his side of the operation covered.

Inside the arcade, Winn finds another doll. Winn Sr. is waiting for his son, and says that he broke out of prison for him. He tells Winn that he's his greatest work, and insists that they're linked. Winn says that they're not the same.

Cameron receives a report that Winn Sr. is inside, and heads inside with her team after ordering Kara to stay behind;.

Winn Sr. asks why his son never visited him, and Winn says that he was never okay after seeing his father taken to prison for murder.

The FBI team breaks into the arcade and order Winn Sr. to surrender. He's shocked that Winn betrayed him, and Cameron and her people open fire. The Toyman "mirror" breaks apart, and the doll tells Winn to run. The stuffed animals emit toxic gas and Winn staggered out. Supergirl drops in through the roof and sucks up the gas, and then flies up and breathes it out into the sky.

Kara returns as Cameron questions Winn about why his father arranged the meeting at the arcade. Winn says that his father is crazy and nothing he said made sense. Once Cameron is called away, Kara says that they need to find Winn Sr. When Winn refuses to involve her, Kara reminds him of everything that he's done for her since she became Supergirl. He says that she doesn't need him, but Kara says that she knows what it feels to be isolated and alone. When she's with Winn, she doesn't feel that way. As Winn considers her request, Cat texts Kara to have her come in.

That night, Alex meets Max at his office. He offers her a glass of champagne and they share a toast.

Cat asks Kara why she didn't tell her that Winn is Toyman's son. The CEO wants to interview Winn, and reluctantly accepts Kara's warning that Winn isn't going to do any interviews. She then tells Kara to get her an offer packet for Lucy. Cat is sure that Lucy will say yes, and Kara suggests that Cat should have talked to James first. The CEO says that James' problem is that he's involved with Kara and doesn't believe her denials, and sends her off.

Max and Alex have dinner and she finally asks what the Kryptonians were looking for in his lab. He's more interested in talking about Alex and how she also saves people. Alex wonders why he's so obsessed with Supergirl, and suggests that he might be threatened because she's a woman. Max avoids the questions and asks what Alex's connection is with Supergirl, and she tells him that her organization has a professional partnership. Seemingly satisfied, Max says that the Kryptonians took nothing. He toasts Alex as a hero in her own right, and Alex checks the time.

At Lord Technologies, Max's assistant Pauline finds her boss in the hallway. He says that he ended his date with Alex early, and says that he needs to be alone. Once Pauline leaves, "Max" goes to Room 52 and phases through the sealed door. Hank finds the comatose woman, and she stares blankly up at the ceiling. A guard comes in and reports that the silent alarm went off, and Hank tells him to call an ambulance for the woman. When the guard says that the comatose woman is Code Phoenix, it's clear that Hank doesn't know what he means. The guard goes for his gun and Hank knocks him down and telepathically erases his memory of what happened. Once Hank is done, he tells the woman that he'll be back for her and leaves.

At CatCo, Winn and Kara examine the speaker chip from the doll. It's shaped like a slingshot, and Winn explains that Slingschott Toys was a company his father created. It went bankrupt but the old factory is still standing. Supergirl flies there and calls to Toyman, saying that she's a friend of his son. A cymbal-clapping Supergirl doll comes out, and Toyman steps out on a giant toy block and says that he's doing everything for his son.

Supergirl flies over and sinks into the top of the block, which is filled with sand. A girl calls for help from a trunk overhead. Toyman explains that quicksand is laced with thermite and if Supergirl uses her heat vision then it will explode, destroying the factory. He walks away and Supergirl uses her cold vision to freeze the quicksand. She flies up to the trunk and finds another talking doll inside.

At the DEO, Hank shows Alex photos of the woman. He figures that Max is feeding hydrochloric acid into the woman via the IV, and yet she's unharmed by it. Alex realizes that Hank did more than shapeshift, and he explains that it was something he swore he'd never do again before walking off.

When Max returns to Lord Technologies, the doctor reports that someone wiped the guard's memories of the last year of his life. Pauline reports that someone wiped the security tapes, but Max has backups. The backups show "Max" walking through the door.

At Kara's apartment, Kara tells Winn happened. He's ready to call Cameron, figuring that the world is better off if his father is dead. Kara figures that Toyman was normal once and could be again, but Winn worries that he could snap the same way. She assures Winn that he's a good person, but Winn says that people said the same thing about him. Kara insists that Winn won't snap, and that both of them had their worlds destroyed and are trying to give back because of it. She takes his hand and Winn instinctively kisses her, and Kara hastily pulls away. He apologizes and says that he has to go. Outside, toyman chloroforms Winn unconscious.

When Winn wakes up, Toyman tells his son to listen. He wants to be Winn's father again, and insists that it's Chester's fault. Toyman promises that he's going to make Chester pay for stealing Winn's childhood and Toyman's chance to watch his son grow up. Winn figures that his father is going to kill Chester, and Toyman says that Winn is going to kill Chester for him.

The next day, Kara arrives at work and finds Cameron there. She's looking for communications between Winn and Toyman, and orders her people to confirm a tactical sweep of the convention hall.

At the National City Toy Convention, Chester is receiving a special award. In the basement, Toyman explains that he is going to give Winn a special gun that will pass through the metal detectors without notice. Once he gets to the podium, Winn will use it to shoot Chester. Winn refuses, and his father says that he has planted ten bombs in ten different toys through the convention center. If Winn doesn't kill Chester then Toyman will set them off. He's sure that no one will die because Winn will pull the trigger. Whether they are captured or not, the two of them will be together. Winn wonders what happened to his father, and Toyman says that Winn is still the best thing that he ever made.

Chester is giving his acceptance speech as Winn watches him from the crowd. Winn walks up to the podium and aims the gun, just as Cameron and her agents run in. As Supergirl flies in, Winn fires the gun into the sky. The FBI opens fire and Supergirl shields Winn from the bullets. Her friend tells her about the bombs, and Supergirl spots them with her x-ray vision. She sees Toyman in the basement trigger the bombs, and then sets off the sprinklers and freezes the water. Everyone gets clear just in time, and the ice absorbs the brunt of the blasts. She then flies to the basement and confronts Toyman.

That night at CatCo, Lucy finds James out on the balcony. She assures James that she won't step on his toes, and James says that her excitement made him realize he isn't that excited about his own job. He felt like himself when he was out rescuing people during the earthquake. Lucy offers to put in a good word for him with Cat and they kiss, and Kara sees them.

Kara goes over to Winn's desk and points out that they can go back to their normal lives. Winn apologizes for kissing her and explains that his father kept his feelings bottled up for years because he was a coward. He says that he should have told Kara how he felt about her but he was too scared to stand up for himself, and tells Kara that he's in love with her since before she was Supergirl. Crying, Kara says that she doesn't want things to change, and Winn says that he can't pretend anymore and bottle things up. She wonders what it means for them, and Winn admits that he doesn't know as he turns back to his computer.

Supergirl flies over the city and finally goes back to her apartment. Alex is waiting for her for TV night, and Supergirl says that she might have ruined things with Winn and doesn't know if she can fix it. Her sister figures that Winn tries to kiss her, and explains that she got Hank to use his powers. Now that Hank did something bad with his powers, Alex blames herself for pushing him into it. Supergirl is upset that Alex didn't have her there to back Alex up, but Alex is sure that she can handle the tech magnate and will anticipate anything he might do. They settle down to watch TV... unaware that Max has planted a camera in Alex's purse and is watching them.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 21, 2016

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